Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Purpose Driven Conspiracy ?

Has Christian Research Network discovered a damage control effort from Saddleback Spin Doctors?

"Well, it would seem that possibly the Saddleback censors have reached London as the link for the Christian Research Net post below — Rick Warren Called to Discipline Rupert Murdoch for Pornography Channels is now missing. For those of us who have followed the course of the founder of the new evangelical Purpose Driven religion Rick Warren these kinds of occurances are commonplace. Stories and video links unfavorable to Warren and/or Saddleback simply vanish. Right now we’re looking into what happened now as I have attempted to contact Anne Thomas who wrote the original piece for Christian Today. Stay tuned to CRN because this is not going to go away."

"This may possibly be related to the "Comments" Section (two-thirds down the page to the left) where Christian Today is carrying Protecting Your Mind from Evil by Rick Warren. I do hope that as Murdoch’s "pastor" Warren will be sharing this with him and how he is causing other "brothers" to stumble with his pornography, not to mention exploiting women. And not only that in the upper right in the scrolling ads is one for Purpose Driven UK website where we also read:

ALPHA AND PURPOSE DRIVEN WORKING TOGETHER Alpha and Purpose Driven both have many years experience in helping churches to reach out and encourage Christian commitment. Recognising the overlap, Alpha and Purpose Driven have now combined their resources in providing training courses, videos, inspiring books, sermons and the experience of thousands of others who have already taken the first steps on this, the greatest journey of life. materials are available for individuals, leaders, small groups and the whole church. Take a look at the range of products on our resources section."

Editor's note: Watcher's Lamp reported back in February of Warren's support of the Anglican-created, Roman Catholic-promoted Alpha course and Purpose Driven.com's PDL for Catholics.

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