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Hiding in plain sight: The Muslim Mafia

EuropeNews 28 January 2011 Book essay by Henrik R Clausen

"It was back in 1993, Philadelphia, that Hamas representatives in the US met in order to figure out how to gain wider public acceptance and avoid being 'marked' as Hamas front organisations. Those organisations, now defunct, were the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) and United Association for Studies and Research (UASR). Their being marked as suspicious made it problematic for them to raise funds for Hamas suicide bombings and other activities. A new media savyy organisation which would stand as untainted by any terrorist ties, yet 'coordinated' with existing Islamic networks in America. As FBI federal agent Lara Burns concluded after examining the wiretaps, that organisation was CAIR."

Gulf Oil Disaster 2.0: Dolphin Deaths Cause Alarm

Learn more about Gulf Oil Disaster 2.0 here.

The Purpose Driven Trojan Horse Gallops Toward Universalism

Brannon Howse captures the essence of the Purpose Driven error demonstrated by Rick Warren's Daniel Plan here in this 30 minute video...

(click on image for video link)

"...The fact that Rick Warren can bring this guy who embraces pagan spirituality into his church ought to tell you everything you need to know about Rick Warren.

May I ask those of you...who criticized your friends and families who tried to warn you about Rick you now realize that they were right?

Perhaps you need to go back to them and apologize for being critical when they tried to warn you of a false teacher named Rick Warren."

Editor's note: Immanuel Baptist Church has yet to apologize for the purpose driven dismemberment that occured several years ago. No surprise that it suffered a church split in 2009 at the hand of it's latest seeker sensitive pastor who now is back in business.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Huckabee Speaks Out On Muslim Worship In Churches

Radical Islam's War Against the West

Learn more about the The Third Jihad.

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Christchurch 6.3 Mag Quake

Christchurch Quake Rescuers Search Wrecked Offices for Survivors

Feb. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Rescue workers in the New Zealand city of Christchurch will comb through collapsed ruins of office buildings today as they search for trapped survivors of New Zealand’s deadliest earthquake in eight decades.

About 250 search-and-rescue personnel are preparing to dig through wreckage left by yesterday’s magnitude 6.3 quake that killed at least 65 people, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English told reporters yesterday. More than 100 people may be trapped in collapsed structures, Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said.

“After the initial shock, our focus is now firmly going to be on those people who may be remaining trapped in collapsed buildings,” English said.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blair's Faith Foundation: Why We Do Interfaith

Tony Blair's glamorous lieutenant Ruth Turner on why we 'do interfaith’

Since she was appointed as the first chief executive of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Ruth Turner has moved in mysterious ways.

Now, however, she has spoken for the first time about why she and the former prime minister decided to launch the charity together.

“When I started working with Tony Blair on setting up the faith foundation in 2007, we were determined that we’d try to find ways of working with people who didn’t normally 'do interfaith’,” she says, in a reference to Alastair Campbell’s remark to a journalist that Blair would not “do God”.

Turner, who previously worked as Blair’s head of government relations at 10 Downing Street, says: “Too often we put religion in the 'too difficult’ box. I can understand why, but it means so much to such great proportions of the world’s population that no matter how difficult it is to talk about religion, it’s dangerous not to.”

The practising Roman Catholic, 40, was arrested during the “cash for honours” investigation, although she was not charged with any offence. “Interfaith is the antidote to extremism,” she adds. “It’s not some kind of warm, fuzzy sideshow while the conflict rages elsewhere.”

Warren To Award Blair with International Medal of PEACE , Blair Courts Controversial US Pastor Rick Warren In Bid To Unite Faiths , Tony Blair Globalizing Interfaith Tolerance , Warren Saddles Up With Blair's Faith Foundation , Dr. Albert Mohler On Blair's Faith Foundation

See more on Tony Blair here.

U.S. Agrees To Rebuke Israel

In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council

The U.S. informed Arab governments Tuesday that it will support a U.N. Security Council statement reaffirming that the 15-nation body "does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity," a move aimed at avoiding the prospect of having to veto a stronger Palestinian resolution calling the settlements illegal.

But the Palestinians rejected the American offer following a meeting late Wednesday of Arab representatives and said it is planning to press for a vote on its resolution on Friday, according to officials familar with the issue. The decision to reject the American offer raised the prospect that the Obama adminstration will cast its first ever veto in the U.N. Security Council.

Miracles of the Dead?

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Faithful attending the beatification of Pope John Paul in Rome will be able to pray before his coffin, which will be exhumed for the event, the Vatican said on Friday.
...To be beatified, a dead person must be declared by the Church to have prompted a miracle. The Church says a 49-year-old French nun was miraculously cured of Parkinson's disease months after John Paul's death after she and fellow nuns prayed to him.

For John Paul to become a saint, the Church must declare that a second miracle occurred after the beatification ceremony.

More Solar Flares, Geomagnetic Storms

An increase in severe weather, earthquakes and volcanic activity can be expected over the next 5-8 days due to the unsettled magnetic field of the earth.

Brace yourself, it will be a long walk til March....See the effects of solar flares upon global weather and earthquakes here.

Iran: 12th Imam Leads World Revolution

US, Israel will soon exit Middle East: Ahmadinejad In his fiery style, Ahmadinejad, showed his messianic beliefs on Friday, saying the world was witnessing a revolution managed by Imam Mehdi, the 12 Shiite imam who disappeared as a five-year-old in the 10th century and who Shiites believe would return on the judgement day.

"The final move has begun. We are in the middle of a world revolution managed by this dear (12th Imam). A great awakening is unfolding. One can witness the hand of Imam in managing it," said Ahmadinejad, wearing his trademark jacket.

Ahmadinejad, who has often denied the Holocaust, said the United States is an "accomplice to the oppression of the Zionist regime."

Day of Rage Building In America?

Wisconsin Labor Unrest Could Go National
Democrats and Unions Badger GOP in Wisconsin

“I've said all along the thousands of people who are storming the capitol have every right to be heard, but I'm not going to let them overshadow the voices of the millions of taxpayers in the state of Wisconsin who deserve to be heard, as well.”

-- Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wisc., “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren”

Union protesters and Democrat lawmakers will attempt to prevent for a second day a vote in the Wisconsin Senate that would increase public employees’ contributions to retirement and health benefits and strip unions of the power to bargain for higher salaries.

The battle in Madison has become the epicenter of a national fight between newly empowered small-government conservatives and Democrats backed by government worker unions.

The grassroots political operation of President Obama, who on Wednesday denounced the austerity legislation as an “attack on unions,” has swung in behind the government workers. Organizing for America, the activist organizing wing of the Democratic National Committee is helping keep the pressure on Republican lawmakers who plan to pass the legislation today.

...While the increased contributions are a sore spot, the greatest anger among demonstrators is over the portion of the bill that would strip public workers of the right to bargain for higher wages, benefits and changes to job duties. Pay raises for public workers would be subject to voter approval. Under the law, the state would also stop withholding union dues from government paychecks and make due payments strictly voluntary.

Walk Like an Egyptian
Demonstrations in Greece, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, though less tense and shorter in duration, were products of the same deficiencies present in governments throughout the globe and across the political spectrum.

Yesterday, the unrest has shown up in, of all places, Madison, Wisconsin. Thousands of state employees marched on the capitol on Tuesday to protest austerity measures imposed by new Republican Governor, Scott Walker, which include slashing benefits and busting the public employee unions. Governor Walker called in the National Guard fearing union members' outrage and threatening to replace them with National Guardsmen. The plan calls for sacrifice from all public employees as reported by Jeff Mayers for Reuters, despite the $100 million in concessions state employees have already given to help the state's budgetary shortcomings.

As states like Wisconsin and Illinois attempt to balance government shortfalls through raising taxes, reducing pay, and vacating promises of retirement and healthcare on the backs of the middle-class, these demonstrations will increase and accelerate.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

High alert declared as Iranian warships approach Suez Canal

Tensions were rising in Israel as two Iranian naval vessels approached Mediterranean waters Thursday morning. The boats, which departed Iran two-and-a-half weeks ago with Syria as their destination, were expected to cross the Suez Canal on Wednesday night. This is the first time since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 that Iranian war vessels have passed through Mediterranean waters, across from Israel's coast.

In recent days, Israel has asked the United States and several other countries to take measures to block the Iranian boats' passage through the Suez Canal. Because of the political crisis in Egypt, however, they were unable to intervene on Israel's behalf.

Mt St Helens Volcano Temblors

Mt St Helens Volcano, USA – John Seach

A swarm of earthquakes hit Mt St Helens volcano on 14th February 2011. The earthquakes were centered in an area near the Johnston Ridge Observatory, about 7 km north of the crater. The earthquakes had a focus at a depth of about 2-4 km. At least 12 small earthquakes were measured in the area since Monday. The initial earthquake was the largest with a magnitude of 4.3 and hit around 10:35 a.m. local time. The earthquakes are possibly caused by fault movement under the volcano as a result of magma removal during the 1980 eruption. Earthquake swarms occurred in the same area in January 2011 and August 1980. The USGS stated “at present there appears to be no signs of unrest in the volcanic system”. The current volcano alert level for Mount St. Helen’s remains at normal.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Biggest Solar Flare In Years Headed For Earth

CBS Los Angeles:

After the initial blast of radiation accompanying the coronal mass ejection (CME) — the first of its magnitude to occur in the new solar cycle of activity — a huge cloud of charged particles is headed toward Earth and is expected likely to arrive on Feb. 17-18.

Among the many potential disasters that can come from a massive CME: disturbances in the planet’s geomagnetic field that may lead to malfunctioning telecom and GPS satellite equipment.

While forecasters predict no major impact on our telecommunications infrastructure, scientists have pointed out the sun is now ramping up ahead of an expected solar maximum around 2013.

An increase in severe weather, earthquakes and volcanic activity can be expected over the next 5-8 days due to the unsettled magnetic field of the earth.

Brace yourself, it will be a long walk til March....

See the effects of solar flares upon global weather and earthquakes here.

Fifteen Earthquakes Shake Arkansas

Fifteen Earthquakes Shake Faulkner County Wednesday -

People who live in northern Faulkner County are feeling the ground shake again.

Fifteen earthquakes have happened in the Greenbrier area between 3:30 this morning and 7:40 this evening. The strongest of those registered 3.5 on the Richter Scale.

There have been a dozen quakes since Monday around Greenbrier according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Click here for more information.

See also: Solar Flares Pound The Earth , Sun Erupts With Mightiest Solar Flare In 4 years

Sun Erupts With Mightiest Solar Flare In 4 years

MSNBC- The sun unleashed its strongest solar flare in four years Monday night, hurling a massive wave of charged particles from electrified gas into space and toward Earth.
The solar storm sent a flash of radiation that hit Earth in a matter of minutes. Now a huge cloud of charged particles is headed our way. These coronal mass ejections, as they are called, typically take about 24 hours or more to arrive. They can spark spectacular displays of the aurora borealis, or northern lights, at high latitudes and sometimes even into the northern United States.

The mega flare, which registered as a Class X2.2 flare on the scale of solar flares, was the first class X flare to occur in the new solar cycle of activity, which began last year. The sun is now ramping up toward a solar maximum around 2013.

"It has been the largest flare since Dec. 6, 2006, so a long time coming," said Phil Chamberlin, deputy project scientist for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which observed the flare. "There were some clues that led us to believe the likelihood of moderate to large flares (M class or above) could occur, but we were all surprised when it actually happened to be a large X-class."

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another M Class Solar Flare

Brace yourself, it will be a long walk til March....

See also: Solar Flares Pound The Earth

Climate Change to Cause ‘Massive’ Food Disruptions, Olam Says


Climate change will cause “massive disruptions” to supplies of grains, coffee and cotton, supporting prices, Olam International Ltd. said.

“The fact is that climate around the world is changing and that will cause massive disruptions to supply chains,” Sunny Verghese, chief executive officer at Olam, among the world’s three biggest suppliers of rice and cotton, said in a Bloomberg Television interview today. “We’re friendly to wheat, corn and soybeans and bearish on rice.”

Global corn stockpiles were forecast by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to drop at the end of this season to a four-year low, while inventories of wheat will slump 10 percent from a year ago as harvests trail behind demand for both crops. Soybean inventories will drop to a two-year low, the agency said.

Corn futures surged 90 percent in the past year, while wheat jumped 80 percent and soybeans advanced 49 percent as the worst drought in at least half a century in Russia, flooding in Australia, excessive rainfall in Canada, and drier conditions in parts of Europe slashed harvests.

Rick Warren’s new role as ‘Change Agent’ for health care reform

Christian Research Network:

Bereanbloggers over at Herescope have done a stellar job of bringing to light what’s really behind Tricky Rick’s new health plan.

When Rick Warren launched his Daniel Plan prescription for health several weeks ago as a massive campaign to alter the health of evangelicals in American, many discerning saints expressed shock and dismay at his open association with New Age doctors. While this fact is upsetting, there are equally disturbing issues about Warren’s Daniel Plan that cannot be ignored.

With Rick Warren at the helm, the CHURCH is now in the BUSINESS of health care REFORM. This is the 3-legged stool. It is the integration of church/state/corporate that business guru Peter Drucker (Rick Warren’s mentor) proposed as the method for restructuring Society.[2] In this model the Church assumes a powerful new role as Change Agent Provocateur, a cheerleader for change and transformation in Society (as illustrated in the diagram at the top of this post*).

Rick Warren Casts Stones At Those Warning The Church of New Age Meditation

by John Lanagan My Word Like Fire Ministries

No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14)
Perhaps stung by criticism about his
Daniel Plan alliance with three well known New Age doctors, Rick Warren simultaneously addressed and sidestepped the meditation issue during a recent sermon.1 Warren never acknowledged his own promotion of teachers of anti-biblical meditative practices such as contemplative prayer, never addressed the Daniel Plan controversy, but seemed to accuse instead the Christians who sounded the alarm about Eastern/New Age meditation advocates Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Mark Hyman.

In a seeming attempt to “spin” the continuing controversy, Rick Warren claimed Christians on the Internet have been warning against biblical meditation!

Read the rest of this report at Lighthouse Trails Research.


From Apprising Ministries:

"’s patently obvious that Dr. Daniel Amen is not talking about Biblical meditation; he’s not talking about meditating on the truth, and it’s clear Rick Warren knows that Amen is, indeed, talking about the type of meditation Warren referred to as “New Age wacko-ism.” In fact, it’s the same type of “psychic New Age trance” [cue: eerie sound again] meditation in an altered state of consciousness that mystic Henri Nouwen says was so beneficial to him as I show you in Henri Nouwen Helped By “Meditation”. No, in the end, I offer that what we’re seeing here from Rick Warren is the Humpty Dumpty language of double-speak of those trained by Druckerites in Leadership Network such as Fuller Theological Seminary alunus Warren. So, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

However, amidst all the confusion being sown by Rick Warren, an interesting question comes emerging: Why has FTS grad Dr. John Piper been so eager further promote him?"

Stand with Apprising Ministries, click here to learn how you can fight the flood of deception.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Warren To Award Blair with International Medal of PEACE

Rick Warren to Interview Tony Blair at Saddleback Church - Christian Post

Megachurch pastor Rick Warren will speak to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Egypt and peace in a globalized economy next month at Saddleback Church.

Blair is "very excited" about being a guest lecturer at the seventh Saddleback Civil Forum to be held March 6, said the California megachurch pastor on Sunday.

"We're going to take five letters of the Global PEACE Plan and the five global giants and talk about spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic diseases, and illiteracy and education. These are the five problems the PEACE Plan is designed to [address]," Warren told his congregation.

The acronym for the PEACE plan is based on the five actions Jesus modeled: Promote reconciliation; Equip servant leaders; Assist the poor; Care for the sick; and Educate the next generation.

Blair, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1997-June 2007, is the official envoy on the Middle East peace process, representing the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and Russia.

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Tony Blair Globalizing Interfaith Tolerance , Rick Warren's PEACE Plan and His Free Enterprise Gospel , Saudi King Basks in Praise at UN Interfaith Forum , Tony Blair Calls For Interfaith Cooperation For New World

Four 6.0+ Magnitude Quakes in Four Days In Chile

Additionally, three 6.0+ magnitude quakes also occured the over the last four days in Tonga and Philippine region.

Solar Flares Pound The Earth

On February 13, NASA reported sunspot 1158 unleashed the strongest solar flare of the year so far, an M6.6-category blast.

Today, Monday February 14, another M class flare was detected as well as an X class flare. Geomagnetic warnings were also issued.

An increase in severe weather, earthquakes and volcanic activity can be expected over the next 5-8 days due to the unsettled magnetic field of the earth.

See the effects of solar flares upon global weather and earthquakes here.

See also: Earth 'in the crosshairs' of a solar explosion , Eclipse Related Earth Events (EREE) , SPACEQUAKE ALERT: Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth

The Solar Storm Threat and 2012 , WARNING: The Coming Solar Storm

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Purpose Driven Network: Modern Day Mystery Cult

In chapter one of The Baptist Churches of All Ages by Paul Goodwin and Bob Frazier , the secret of Roman Catholism's growth is examined...

The Catholic Church, highly organized, moved forward to plant churches and propagate her doctrines in many lands. Relentlessly she moved forward from victory to victory. What was the secret of her rapid growth? The answer is simple. She conquered by consuming the religions about her.

In a college textbook, An Introduction to Medieval Europe by Thompson and Johnson, page 33, the writers explain the survival of Paganism.

Paganism as a distinct and separate religion may perhaps be said to have died, although, driven out of the cities, it found refuge in the countryside, where it lingered long—and whence, indeed, its very name is derived.

In a very real sense, however, it never died at all. It was only transformed and absorbed into Christianity. It is this transformation, and the absorption of classical culture in its various manifestations into the very substance of Christianity which, perhaps more than anything else, explains why after its toleration Christianity swept on with such relentless force to become the undisputed- heir of the whole complex of Mediterranean civilization.

Commenting further on the absorbing qualities of the Church these same writers say:

The competing oriental mystery cults Christianity overcame by becoming itself an oriental mystery cult.

Rick Warren's Purpose Driven church growth strategy is built a similar premise. Conform to the unbelievers' sensitivities and erect buildings to honor the methodology's popularity. Invoke a works doctrine to achieve expansion objectives. Remove the two edged sword of the Biblical Truth and add experiential religious practices from Bhuddism, Hinduism and New Age spirituality .

History repeats itself...The Purpose Driven Network has become a mystery religion cult.

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The Demonic Disarray of The Purpose Driven , I-Report From Saddleback's New Age Fitness Program , Rick Warren Feeds The Flock The Doctrines of Demons , Wicked Roots of Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life

Why Are Purpose Driven Churches Promoting Catholic Mysticism? , Rick Warren Teams Up with Swedenborg Cult Follower Dr. Oz , The Eclipse of Evangelicalism , Rick Warren's Offensive Tweet On His Interfaith Works

Rick Warren's Mathematics of Idolatry , Rick Warren and Mother Teresa's Interfaith Intersection , RICK WARREN, CINDY TRIMM, PAULA WHITE & THE LAW OF ATTRACTION

Rick Warren's Glass House of Heresy , The Purpose Driven Plague of Mysticism

Friday, February 11, 2011

7.0 Magnitude Quake Strikes Chile

UPDATE: Magnitude reduced to 6.8 after review, large quakes continue to rock region again.

Injured Race Car Driver To Receive Blood Relic of The Late Pope John Paul II

Kubica gets dead Pope's blood

Warsaw - Polish church leaders are hoping that a drop of blood belonging to the late Pope John Paul II will put fellow-Pole, Formula One star Robert Kubica, on the road to recovery, a senior clergyman said on Friday.

In serious condition after a Sunday horror crash in Italy, Kubica is to receive a reliquary containing a drop of the late pontiff's blood and a strip of fabric from one of his liturgical robes, Poland's Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz told the commercial TVN24 news channel.

"John Paul II was a sportsman himself, he loved sport as a young man," Dziwisz said of the late pontiff, whom the Vatican has put on the fast track to sainthood.

Recovering at the Santa Corona de Pietra hospital near the north-west Italian coastal town of Genoa, Kubica, 26, suffered multiple serious injuries in a crash in a rally in Liguria on Sunday that has put his racing career at risk.

See also: John Paul II's Miracle Move Toward Sainthood

Apparition of Mary: The Sinless Lady of Lourdes

Roman Catholic Feast Day, February 11 OUR LADY of LOURDES (1858)The first of the eighteen apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the humble Bernadette Soubirous took place at Lourdes on February 11, 1858. On March 25th, when Bernadette asked the beautiful Lady Her name, She replied: “I am the Immaculate Conception.” The Church for long centuries had believed in Her Immaculate Conception, Her exemption from every trace of the original sin which through Adam, our first and common father, separated man from his God.

It was never proclaimed a dogma, however, until 1854. Mary Herself, in 1830, had asked of a Vincentian Sister at the Rue du Bac in Paris, that a medal be struck bearing Her likeness and the inscription: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.” Our Lady by Her apparitions at Lourdes in 1858 seems to convey Her appreciation for the formal proclamation of Her great privilege, by Pius IX, in 1854.
Countless and magnificent miracles of healing have occurred at Lourdes, confirmed by physicians and recorded in the Lourdes shrine “Book of Life.” To name but one: a doctor wrote a book describing the great miracle he had witnessed for a dying girl, whom he had observed on the train that was carrying handicapped persons from Paris to Lourdes. He had not expected her to survive and return home from the sanctuary.

See more details of the multiple visions Bernadette experienced at Mother Of All Peoples.

The Apparition instructed Bernadette to drink from a pool of water hidden under a rock. Those waters are credited with her preserving her body which lies in state today...After thirty years undisturbed in the tomb, Sister Marie (Bernadette) Bernard's body was exhumed for examination. The cause for sainthood had begun. When the stone was lifted from the vault, the coffin was immediately seen. It was carried to the room prepared for it and placed on two trestles covered with a cloth. On one side was a table covered with a white cloth. The remains of Bernadette were to be placed on this table. The wooden coffin was unscrewed and the lead coffin cut open to reveal the body in a state of perfect preservation. There was not the slightest trace of an unpleasant smell. The Sisters who had buried her thirty years earlier noted only that her hands had fallen slightly to the left. The words of the surgeon and the doctor, who were under oath, speak for themselves:"The coffin was opened in the presence of the Bishop of Nevers, the mayor of the town, his principal deputy, several canons and ourselves. We noticed no smell. The body was clothed in the habit of Bernadette's order. The habit was damp. Only the face, hands and forearms were uncovered..."

In 1919, The Bishop called for the removal of "relics"...portions of Bernadette's ribs, bones, muscle tissue and the liver.

People travel from all over the world in hopes of miraculous healing from the water at Lourdes. Over 2500 healings have been reported.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI granted Plenary Indulgences for the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes.

If you are Roman Catholic, please visit What Every Roman Catholic Should Know.

Pair of 6.0+ Magnitude Quakes Strike Off Coast of Philippines

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pope Benedict to gather with 200 religious leaders at interfaith prayer service

By Mark Pattison Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) – When Pope Benedict XVI comes to the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington for an early-evening interfaith prayer service April 17 with Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and representatives of other religions, space will be at a premium.

There will be room for only about 200 people, according to Father James Massa, executive director of the U.S. bishops' Secretariat of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs. Of those, about 50 will be reserved for Catholics, he added, with the rest allotted to representatives of the non-Christian religions participating in what is expected to be a 45-minute service.

5.2 earthquake rumbles off Oregon coast PORTLAND, Ore. - A magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck of the Oregon Coast on Wednesday, but was far enough away that it was unlikely anyone on land felt it.

No tsunami was warning was issued after the quake hit at 2:02 p.m. The epicenter was located along the Juan de Fuca plate fault line about 145 miles west of Coos Bay.

The location is an active quake region. A similar quake measuring 4.7 hit near the same location just hours earlier on Tuesday.

From February 2 post regarding the St Kitts quake:
Two significant quakes, two different fault zones- Alaska, Puerto Rico. West Coast, Midwest right in the middle.

Islam's Quest For World Domination

Visit The Obsession website to learn more.

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Radical Imam's Warning to America: 'Islam Is Coming to Your Backyard'

Read transcript here

See Part II here.

See also The Christians' 9-11 , Brace Yourself For Tribulation

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jerusalem UFO and Rider on a White Horse in Cairo are Signs of Maitreya

LONDON, February 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Jerusalem UFO and Rider on a White Horse in Cairo are Signs of Maitreya, the World Teacher, says Share International Foundation

Two miraculous phenomena have recently been seen by millions worldwide on television and the internet: a glowing UFO hovering over Jerusalem's Temple Mount, and an ethereal figure in white riding a white horse through the crowds gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, captured on video.

The UFO was filmed by at least three different witnesses. The Sydney Morning Herald reported: "Perhaps more intriguing is the fact it was shot from various angles that all seem to be in sync, particularly at the moment when the object flies upwards at high speed." UK's Channel 4 News noted that the videos appear to show "the exact same ball of light" and that "the mystery deepens as flying is forbidden above the sacred site, so the light cannot come from a plane".

...According to Benjamin Creme's Master, the UFO in Jerusalem was one of the four 'stars' seen around the world since December 2008 that herald Maitreya's open emergence. He also confirms that the Rider on the White Horse was a blessing from Maitreya to show the immensity of what the Egyptian people are doing, and that he is with them in their struggle for justice and freedom. Maitreya has often appeared as the Rider on a White Horse - an age-old symbol for a teacher to come. Many now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, Kalki Avatar or the Imam Mahdi.

Matthew 24:24 For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

Revelation 12:12: But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”

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The Coming Great Deception! , The Alien Gospel of Signs and Lying Wonders , Tom Horn, Gary Stearman, & LA Marzulli Take On The Secret Alien Agenda , UFOs' Coming to Save The World?

Demons, Angels and Alien Abductions , The Looming Great Harpazo Deception , The Marian Apparitions & UFO Deception , Marian Apparitions Or Encounters of The Third Kind?
We Are Witnessing the Collapse of the Middle East - American Thinker

If Egypt should fall, it will mark the beginning of the end for what little remaining stability there is in the Middle East. Jordan is facing similar unrest, as are Algeria and Yemen. Lebanon and Tunisia fell in January. It is highly unlikely that these events are unrelated. A combination of leftist and Islamist forces provoked the protests, and we are likely looking at a ring of radical Islamic states rising up to surround Israel. Once their power is solidified, perhaps in a year or two, they will combine forces to attack Israel. If Israel falls, the United States will stand alone in a sea of virulent enemies and impotent allies.

Editor's note: Likewise, if America falls ( as it is in the process of collapse ), Israel will stand alone in a sea of virulent enemies and impotent allies.

See how it unfolds in Isralestine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East .

Monday, February 7, 2011


From Pastor Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries:

"...I realize Rick Warren is the spiritual equivalent of the Teflon Don, but even so, isn’t it about time someone within the leadership of the SBC finally stops hiding behind its Idol of Autonomy and looks into what’s going on at Saddleback Church, arguably it’s most visible church? And I’ll ask this question again of Dr. John Piper: Do you seriously think this Daniel Plan of neo-pagan humanism from Rick Warren is theological and doctrinal and sound?."

Learn more about the New Age pusuit of the Purpose Driven at Apprising Ministries.

See also: The Demonic Disarray of The Purpose Driven

World Interfaith Week: The United Nations, The Vatican & the Middle East

In 2010, HM King Abdullah II addressed the 65th UN General Assembly and proposed the idea for a ‘World Interfaith Harmony Week’ to further broaden his goals of faith-driven world harmony by extending his call beyond the Muslim and Christian community to include people of all beliefs, those with no set religious beliefs as well. A few weeks later, HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad presented the proposal to the UN General Assembly, where it was adopted unanimously as a UN Observance Event.
See website for more.

Thousands of Fish Wash Up In Florida

Read the news report here

Gulf Oil Disaster 2.0: Scientist Warns Health Effects Will Last "Generations"

BP oil spill's health effects will be felt for generations, scientist

Months after diving in Gulf waters fouled by BP crude oil and the oil dispersant Corexit, a man in his 40s has more than five times the normal amount of ethylbenzene in his blood.

The bloodstream of a 3-year-old, exposed to the oil spill when his family visited the Gulf Coast, contains at least three times the normal level of the same organic hydrocarbon, which is toxic in certain quantities.

Such numbers, according to Wilma Subra, a New Iberia biochemist and environmental activist, are increasingly common in a region that continues to grapple with the consequences of the largest oil spill in U.S. history.

And, Subra said Saturday at a forum in New Orleans, they are just one indication that the human health effects of the spill are greater -- and will linger far longer -- than either the oil industry or the U.S. government has acknowledged.

"The effects will be felt for generations," she said, ticking off a wide range of symptoms she said result from exposure to crude oil and Corexit. "This is what we have to look forward to."

"...The blood tests were performed on people of varying ages, gender and exposure levels. All of the individuals tested displayed some physical symptoms typical of exposure to crude oil or Corexit, Subra said. Immediate symptoms include skin irritation, nausea, headaches and vomiting. Longer-term maladies can include liver and kidney damage, cardiac arrhythmia and chronic respiratory problems. Benzene also is a cancer-causing agent.

Test results consistently showed elevated levels of chemicals -- among them benzene, ethylbenzene and Xylene -- that are found in either crude, dispersant or both, she said. Results were similar on oysters and other Gulf seafood.

Among soil samples taken in four states, 60 percent showed dangerously elevated levels of petroleum hydrocarbons when compared with normal marine sediment screenings, Subra said."

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Video: Has Revelation's 'pale rider' shown up in Egypt?

By Drew Zahn © 2011 WorldNetDaily: Is this the "pale rider" from Revelation?

A mysterious, pale green figure seen in televised news coverage of the Egyptian riots has prompted some viewers to ask, "Could this be the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?"

The footage, provided by Euronews and subsequently seen on MSNBC, CNN and uploaded over a dozen times to the popular video sharing site YouTube, captures the fiery, violent protests in Cairo this past week … and something else.

Between the crowds of protesters and barricades, the video shows a flowing, pale green image that resembles an erect rider atop a horse in Medieval-like barding. The ethereal figure remains for a few moments before floating over protesters' heads and off the screen.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Temple Mount UFO On Fox News

'UFO' Hovers Over Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock Shrine

A mystery UFO was filmed hovering over Jerusalem from four different angles.

A glowing orb filmed hovering over the skyline of Jerusalem has left UFO experts dumbfounded.

The circular object was seen descending slowly over the holy city's iconic Dome of the Rock before flickering and shooting skyward like a rocket. Similar clips have been seen before and debunked as hoaxes. But this latest sighting has proved more difficult to dismiss -- as it was recorded from four different perspectives.

Some UFO enthusiasts believe the videos -- which have taken the Internet by storm -- are final proof that aliens exist, while others say the unidentified object was the Hebrew god Elohim.

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Three 3.0+ Mag Quakes in Cali-Mexico Region

Also, eight 5.0+ quakes today, including a 6.4 quake in India.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Global Jihad On Fire

Magnitude 5.4 - SAINT KITTS

Editor's note: Two significant quakes, two different fault zones- Alaska, Puerto Rico. West Coast, Midwest right in the middle.

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake shakes Alaska Peninsula

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake shakes Alaska Peninsula, but no reports of damage
By The Associated Press (CP)

SAND POINT, Alaska — A magnitude 5.9 earthquake shook several communities on the Alaska Peninsula, but there have been no immediate reports of damage.

Krista Galvin is an administrative assistant with the city of Sand Point. She says it felt "like it just kept shaking, just longer than usual," maybe lasting as long as a couple of minutes.

Weather Chaos On Two Continents

Monster Blizzard Paralyzes Midwest

CBS/AP) CHICAGO - A colossal blizzard roaring across a third of the country paralyzed the nation's heartland with ice and snow, shuttering airports and schools and leaving normally bustling downtowns deserted.

The monstrous storm billed as the worst in decades delivered knock-out after knock-out as it made its way from Texas to Maine, bringing Chicago and the rest of the Midwest to a halt and prompting a region-wide snow day.

Australia Braces for ‘Catastrophic’ Cyclone
SYDNEY, Australia — Thousands of people crammed into emergency shelters in the storm-battered state of Queensland on Wednesday seeking refuge from a huge cyclone that forecasters warned could be larger and “more life-threatening” than any storm in Australian history.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Japan volcano erupts with big blast of ash, rocks

TOKYO (AP) A revived volcano in southern Japan erupted Tuesday with its biggest explosion yet, shooting out a huge plume of gas, boulders and ash and breaking windows 5 miles (8 kilometers) away.

The danger zone around Shinmoedake volcano was widened to keep residents safe. The largest eruption since it burst back to life last week covered wide areas in ash, shot boulders onto distant roads, knocked down trees and broke hundreds of windows in hotels and offices.

No serious injuries have been reported since the initial eruption last Wednesday, but public broadcaster NHK said a woman suffered cuts from shattered glass in Tuesday's blast.
NHK said the eruption was five times larger than the initial activity last week, which was Shinmoedake's first major eruption in 52 years.

The Christians' 9-11

Revelation 6: 9-11

9When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the witness they had borne. 10They cried out with a loud voice, "O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?" 11Then they were each given a white robe and told to rest a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brothers should be complete, who were to be killed as they themselves had been.

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