Friday, May 4, 2007

The Emergent New Downgrade Controversy in the American Christian Church

Pastor Ken Silva sounds the alarm regarding the growing apostasy in today's "evangelical" church as John McCarthur warns of spiritual terrorists...

"...if you want a real and clear example of the New Downgrade and where this seeker sensitive new evangelical man-centered preaching of men like Rick Warren and Rob Bell is leading then consider this post called How Systematic Theology Kills People -FOREVER. While the author begins by telling us all that he is not, his words reveal the corrupt heart of this new evangelicalism - its hatred of the doctrines of grace. The comments section of that website is also quite revealing as to the spiritually corrupt fruit of the mystic musings of the Emergent Church and the defense of so-called "human sovereignty" within the new evangelicalism itself..."

"...And yet, still the Lord has sent someone like Dr. John MacArthur to call us back to doing what the Bible says, and who is right now preaching a MUST hear series called How to Identify Terrorists in the Church."

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