Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Purpose Driven Scandal UPDATE #2

Update # 2 May 9, 2007 Rick Warren, Purpose-Driven Pornography?

London Calling Rick Warren: London's Christian Today reports:
Rick Warren Called to Discipline Murdoch for Pornography Channels

UK Christian Media Picks Up Purpose Driven Porn Story

UK Magazine Pulls Rick Warren/Murdoch Story
Now you see itn ow you don't. This article mysteriously disappeared hours after it's orginal posting, but you can view the original here.

Rick Warren: Did Saddleback Censors Protect Purpose Driven Porn?
Here now is the latest on the issue of Christian Today taking down off their website a story, “Posted Tuesday, May 8, 2007, 8:27 (BST)” by Anne Thomas called “Rick Warren Called to Discipline Murdoch on Pornography Channels.”

Rick Warren’s Record As An Outspoken Porn Critic Doesn’t Square With His Silence on Murdoch Rick Warren has a stellar public record of speaking out against pornography and its effects! Even a cursory look at some of Warren’s websites bear this fact out. This article posted at describes pornography as a ‘Ravenous cancer’ and ‘Satan’s corruption of God’s design.

BORN AGAIN PORNOGRAPHERS? "...the problem is certainly not limited to Christian bookstores. In fact, The Christian Newswire is reporting some rather serious inconsistencies among well-known Christians in the publishing industry..."

The Odd Couple -- Or Not? Rick Warren and Rupert Murdoch
Tim Brown at The Reformed Gadfly had this to say in December 2006...

Why Rick Warren Must Publicly Discipline Rupert Murdoch, Updated

Update # 1, May 8, 2007
Purpose-Driven Pornography.

Calling Rick Warren : An open letter from Chris Rosebrough to Rick Warren regarding the pornographic holdings of Rupert Murdock

Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries explains the Biblical implications of Rick Warren as Rupert Murdock's pastor.

Purpose-Driven Pornography? When does a pastor become an accomplice to an egregious sin that is being committed by someone under his Pastoral care?

Purpose-Driven Pimpin’: A Little Leaven has a new exhibit that graphically demonstrates how ‘brother’ Rupert Murdoch trolls for women to pose nude in his Page 3 publication.Warning, this is exhibit is offensive. If it disturbs you as much as it disturbs us, then we are encouraging you to email Rick Warren, the man who claims to be Rupert Murdoch’s pastor and kindly ask him to discipline Murdoch.

Rick Warren By His Own Admission Knew About Rupert Murdoch’s Exploitation of Women
The Body of Christ has a right to know; just what is America’s Purpose Driven megapastor Rick Warren going to do about Rupert Murdoch’s Purpose Driven Pornography

Purpose Driven Conspiracy ?
Has Christian Research Network discovered a damage control effort from Saddleback Spin Doctors?

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