Monday, May 28, 2007

My brother who 'gave all' in Vietnam

Exclusive WorldNet Daily Commentary with Chuck Norris...

"...Hundreds more of our troops have given their lives since I was in Iraq at the invitation of the Marine Corps in November of 2006, and so we add those valiant warriors to the names of those we commemorate on this Memorial Day. We will never forget their service or sacrifice – men like Pfc. Michael Pursel, Spc. Joel Lewis, Sgt. Jason Harkins, Cpl. Matthew Alexander and a man who deserves more honor and respect than he gave me, which was a great deal, Cpl. Anthony M. Bradshaw. Their combat within modern city lines speaks even further to their degree of selflessness – something well-documented in the new book, "Forests of Steel," by Col. John Antal and Lt. Col. Bradley Gericke. "

"And to all of our living service men and women, we salute you, pray for you and hope for all of your safe return. But if, by destiny, like Wieland, you should breathe your last on the battlefield, rest assured your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Until then, fight the fight, keep the faith and press on for the prize!"

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