Friday, May 25, 2007

The Endemic of Evangelical Pragmatism

From Christian Reseach Network:

Mike Corley on “The Endemic of Evangelical Pragmatism"
On The Mike Corley Program Christian Research Net contributor Mike Corley, "examines the growing trend of a ‘whatever-it-takes’ approach to ministry and the dangers involved with this terrible compromise of the Gospel." And Mike also shares his view on the growing controversy surrounding Rick Warren and his claim to be pastor to Rupert Murdoch. Strong stuff.

And also here is a quote from Corley’s The Expositor from Dr. James White on "Unconditional Election" which should make for an interesting discussion.

Editor's note: Also on this program Mike Corley shares his thoughts on the questions posed by the post Will Saddleback Boycott HarperCollins and Zondervan?

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