Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Calling The SBC

An Open Letter to the Executive Committee of The Southern Baptist Convention:

As a former Roman Catholic saved by grace and 8 year member of the Southern Baptists, I can not understand why Chuck Colson is presenting at this year's conference. Chuck Colson has a long history of ecumenical efforts and is co-chairman of the Evangelicals-Catholics Together.
In his most recent comments in his "On Faith" post, Colson describes this effort:

"The fact of the matter is that I spent a lot of my life listening to other points of view and I am co-chairman of Evangelicals and Catholics Together in an effort to find meaningful agreement between two Christian traditions separated over five hundred years." (please note: The Reformation caused the separation) I respect Mr. Colson's political expertise, but where is the SBC's Biblical expertise on this matter.

My Catholic family members and friends to whom I have witnessed now can point to Chuck Colson, a Southern Baptist, and validate their "religion" with the affirmation of this year's Convention.

Does the Southern Baptist Convention after 500 years now believe that there are minor doctrinal differences between Protestantism and Catholicism?

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