Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Will Saddleback Boycott HarperCollins and Zondervan?

Since Rick Warren rationalizes the presence of "common ground" to justify his many business and religious associations, Saddleback Church has granted Warren their own style of absolution regarding Warren's pastorial relationship with Rupert Murdock.

It is clear Saddleback stands firmly behind their pastor, regardless of what he claims publicly.Perhaps Saddleback could exercise their influence over "America's pastor" and pursuade their pastor to find a new publishing house for his bestselling books.

In this expose', Pastor Ken Silva moves beyond the pornography issue and reveals the following:
"Rupert Murdoch is owner, Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, which is the global vertically integrated media company that he founded. At its website we find Murdoch also owns HarperCollins Publishers as well as Zondervan, the publisher of Warren (Online source)."

"Now Rick Warren has another issue to deal with as “brother” Murdoch’s pastor. Because you see, HarperCollins just happens to be the publisher of, not only The Satanic Bible, but also Satanic Rituals by “The Black Pope” Anton La Vey. "

If Saddleback will not hold Rick Warren accountable for his public claims and relationships, will Saddleback initiate a boycott against the publishing houses of Rupert Mordock for the sake of the Gospel?

Will the 30,000 + plus pastors who are officially Purpose Driven join Saddleback Church in this boycott?

Will the Southern Baptist Convention issue a statement to support such a boycott?

Pastor Ken Silva asserts that Warren is guilty of hypocrisy for not publically correcting Murdock.

Will Saddleback Church, The Purpose Driven Church Network and the Southern Baptist Convention be guilty of hypocrisy if none of these groups publically stand against the publishers of the Satanic Bible?

If Rick Warren claims it's a time for deeds, not creeds, wouldn't this deed be worth doing?


  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2007

    Let me get this straight, one pastor in American, only one, mind you, is supposed to boycott HarperCollins and Zondervan because Rupert Murdock own's them, right? None of the other Christian leaders who use these publishers are accountable, right? Okay, let's do it, that means everyone reading this RIGHT now, go to your Bibles, your Christian books, or any other book in your house and look at the publisher. After that, go to your TV and block all the channels he owns, including sport and news channels, and why you’re being so righteous, throw out any of the newspapers he owns. Also, get your kids off of MySpace. Get REAL. Let’s see where true hypocrisy really lives. In case you think you don't own, or view anything he owns, let's have a look, shall we?

    Filmed Entertainment - News Corporation
    20th Century Fox
    20th Century Fox Espanol
    20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
    20th Century Fox International
    20th Century Fox Television
    Blue Sky Studios
    Fox Searchlight Pictures
    Fox Studios Australia
    Fox Studios LA
    Fox Studios Baja
    Fox Television Studios

    Television - News Corporation
    Fox Broadcasting Company
    Fox Sports Australia
    Fox Television Stations

    Cable Television owned by News Corporation
    Fox Movie Channel
    Fox News Channel
    Fox Sports Digital
    Fox Sports Enterprises
    Fox Sports Espanol
    Fox Sports Net
    Fox Sports World
    National Geographic Channel
    SPEED Channel
    Stats, Inc

    Direct Broadcast & Satellite Television - News Corporation
    Sky Italia

    Magazines - News Corporation
    Inside Out
    Donna Hay
    News America Marketing
    Smart Source
    The Weekly Standard

    Newspapers - News Corporation
    Australasian region Newspapers:
    Daily Telegraph
    Fiji Times
    Gold Coast Bulletin
    Herald Sun
    NT News
    Post Courier
    Sunday Herald Sun
    Sunday Mail
    Sunday Tasmanian
    Sunday Territorian
    Sunday Times
    The Advertiser
    The Australian
    The Courier Mail
    The Mercury
    The Sunday Mail
    The Sunday Telegraph
    Weekly Times
    United Kingdom region Newspapers:
    News International
    News of the World
    The Sun
    The Sunday Times
    The Times
    Times Education Supplement
    Times Higher Education Supplement
    Times Literary Supplement
    TSL Education
    United States region Newspapers:
    New York Post

    Books - News Corporation
    Harper Collins Publishers
    - Australia
    - Canada
    - Childrens Books
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  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I respect yout effort in the facts you assembled. However, I am not suggesting any one pastor boycott,
    I am asking Saddleback (30,000 +)
    to pursuade their very famous pastor to move his writings to an organization that does not support directly or indirectly, pornography or satanism or deviant sexual behavior.

    There are publishing houses out there that are not tainted.

    What a statement "America's pastor" & his comgregation could make with their economic clout against these very real giants.


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