Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Growing Purpose Driven Scandal

It seems that the evidence is mounting concerning Purpose-Driven Pornography. The following is a digest of articles at this juncture:

Calling Rick Warren : An open letter from Chris Rosebrough to Rick Warren regarding the pornographic holdings of Rupert Murdock

Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries explains the Biblical implications of Rick Warren as Rupert Murdock's pastor.
Purpose-Driven Pornography? When does a pastor become an accomplice to an egregious sin that is being committed by someone under his Pastoral care?

Purpose-Driven Pimpin’: A Little Leaven has a new exhibit that graphically demonstrates how ‘brother’ Rupert Murdoch trolls for women to pose nude in his Page 3 publication.
Warning, this is exhibit is offensive. If it disturbs you as much as it disturbs us, then we are encouraging you to email Rick Warren, the man who claims to be Rupert Murdoch’s pastor and kindly ask him to discipline Murdoch.

Rick Warren By His Own Admission Knew About Rupert Murdoch’s Exploitation of Women
The Body of Christ has a right to know; just what is America’s Purpose Driven megapastor Rick Warren going to do about Rupert Murdoch’s Purpose Driven Pornography

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