Monday, May 21, 2007

Warren 'Works With' and 'Strengthens' Mormon Churches

From A Little Leaven...

Did you know that Rick Warren and Saddleback church will work with and help ANY church become "Purpose-Driven" regardless of its 'doctrinal convictions'?
Here is what Saddleback Church said last week:

"There are Purpose Driven congregations in more than 200 different denominations and associations. Our desire is to work with denominations to strengthen their churches. Each church can maintain its own heritage and doctrinal convictions while cooperating with others on accomplishing the five purposes" (Online Source)

By their own admission Rick Warren and his Purpose-Driven ministries will 'work with' and 'strengthen' ANY church. But, did you know that this also includes Mormon churches and Jewish Synagogues? Here is what Rick Warren told USAToday about his "Purpose Driven" training programs:
"Warren's pastor-training programs welcome Catholics, Methodists, Mormons, Jews and ordained women." (Online Source)
Wait a minute! Mormons and Jews are NOT Christians. How on Earth can a "Christian Pastor" 'work with' them and help them 'strengthen' their congregations?

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