Friday, May 4, 2007

When Should You Change Churches?

Despite what Rick Warren or Lifeway Research may lead you to believe, there are Biblical reasons why people leave a church.

Old has two short articles that explore the Biblical reasons for seeking out a Biblical church family. The first, When To Leave a Church: A Biblical Approach lays down principles to protect the church in a situation of heresy and to maintain its doctrinal purity.

The second article, Escape That Local Church with Poor Teaching where the writer makes the point, "I don't think people ought to stick around at a church where they are preaching cotton candy sermons with a few bible verses sprinkled in every week. These churches aren't necessarily teaching heresy, or a false Gospel; they are just really shallow."

Steve Camp also offers Biblical guidance to churches for holding their pastors accountable.

The thief breaks in when the household is sleeping or the lamps are not filled with oil.

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