Friday, May 4, 2007

Purpose Driven Going Emergent?

From Christian Research Network

While visiting Journey Church in Manhattan, Rick Warren shared a variety of views noted by live blogger Jeremy Del Rio. Warren provides the "Antidote to Sin" which equates to mere human moral caliber, and omits confession, repentance and Holy Spirit-driven regeneration. Warren paints the PEACE plan as the "church’s next reformation." In the same breath Warren is quoted to say "Change the culture by art, music, and sports. NOT Politics…Can’t change the hearts of people through legislation. But art moves the heart."

In a very revealing statement, Warren seems to cast his new vision for the Purpose Driven Network… Del Rio notes "Canceled Purpose Driven conference this year so the focus would change this year from conferences to conversations."

Yes, conversations, the Emergent code word for creating your own personal religious experience void of any Biblical, doctrinal footing.

Do the 30,000 churches who have bought the Purpose Driven franchise have any idea what will be sold to them next?

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