Monday, August 31, 2009

Israel may soon agree on settlement freeze: Solana


JERUSALEM — Israel may agree to a West Bank settlement freeze by mid-September and is discussing the technical aspects of a deal with the United States, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said on Monday.

Solana also said after meeting the Israeli premier that a summit between the US, Israeli and Palestinian leaders to relaunch the dormant peace process could take place on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly at the end of September.

"I spoke to the prime minister (Benjamin Netanyahu)... I got the clear sentiment that there is a possibility to get to an agreement before the beginning of the General Assembly that will allow us to resume negotiations," he told reporters.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Readers, Can You Help?

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Friday, August 21, 2009

ELCA Approves Homosexuality With 66.6% Vote

ELCA validates 'chaste' same-sex relationships
by Jeff Strickler
The Minneapolis Star Tribune

One vote. That was the margin Wednesday by which the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America churchwide assembly approved a social statement that, among other things, acknowledges the validity of same-sex relationships that are "chaste, monogamous and lifelong."

The margin was so close that Bishop Mark Hanson, the ELCA leader who presided over the vote, hesitated before announcing the outcome. Rules required the social statement to pass by a two-thirds vote; the final result was 66.67 percent.

WHO Predicts 'Explosion' Of Swine Flu Cases

BEIJING (AP) -- The World Health Organization is urging nations to speed up their preparations for swine flu.

A WHO official warns there may soon be "an explosion" in cases until peak transmission of the flu is reached. He says that means most countries may see swine flu cases double every three to four days -- for several months.

He says governments must act quickly to educate the public and prepare their health systems to care for severe cases. He says the swine flu strain poses the greatest threat in developing nations, with underequipped and underfunded health systems.

Baptist World Alliance Mulls Over The Mary of Rome

"Alluding to the relationship of Hispanic American Protestants with culture, Lozano stressed the need of evaluating, under the light of Jesus, what is life-giving in the culture and rejecting what is oppressive. She continued by affirming that reevaluating and embracing the biblical Mary can be both healthy for all women and a bridge between Latin American Protestants and Catholics."

Baptists neglect lessons from biblical teachings about Mary, scholar asserts

By Robert Marus, Associated Baptist Press

EDE, Netherlands (ABP)—A Hispanic Baptist theologian insists overreaction to Catholic veneration of the Virgin Mary has caused Baptists to miss important biblical teaching associated with the mother of Jesus.

Nora Lozano, associate professor of biblical and theological studies at Baptist University of the Americas, found potential liberation for women—both Protestant and Catholic—in Latin America and elsewhere by taking another look at the biblical story of Mary, Jesus’ mother.

Lozano, a participant in theological conversations between the Baptist World Alliance and the Vatican, made the remarks in a presentation to the BWA Commission on Doctrine and Interchurch Cooperation at a meeting of global Baptists in the Netherlands.

Indonesian Region Rocked by Over (50) 4.6+ Mag Quakes This Week

Is something big getting ready to blow?

Click on map to go to USGS site.

Course In Miracles Teacher Reveals Rare Interview with Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ personally instructs his followers and answers questions about healing in Course In Miracles.

(Vocus/PRWEB ) August 17, 2009 -- In a private miracle healing session held today in Wisconsin Dells, WI, illuminate Course In Miracles teacher, Clare Lamanna opened the meeting by entering into a silent dialogue with Jesus Christ.

Jesus reiterated his admonition to miracle workers to remain completely unconcerned about their abilities, and maintain a consistent trust in his. He recommended a re-reading by every Christian, of his answer in the Manual for Teachers of A Course In Miracles, to the question, "Does Jesus have a special place in healing?"

Jesus Christ answers as follows: "God's gifts can rarely be received directly. Even the most advanced of God's teachers will give way to temptation in this world. Would it be fair if their pupils were denied healing because of this? The Bible says, "Ask in the Name of Jesus Christ." Is this merely an appeal to magic? A name does not heal, nor does an invocation call forth any special power. What does it mean to call on Jesus Christ? What does calling on his Name confer? Why is the appeal to him part of healing?"

See what is really behind the New Age Course in Miracles.

Salvation By Sacrifice or Scapular?

From Spero News

"...on July 16, 1251, surrounded by a multitude of angels, Mary, Queen of heaven, descended towards the Saint holding the Brown Scapular and stating: “Receive my beloved Son. This habit of thy order: this shall be to thee and to all Carmelites a privilege. That whosoever dies clothed in this shall never suffer eternal fire."

Because of this apparition, the Scapular devotion spread magnificently throughout the universal Catholic Church.

In addition, on October 13, 1917, in the final apparition at Fatima, Mary appeared in the sky clasping in her hands the Brown Scapular. This is significant, because she would not have held it in her hand if it were not extremely worthwhile to Her. On August 15, 1950, one of the Fatima shepherd children, Sister Lucia dos Santos, explained that “Mary held the Scapular in her hands because she wants us all to wear it as a sign of a Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart

Learn more about the deception of the apparitions of the Mary of Rome.

Iran: Prepare For The Arrival of The Mahdi

From Joel Rosenberg

Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called on Muslims in neighboring countries this week to intensify preparations for the coming of the Islamic Messiah known as the Mahdi or the “Twelfth Imam.” He specifically urged Muslims to mobilize forces to defeat the United States and Israel.

“We have to train honest forces that can stop the obstacles that may hinder the coming of the Mahdi like the United States and Israel,” the Ayatollah said through a spokesman, in a story reported by al-Arabiya, the Arabic-language news channel based in the Gulf.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Idolatry of Seeking Unity and Inclusiveness

A GIFT FOR OUTLAW PREACHERS VIA JOHN MACARTHUR from Pastor Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries:

There’s a new breed of preachers growing within the postliberal cult of the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church—morphing into Emergence Christianity—who call themselves Outlaw Preachers.

One of their main issues is seeking unity and inclusiveness through their god with the man-shaped hole in its heart, doing so by over-emphasing the grace of the one true and living God of the Bible at the expense of His justice.

But they would do well to pay close attention to what John MacArthur is about to share with us below:

I think that it is so important to know this. In a time like this of tolerance, listen, false teaching will always cry intolerance. It will always say you are being divisive, you are being unloving, you are being ungracious, because it can only survive when it doesn’t get scrutinized. So it cries against any intolerance. It cries against any examination, any scrutiny—just let’s embrace each other; let’s love each other; let’s put all that behind us.

False doctrine cries the loudest about unity. Listen carefully when you hear the cry for unity, because it may be the cover of false doctrine encroaching. If ever we should follow 1 Thessalonians 5, and examine everything carefully, it’s when somebody is crying unity, love, and acceptance. (Online source)

-John MacArthur

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Monday, August 3, 2009

North American Earthquakes Spreading

MAG 5.9 2009/08/03 18:40:50 29.330 -113.681 10.0 110 km ( 69 mi) NNW of Santa Isabel, Mexico

MAG 5.0 2009/08/03 18:33:34 28.931 -113.022 10.0 69 km ( 43 mi) NNE of Santa Isabel, Mexico

MAG 6.9 2009/08/03 17:59:56 29.066 -112.871 10.0 89 km ( 56 mi) NNE of Santa Isabel, Mexico

MAG 5.8 2009/08/03 17:55:23 28.976 -112.988 10.3 75 km ( 47 mi) NNE of Santa Isabel, Mexico

MAG 2.5 2009/07/31 10:27:33 31.989 -115.339 6.0 40 km ( 25 mi) SSW of Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico

MAG 2.2 2009/07/31 14:33:20 37.384 -90.064 16.7 8 km ( 5 mi) NNW of Glen Allen, MO
MAG 2.5 2009/07/31 10:13:13 36.565 -90.592 19.0 1 km ( 1 mi) SE of Naylor, MO

MAG 3.2 2009/08/01 13:38:26 35.063 -84.292 4.7 9 km ( 6 mi) ENE of Ducktown, TN

MAG 1.6 2009/08/03 16:22:41 37.929 -77.590 7.6 21 km ( 13 mi) NNW of Ashland, VA
MAG 2.3 2009/08/02 21:57:07 37.929 -77.580 8.8 21 km ( 13 mi) NNW of Ashland, VA
MAG 2.1 2009/07/31 10:14:10 37.780 -77.536 5.9 6 km ( 3 mi) WNW of Ashland, VA

MAG 2.0 2009/07/31 01:36:59 43.407 -79.579 6.0 9 km ( 5 mi) ESE of Oakville, Canada
MAG 1.3 2009/07/29 05:02:09 44.610 -70.649 11.4 10 km ( 6 mi) NW of Rumford, ME
MAG 2.0 2009/07/28 01:14:48 44.017 -73.564 5.0 8 km ( 5 mi) SSW of Mineville-Witherbee, NY

Dare To Prepare!