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Genetic Sinlessness & The Church of The New World Order

" In order to achieve their global vision of world peace without the appearance of naked force they must have a religious inter faith organization which expresses order in the world adhering to the new world church."

One News Now (ONN) posts an article about an organization, Spiritual Diplomacy World Council (SDWC), that assists global leaders understand spiritual dynamics of geopolitical issues.

From the Spiritual Diplomacy website:

It is our aim to reduce hatred and eliminate wars between nations with the help of the vast unutilized resources of Love found in the Bible and other traditional Holy books. today’s extreme global environment, American diplomats are incapable of rescuing the civilization. Therefore, as a way out of a global dead end, all countries of the world need to make a spiritual decision. I see a solution in the global repentance of all nations, America being first. After the completion of this worldwide repentance, the involvement of the Heavenly Coordinator of life is necessary in order to solve the problem of survival on earth.

In these conditions, the concept of Spiritual Diplomacy can play a crucial role. This new spiritual-political concept offers a solution for conflicts in the world using the spiritual values of the opposing sides. People simply do not trust each other any longer, especially diplomats. But, they can believe in the power of spiritual values of the people whom they represent.

One of the group's co-founders, Mikhail Morgulis, achievements includes bringing down the Russian spiritual iron curtain. Emergent church movement personality, Phillip Yancey, was a member of Morgulis' delegation to Russia.

The ONN interview with author and diplomat Michael A. Markham of the SDWC, of the reports on the progression of the "new world order", and encourages American Christians to become more educated on the subject.

A link is provided to a 14 page document that details the benefits of the New World Order and explains the role of the coming one world government and the global church...

Here's a few highlights:

[Spiritual diplomacy] It is a movement which allows leaders to see the church as transcending world history through the unity of God, a view that is rooted in a historical reality in the traditional religions of Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism. -pg 2

We in Spiritual Diplomacy are particularly focused on the underlying and generally unseen spiritual elements in the establishment of a Global and One World Government. -pg 3

In Spiritual Diplomacy we see the world’s wealth in a custodial sense and that men and governments have responsibility for the spiritual development of mankind not for unjust personal enrichment. -pg 4

The tools of implementing the "New World Order" are the operation and control of the global regulators. Presently we see the United Nations and the OECD and IMF along with other international institutions; implementing specific economic orders and sanctions on groups and states that refuse to comply with the global agenda. -pg 5

There has been a remarkable explosion of international and transnational regulatory civil servants and bureaucratic experts (paid by the taxpayers) to design and implement the global agenda. -pg 5

We believe that these global institutions, which many are unseen and secret, are not acting under the authority of their own political governments but are actually guided by the unseen forces that many call the "New World Order". -pg 5

Because these super international and transnational groups are confidential, sometimes secret and work together through formal and informal alliances and treaties; they are perceived to be involved with a conspiracy against nation states and individuals within those states. -pg5

So as we can see the global policy makers across the world are looking for an international body to secure the future of mankind. -pg 6

Where is this relinquishment of national Sovereign states taking us? How willing will the large cultural groups within and outside the traditional Nations respond to their threatened loss of cultural and religious identity. -pg 6

That’s what we will address in Part II when we will explore the rise of a "Universal Church" to give the moral and spiritual credibility to a "New World Order" -pg 6


A new emerging Global Government will need a spiritual ideology base and new vision of reality to support a New World Order. The new global culture will need a new inter faith religion which is generally referred to as the "Universal Church" in the New Age. -pg 7

In the "New World Order" a Global Government needs to control the church and religious organizations, thus the reason they will support and participate in a "Universal Church". -pg 8

In order to achieve their global vision of world peace without the appearance of naked force they must have a religious inter faith organization which expresses order in the world adhering to the new world church. -pg 8

The New World Order needs to occupy the spiritual and religious mind of the culture to exert control. Within that framework they and their leader must be able to exhibit and demonstrate their connection with supernatural power, validating the call to order and obedience. For this they will need priesthood. -pg 8

The New World Order seeks to modify human and social behavior into an infrastructure of the New World Order under a Universal Church. -pg 9

In order to modify and change the culture and society they need to modify global DNA (Genetics), the environment, (Global Warming) the economy (International Banking) and the human mind (Mass Psychology) -pg 9

The issue for Government today is not so much of how they control the body but how they can control man’s spirit and even god’s spirit. -pg9

Governments are looking for ways to manipulate man’s emotions and feelings. In order to control people’s lives a repressive government must be able to manipulate and control the soul and spirit of the culture. -pg 9

..we believe the leader of the New World Order will do everything he can to genetically change the makeup of man. To change the original sinful nature of man requires a new biological and social organism. Alive but physically and psychologically constructed. Using genetics and Pharmacia drugs for behavior modification. We have in the past (a paper on Prophetic Speculation) referred to this as the "Psychogenetic Revolution". -pg 10

We in Spiritual Diplomacy see the ultimate goal of the new order under the agenda of "world Peace" the elimination of human sin by reconditioning and recreating the nature of man. -pg 10

What national government can stand up against such a powerful social and ideological agenda? Who can stand against a global policy against correcting personal imperfection and sin? -pg 10

From the farmer to the nuclear scientist, all will be subject to the New World Order; there will be no allowance for rebellion. The choice will be either biological reengineering or physical elimination; that was the message of George Orwell in his books like Animal Farm and 1984. -pg 10

Human rights will no longer be human, inalienable, but licensed and granted by government as it determines to be beneficial to its self-interests and society. -pg 10

Under the new system what is considered human nature was flawed and in need of repair. It does not matter if it was personal, tribal or cultural. The old order is to be eliminated and replaced with the new order. -pg 10

Population and wealth redistribution and its tribal cultures will allow for a new social order to be created replacing the old culture. -pg 10

To include a successful introduction of the new religion and Universal Church will require a leader who can change the perceived reality or religious belief of society. -pg 11

The Universal Church ( without its acknowledgement of a traditional God) under the New World Order will provide a place for the secular and atheistic activists who could not function under Shira law and the Moslem agenda especially in the areas of what they see as human rights. - pg 12

We foresee that the groups behind the global church will initiate a global registration requirement for all religious denominations to be listed with details of names, addresses, and leadership registration and sect information; such as Shia, Sunni, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu Buddhist and even Pagan. -pg 12

The traditional religious views about the creation of the earth and who is responsible for maintaining it will be redefined within the new global church. The traditional view that God gave dominion over the earth to the humans he created will be rejected or modified to interpret that to be collective rather than individual. -pg12

The new religion will use technology to consolidate its influence over the global information technology sectors of entertainment and propaganda. They will integrate and use the generational changes of the new social dynamic to co-op the traditional nation state and political models. -pg 12

They will use the new global media and environmental movements to systematically destroy the culture and social structures and values of Western cultural Influence including the political and governmental institutions. -pg 12

The new church will direct their view of advancement of world culture by integrating what we call Pop Culture popular culture, and entertainment. The movie industry has and will continue to be more than entertainment but an attempt to create a new world art form to explore the possible future culture of a social order of machines, computers and man. A struggle to define and redefine the nature of man and his soul; who created man and what does his creator want. -pg 14

But we see the New Universal Church as an intricate part of a New World Order of Global government. We see the new church as an organization which will be used to control man, not to free man, a church which will have a central authority and a central agenda to be implemented by its members. -pg 14

We see that present US based Universal Church as part of universalism where they believe that there is one universal truth and that this truth extends far beyond any theological, social, or geographical limits -pg 14

We do not see the new "Universal Church" as a collection of individuals who meet to worship a traditional personal God.

We see the new church emerging from the same intellectual spirits that create and promote the New World Order

"A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths. Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge." Carl Sagan

""The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity." Albert Einstein

We believe the new "Universal Church" and its leader will be the spiritual force behind the New World Order which will be the front organization for the new spiritual agenda to change the nature of humanity. -pg 14

Editor's note: The similarities to bridge builders like Brian McLaren, Rick Warren and the emerging church movement personalities. are alarming.

Whether they know it or not, it is obvious that they are acting on behalf of the globalists "everything must change" agenda.

Everything must change so the kingdom can be established... Satan's Kingdom.

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