Saturday, May 5, 2007

Calling Rick Warren

Last November, Joseph Farah of WorldNet Daily engaged an evasive Rick Warren regarding Warren's trip to Syria. Farah detailed what amounted to be damage control efforts on behalf of the Purpose Driven camp.

Now A Little Leaven shares an open letter to Pastor Rick Warren regarding Rupert Murdock...

An Open Letter to Pastor Rick Warren, of Saddleback Church:

Dear Pastor Warren,

It has been a year-and-a-half since the world first learned that you are media mogul, Rupert Murdoch’s pastor. We’d like an update to learn how Mr. Murdoch is progressing in his spiritual growth.

Although, many Christians were pleased to learn that you’ve been able to help guide Mr. Murdoch along in his spiritual journey, we’d like to know if you’ve had the opportunity to share God’s law with Mr. Murdoch and show him from God’s Word that it is sinful and unthinkable for a Christian to earn money from or own a company that makes a profit from pornography and the sexual exploitation of women. Have you told Mr. Murdoch that he needs to repent of this terrible sin?

We're sure that you are aware that NewsCorp, which is owned by Murdoch, sells more pornographic films than Larry Flint. Sadly, this business report reveals that Murdoch's porn empire is growing rather than shrinking.
We know that you would agree that pornography is a sin. We also know that you've publicly encouraged those addicted to pornography to get help breaking their addictions through programs like Celebrate Recovery.

Pastor Warren, since you openly reach out to consumers of pornography, we’d like to know how you’re using your influence to help limit and reduce the supply of pornography?
There is no way that God's purpose for Rupert is to be a porn peddler. There is also no way that Mr. Murdoch's S.H.A.P.E. test said that has the spiritual gift of 'pornographer'.
Have you encouraged Rupert to enter a Celebrate Recovery program to help him break his addiction to pornography profits?

How is it going?
When will we be hearing the details of Rupert Murdoch’s plan to dismantle his porn distribution empire?

Pastor Warren, you’ve said that you’re addicted to changed lives. Is Ruport Murdoch’s life changing? Is Mr. Murdoch more ‘Christ-like’ than he was a year and a half ago?
When can we expect to see the fruit of this change?

Editor's note: Will Pastor Warren respond to this letter the way he responded to Joseph Farah?

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