Monday, May 14, 2007

Papal Goal: No Converts to Protestantism

While pro-Catholic Chuck Colson preps to present at the SBC convention and Rick Warren endorses Catholicism and promotes it in his 40 Days of Purpose , Pope Benedict XVI prepares his bishops by laying down his strategy to combat defections by millions of Catholics joining evangelical Protestant churches in recent years.

Also interesting to note...
"Benedict said the church was not a political ideology or a social system, an apparent reference to his vehement opposition to the liberation theology movement in Latin America..."

"Liberation theology, which is based on a Marxist analysis of society, holds that criticizing the oppression of the poor and marginalized should be central to Christian theology, and that the Christian faith should be reinterpreted specifically to deliver oppressed people from injustice. "

Liberation theology has an remarkable resemblance to Warren's PEACE Plan and the Social Gospel Warren and others promote.

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