Friday, January 30, 2015

Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Isangel, Vanuatu

M6.0 - 209km SSE of Isangel, Vanuatu

Event Location
Data Source US1
Map showing extent (w,s,e,n) = (165.158, -26.2454, 175.158, -16.2454)
21.245°S 170.158°E depth=15.1 km
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Event Time
2015-01-30 17:57:57 (UTC)
2015-01-30 12:57:57 (UTC-05:00) in your timezone
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Nearby Cities
209km (130mi) SSE of Isangel, Vanuatu
302km (188mi) E of We, New Caledonia
387km (240mi) ENE of Mont-Dore, New Caledonia
396km (246mi) ENE of Dumbea, New Caledonia
399km (248mi) ENE of Noumea, New Caledonia


Preliminary Earthquake Report

Magnitude 2.1 Date-Time 27 Jan 2015 14:30:3927 Jan 2015 09:30:39 near epicenter 27 Jan 2015 09:30:39standard time in your timezone

Location45.089N 71.447WDepth5 kmDistances21 km (13 mi) N of Colebrook, New Hampshire49 km (30 mi) SE of Sherbrooke, Canada58 km (36 mi) ESE of Magog, Canada71 km (44 mi) NNW of Berlin, New Hampshire128 km (79 mi) NE of Montpelier, Vermont

Location UncertaintyHorizontal: 0.9 km; Vertical 2.0 kmParametersNph = 16; Dmin = 62.0 km; Rmss = 0.48 seconds; Gp = 137°
Version =Event IDus c000tk9s

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Pope's New Paganism Shocks Catholicism

Pope Francis approved family synod’s controversial mid-term report before publication: synod chief

"...What some have argued is the Synod’s apparent program of easing the Church’s opposition to adultery, homosexuality, and other sexual sins has prompted some prelates to identify it as one of the great crisis points of Church history. Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who did not attend the Synod but said he had reflected deeply on the proceedings, said that it is a sign that the Church is entering a period comparable to that of its tumultuous early centuries.
“We are living in an un-Christian society, in a new paganism,” Schneider told aninterviewer after the Synod closed.
“The temptation today for the clergy is to adapt to the new world to the new paganism, to be collaborationists. We are in a similar situation to the first centuries, when the majority of the society was pagan, and Christianity was discriminated against.”
He continued, “Unfortunately there were in the first century members of the clergy and even bishops who put grains of incense in front of the statue of the Emperor or of a pagan idol or who delivered the books of the Holy Scripture to be burned.”
In our times, he said, clergy and bishops are not being asked to pinch incense to the emperor, but “to collaborate with the pagan world today in this dissolution of the Sixth Commandment and in the revision of the way God created man and woman.” These clergy, he said, would be “traitors of the Faith; they are participating ultimately in pagan sacrifice.”
See also:  

Synod interim report ‘clearly a prefabricated text’ representing a ‘radical neo-pagan ideology’: Bishop Schneider

Britain hit by second earthquake, 3.8 magnitude tremor

Britain hit by second earthquake as 3.8 magnitude tremor hits East Midlands

Richard Hartley-ParkinsonRichard Hartley-Parkinson for
Thursday 29 Jan 2015 7:04 am

Second earthquake in two days hits UK with 3.8 tremor

A second earthquake in two days has struck the UK.

The latest earthquake, measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale, hit the East Midlands village of Cottesmore, in Rutland,at 10.25pm last night, according to the US Geological Survey.

It came after an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.9 was recorded in Winchester on Tuesday.

Residents took to Twitter to tell of their shock after realising an earthquake had struck.

Sally Smart wrote: ‘Earthquake wow that was a biggen!! Thought a truck was coming through the house #adrenalinepumping.’

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Terror attack plunges 140 million into darkness

WASHINGTON – A terrorist attack on the Pakistani national grid plunged more than 140 million people into darkness before power was restored, prompting U.S. experts to warn that terrorist cells and “lone wolves” in the United States could cause similar damage to the vulnerable national electric-grid system.

The blackout in Pakistan affected more than 80 percent of the country’s population and all public services in all the major cities, including the capital, Islamabad.

A separatist group in the Naseerabad district of Baluchistan province in the country’s southwest caused the blackout by blowing up a major transmission line connected to the national grid.

It was the third such attack in two weeks.

“It shows the bad guys definitely do know what they’re doing when they want to – in a country with upwards of 100 nuclear weapons,” said Clare Lopez, vice president for research and analysis at the Washington-based Center for Security Policy.

In the latest attack on a major transmission line in Pakistan, two nuclear plants went offline after the outages while problems occurred at the country’s main international airport in Lahore.

Michael Maloof’s “A Nation Forsaken: EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe” exposes the startling threat that could destroy the nation’s critical infrastructure in a moment, sending the U.S. back to the 19th century technologically.

“(At) the prime minister’s directive, we are not to sleep until this problem is resolved,” said Pakistan’s Ministry of Water and Power in a Twitter message.

Explosions at two of the transmission sites in Naseerabad created a backward surge also affecting the system, making repairs difficult.

The massive blackout from the terrorist attack came just after Pakistan went through a gasoline shortage which caused Indian Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to cancel his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Plunging oil prices are creating a condition in which the national utility companies cannot make a profit to pay for maintenance and upgrades.

According to one expert, the attackers apparently found what is termed a “systempunkt,” an essential, focal point in the network.

“An attack on a systempunkt can generate cascades of failure that take down the entire network,” the source said. “It’s possible, although unlikely, the attackers knew this was the network’s systempunkt when they destroyed it.”

The source said the success of the attack was due largely to the strain on Pakistan’s grid. The shortfall in electricity has led to “load shedding” of more than 15 hours a day already,” the source added. “When a complex network is operating at or near its capacity, it is many times more vulnerable to collapse and thereby much easier to attack,” he said.

The source said the attack will prompt more attacks on the grid as other groups attempt to replicate the success. The reason, he said, is that militant groups in Pakistan and across the world use open source development to improve themselves.

“When an attack this simple and inexpensive yields outsized result, he said, “other groups will copy it.”

The latest attack in Pakistan suggests jihadist fighters have determined they can get more destructive results by attacking a country’s national grid system.

Last June, fighters from Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, attacked power lines in the central province of Marib in Yemen, knocking out the country’s entire national power grid and leaving services such as gas stations and other services without power.

The Yemeni attack was “the first case where a terrorist attack on a power grid blacked out an entire nation,” according to Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the congressional advisory Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

Pry, who once was staff director of the congressionally mandated commission to determine the effects of electromagnetic pulse events on the U.S. critical infrastructure, told WND at the time that the Yemeni attack “absolutely confirms that attacking electric grids – not just for a city but for an entire nation – is an al-Qaida weapon.”

The terrorist attacks on the Yemeni and Pakistani national grid systems bring to mind the attack in April 2013 by unknown assailants on the grid system in San Jose, California. In the attack, 17 transformers that supply electricity to the Silicon Valley were knocked out using AK-47 rounds that targeted locations meant to cause seepage of the oil that keeps the transformers from burning up.

Former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Jon Wellinghoff said the San Jose attack was “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”

He called it a “dress rehearsal to a larger terrorist attack.”

In addition to pumping more than 100 rounds of AK-47 rounds into the 17 transformers, the attack included a professional cutting of 911 fiber optic lines.

To this day, the attackers have not been found.

In addition to the San Jose case, there was an attack last year by a Mexican drug cartel, the Knights Templar, in which members blacked out an entire Mexican state, affecting some 420,000 people, to enable drug lords to go into towns and villages to kill opponents of the drug trade

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This storm definitely has the capability of being not only historic but also catastrophic

Blizzard heading toward Massachusetts could leave up to 3 feet of snow

By Jeremy C. Fox
Public safety officials around the region spent today bracing for a “crippling” storm that could drop up to 3 feet of heavy snow, whipped into white-out conditions by hurricane-force wind gusts starting Monday night into Wednesday morning.

“This storm definitely has the capability of being not only historic but also catastrophic,” said Benjamin Sipprell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Taunton.

The storm is expected to be heaviest from Monday night through Tuesday afternoon, with north-northeast winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour and gusts of 65 to 75 miles per hour, according to the weather service.

New York City: Facing Largest Blizzard in History

We are facing, most likely, one of the largest snowstorms in the history of this city" --NYC's @BilldeBlasio at presser. live on CNN now.

National Weather Service Boston: Threat of Historic Blizzard

Please RT. Blizzard Warnings in effect. Crippling & potentially historic blizzard late Monday - Wednesday
5:19pm - 25 Jan 15

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Zenith 2016

Zenith 2016

Did something begin in the year 2012 that will reach its apex in 2016? Have recent US Presidents and other global leaders been deeply involved in a scheme to enthrone the Man of Sin? What role is Pope Francis—the FINAL POPE—preparing to play during the installation of the King of the NWO? And what about the eight-hundred-year-old prophecy of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel that predicted the Shinar Directive in 2016? Why did Protestant Reformers believe the Antichrist and False Prophet would arrive between 2012–2016? What about the Blood Moons in 2015, the feast days, and the comet of the century. Is God, Himself, preparing to light the first real candle of Chanukah!? And how is all this connected to the return of the Watchers and the year 2016?

Islamic State of Africa Rising

Boko Haram emerges as brutal Islamic State of Africa

(RNS) Boko Haram, with its chilling brutality, radical Islamic ideology and unstoppable seizure of Nigerian territory is quickly emerging as the Islamic State of Africa.
While much of the world has focused on the terror attacks in Paris and the Islamic militants’ capture of swaths of Syria and Iraq, Boko Haram has gone on a bloody rampage through northeastern Nigeria.
Human rights groups have sounded alarms about the al-Qaeda-linked organization’s recent brutality: the slaughter of up to 2,000 people in the Nigerian towns of Baga and Doron Baga on Jan. 3 and the subsequent strapping of explosives on girls as young as 10 to detonate in public places. The unchecked rampage is affecting the looming presidential elections now weeks away and propelling a 72-year-old iron-fisted general, Muhammadu Buhari, back into the race.
Boko Haram first gained international notoriety for its savagery in April 2014, when it abducted 276 girls from a boarding school in Chibok and threatened to sell them as wives and sex slaves. The “bring back our girls” movement began with Nigerian village women demanding government action and grew into a worldwide rallying cry, with participants that included first lady Michelle Obama. Some of the girls later escaped but the fate of remaining captives is unknown.
In addition to its ruthless tactics, Boko Haram, echoes the Islamic State in its aspiration to create a “caliphate” across national borders by crossing into neighboring Chad, Niger and Cameroon. On Jan. 12, its fighters seized the Cameroonian border town of Kolofata. Cameroon’s government said its forces killed 143 militants.

Strategic Goal for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America

An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America

by Mohamed Akram
May 19, 1991

View the full document


This May 1991 memo was written by Mohamed Akram, a.k.a. Mohamed Adlouni, for the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the introductory letter, Akram referenced a "long-term plan…approved and adopted" by the Shura Council in 1987 and proposed this memo as a supplement to that plan and requested that the memo be added to the agenda for an upcoming Council meeting. Appended to the document is a list of all Muslim Brotherhood organizations in North America as of 1991.

Notable quotes:

Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims' causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims' efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic state, wherever it is.

In order for Islam and its Movement to become "a part of the homeland" in which it lives, "stable" in its land, "rooted" in the spirits and minds of its people, "enabled" in the live [sic] of its society and has firmly-established "organizations" on which the Islamic structure is built and with which the testimony of civilization is achieved, the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain "the keys" and the tools of this process in carry [sic] out this grand mission as a "Civilization Jihadist" responsibility which lies on the shoulders of Muslims and – on top of them – the Muslim Brotherhood in this country.

The process of settlement is a "Civilization-Jihadist Proecess" with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.

Learn more about the civilization jihad being waged by the Muslim Brotherhood here in the U.S.



Is the return of Jesus closer than you think? What are the most powerful prophetic signs being fulfilled in the earth today? How is the new Middle East after the Arab Spring aligning with the testimony of the biblical prophets? What are the little known prophetic signs that few are paying attention to?

"End Times Eyewitness" takes you on a firsthand journey into the heart of the biblical world, to the front lines of the ongoing Middle Eastern revolutions, to discover the shocking answer to all of these questions. Filmed in several nations and featuring the testimonies of global Christian leaders, pastors, theologians, and missionaries – as well as some of the most prominent Islamic scholars in the world – End Times Eyewitness reveals which biblical prophecies of the last days are being fulfilled on the earth today and what is coming next.

Join New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson as he interviews:

The legendary Old Testament scholar Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
Adnan Oktar, a Turkish Muslim leader who talks about the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple – with the help of Muslims
Sheikh Ekrima Said Sabri, the son of the late Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who explains Islamic eschatological belief that Jesus will return to lead the Caliphate and require Christians to convert to Islam
Rabbi Yehuda Glick, head of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation
International House of Prayer director Mike Bickle
And many other Christian leaders from Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and the United States
Filmed in the Middle East in the midsts of uprisings and revolutionary fervor, End Times Eyewitness, produced by WND Films with Joel Richardson, goes farther and deeper into the heart of the conflict than what network news teams dare to venture. The access provided was unprecedented. The footage captured is remarkable. The biblical insights from scholars, reporters, Rabbis, and Christian leaders are startling.

About the Director

Joel Richardson is an artist, human rights activist, New York Times bestselling author, internationally recognized speaker and recognized expert on Bible prophecy and the Middle East. He is also an ongoing contributor to WND, and has been featured on or has written for “The Glenn Beck Show,” “The Mike Huckabee Show,” “The Gordon Liddy Show,” “The Dennis Miller Show,” Chicago Public Radio, “The Steve Malzberg Show,” “The Sid Roth Show,” "Jewish Voice Today," Janet Folger, Jan Markell, Janet Parshall, Kirby Anderson’s “Point of View,” the New York Daily News, the Blaze and FrontPage Magazine.

Richardson is a husband and a father committed to the pro-life and adoption movements. His books include “The Islamic Antichrist,” “Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist” and “Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out.”

Norway's Islamic Split Personality

Norway: The People's Revolution vs. The "Religion of Peace"

by Bjorn Jansen

"...How, then, does one express dissent in a country whose politicians and media are rooted in socialist thinking; where discussing religion is a no-go; where politics has replaced religion and where there is a small population ensuring conformity of thought, with the risk of being sanctioned for expressing other thoughts?"

"...Most of the media has the same socialist outlook as Norway's politicians. There is either complete ignorance or a blind refusal to go to the root of Islamic terrorism, or how Islam's doctrine effects the socialisation, mindset and actions of Muslims. Despite the existence of informative, independent websites such as and, the media refuses even to look at Islam's doctrines.
Rather than investigate Islam for themselves, politicians in Norway have put their blind faith in what the imams in Norway say is Islam. Likewise Islamsk Råd, The Islamic Council of Norway, has been given media space to determine what Islam is or is not.

The last three years have seen an explosion in the knowledge of Islam by the man-in-the street, largely thanks to the internet, and inspired by key figures such as Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji, Brother Rachid and Norway's own Hege Storhaug. While no voice critical of Islam gets coverage in the media, recent coverage in the media of Germany's populistPEGIDA movement (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) has already started changing this lapse.

PEGIDA was started in Dresden last October by Lutz Bachman, who stepped down on January 21, 2015, after a photo of him posing as Hitler surfaced. Its wildfire popularity throughout Europe in just three months or existence seems due to the politicians' and media's neglect of their populace -- especially the media's refusal or inability to undertake independent investigative journalism.

People are now discussing what exactly is preventing the European media from going to the root of Islam -- discussing which elements of Islam's key scriptures (the Koran, the sira and thehadith) are at conflict with the non-Muslim world.

If the media and politicians admit there is a problem, they will be forced to retract their belief in multiculturalism and apologize for voluntarily allowing a change in Norway's demographics, with potentially many violent outcomes. They might have to admit that the media and politicians know of the dangers of Islam's doctrines but do not dare to publish them; that maybe they have been collectively threatened and are afraid of the consequences. Other countries' media might be afraid to talk about Islam's doctrines because of their dependence on oil from the Middle East, but this is not the case for Norway.

PEGIDA's followers can trigger a sorely needed debate on the unopened Pandora box of Islam's doctrines. They can also ask questions that need to be asked, but that neither politicians nor the media have so far had the guts to ask. Caricatures and cartoons are only the symptom; we need to get to the root.
Bjorn Jansen is a journalist based in Norway.

See more on the political Islamic incursion of Europe. 

Study: Fukushima plume spread worldwide


Study: Fukushima plume spread worldwide, far exceeding the hundreds of miles mentioned previously — 100 Quadrillion becquerels of Cs-137 released tops Chernobyl — “Implicates radiological hazard at distances otherwise overlooked”

Published: January 21st, 2015 at 12:17 pm ET
By ENENews

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (pdf), University of Florida College of Medicine, Weill-Cornell Medical College, etc. (2014):

The Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident is an example of a contemporary nuclear plant accident with serious implications.
The Fukushima NPP accident has had health implications due to the high levels of radiation released and vast area over which the radiation has disperse.
The significant radiation release, as likened to Chernobyl, reflects the context and severity of the Fukushima accident.
The level of 137Cs that was released is likened to Chernobyl levels, with 100,000 TBq released.
Radioactive plume dispersion occurs worldwide, far exceeding 300 miles previously mentioned. This should implicate radiological hazard at distances otherwise overlooked.
Potassium Iodide Distribution

Radioactive plumes from the Chernobyl accident containing 131I caused benign and malignant thyroid nodules to develop, especially in children within a 310 miles radius of the incident.

The current recommendation is for KI [potassium iodide] availability to people 200 miles from a NPP. Plume radii for nuclear events have been shown to exceed 300 [miles]. Extension of KI availability to 300 miles only further underscores the inadequacy of current preparedness plans.

In regard to KI prophylaxis, TEPCO utilized 17,500 KI tablets for 2,000 onsite workers… with one individual receiving and taking 85 tablets.

Radiological plumes containing 131I cause benign and malignant thyroid nodules to develop within a 300 mile radius… This necessitates KI pre-distribution to all schools, hospitals and other of-interest sites extending 300 miles from any nuclear reactor. Evacuation or sequestering is impossible in congested urban areas… There is currently virtually no compliance with [the] 20 miles radius KI pre-distribution law, section 127 of the Bioterrorism Act of 2002. In fact, there is little compliance with the 10 miles Ki pre-distribution radius law in the United States.

Japan did not utilize KI for prophylaxis of the general public, acknowledging it was not prepared to act accordingly.
See also:

Study: Daily release from Fukushima of 100+ Quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 early on in crisis “seems reasonable” — Chernobyl total release was ~70 Quadrillion Bq of cs-137

Canadian officials estimated Fukushima cesium-137 release almost double Chernobyl -- Based on the "most conservative and credible" projections

Mass Death of Seabirds in Western U.S. Is ‘Unprecedented’


“One of largest mass die-offs of seabirds ever recorded” now underway on West Coast — Gov’t: “I’ve never seen anything like this, ever” — Experts: “Just massive, massive, unprecedented” … “Strong possibility of it escalating to affect other species” — “Significant uptick in mass-mortality events in marine world”

National Geographic, Jan 23, 2015 (emphasis added): Mass Death of Seabirds in Western U.S. Is ‘Unprecedented’… [It's] becoming one of the largest mass die-offs of seabirds ever recorded… about Halloween, thousands of juvenile auklets started washing ashore… Since then the deaths haven’t stoppedResearchers are wondering if the die-off might spread to other birds or even fish. The gruesome auklet deaths come just as scientists around the globe are seeing a significant uptick in mass-mortality events in the marine world, from sea urchins to fish and birds. Although there doesn’t appear to be a link to the virus that killed tens of millions of sea stars along the same shores… some scientists suspect a factor in both cases may be uncharacteristically warm waters… At first scientists weren’t too surprised by the carcasses washing ashore… But they now are perplexed by the sheer numbers of dead birds and the spreading geographic extent of the die-off… By comparison, not one of the five largest U.S. bird mortality events tracked by USGS since 1980 is estimated to have topped 11,000 deathsIn Europe… the worst die-off on record [was] 57,000… On some beaches the Cassin’s auklet death toll was a hundred times greater than any bird die-off ever… and sixtimes worse per kilometer than the body count recorded after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill… Research in the waters off Oregon already has shown that some of the tiny crustaceans at the bottom of the marine food chain were replaced by smaller species… It’s still not clear [if] changing climate contributed to any of these shifts.
Julia Parrish, Univ. of Washington seabird ecologist overseeing a survey team tracking seabird deaths: “This is just massive, massive, unprecedented… We may be talking about 50,000 to 100,000 deaths so far [estimated total population is between 1,000,000 and 3,500,000]… Death at this level and over this much real estate has to be from more than just [lack of food].”
David Nuzum, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: “I’ve never seen anything like this, ever, and I’ve been here since 1985.”
Mike Szumski, US Fish & Wildlife Service biologist: “You’d find them piled up in clusters… every now and then we’d… find a bird that was just barely clinging to life. They were just skin and bones.”
Bonnie Wood, patrols beaches for dead birds: “It’s so distressing… They’re just everywhere.”
Bill Sydeman, senior scientist at California’s Farallon Institute: “I think there’s a strong possibility of it escalating to affect other species in the near future.”

The Vatican's Left Leaning Towards Marxism

US: “A social market economy needs to be established," says Archbishop Marx

The Archbishop of Munich recently delivered a lecture at California’s prestigious Stanford University. “The Church has the special responsibility of identifying the positive elements within society" rather than “complaining about the things that are wrong”

Cardinal Reinhard Marx’s visit to Stanford University in California on 15 January was among many signs that show that the credibility of the Catholic Church is being restored particularly following the dramatic scandal of clerical sex abuse against minors. Many say his visit was a complete first. No one remembers a cardinal from the Roman Catholic Church speaking at the prestigious West Coast university, not to mention delivering a speech with a socio-economic slant.

In actual fact, the Archbishop of Munich and Freising - who is a member of the C9 (the group of papal cardinal advisors, referred to as the “Gang of Nine” in the US), President of the German Bishops’ Conference and of the Bishops' Commission accredited to the European Union – frequently gives addresses on economic and financial issues but until now only in Germany or other European countries. He always speaks at high-level meetings, such as one that was held in Oxford last year. His strong background in moral theology and his interest in the field of social morality (he is the son of a trade unionist) led to him publishing a text titled: “Das Kapital - Eine sozialethische Streitschrift”, which brought him into the international media spotlight in 2008. His book gives a scathing criticism of capitalism in the footsteps of Karl Marx to whom the book is dedicated, adding a touch of irony: the text begins with a letter addressed to his “dear namesake”.

It is precisely on these kinds of issues that the Church is attracting criticism under Francis’ pontificate (Marx is also a member of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy headed by Cardinal George Pell), as it is accused of being “a little too left-wing”, particularly by Tea Party members.

At Stanford university, Marx spoke about the challenge of the "The Contribution of Christian Values to the Common Good." “It is important for the Church to address the big questions affecting social justice. It needs to be more active and engaged in the Western political scene so that it can be part of the development process that is able to give the poor a “chance”.” “We must look beyond capitalism,” he said thinking back to the reflections he shared with his father as a young boy. “We must create a model that is closer to a “social market economy” (the “soziale Marktwirtschaft” that Maiz’s Bishop Ketteler had been hoping for back in 1869) that is able to give a solid guarantee of social protection to the more vulnerable members of society.”

Read the rest here

Friday, January 23, 2015

Abdullah is Dead. ISIS has an opportunity to flip the Kingdom. Here's how.

Last week I wrote that ISIS would attack Saudi Arabia this spring.  This week the opportunity to attack with a high likelihood of success arrived: The King of Saudi Arabia died today.  Unfortunately for the Saudi's, King Abdulla died before his Kingdom's gambit to gain control of ISIS paid off.   Here's what they were trying to do but failed to pull off in time:  
  • Saudi Arabia has been pumping oil like crazy to drive the price of oil down.  It worked.  Prices dropped.  Lower oil prices are undercuting the funding ISIS gets from its illicit oil sales across the region.
  • Given time, the Saudis believed that this reduction in funding from oil sales would eventually force ISIS to approach Saudi Arabia for financial support.  When it did ask for financial help, the Kingdom would be able to gain the leverage necessary to neutralize the threat it posed (as it did with al Qaeda decades earlier).  
  • Needless to say, this gambit didn't work.  ISIS proved much more resilient financially than al Qaeda and other non-state groups are.  ISIS has many, many more sources of income than donations from sympathisers and oil sales.  
The failure of this gambit means that with the death of the King, ISIS may have a golden opportunity to pivot south to take Mecca and Medina.  A southern pivot would capitalize on the increased fragility (of an already fragile country) caused by the succession.  It would also allow ISIS to continue the its impressive string of victories in the field.  However, this won't be a conventional war.  It's going to be an open source war to win a moral victory.  Here's a taste for how they would do it:
  • ISIS would pivot forces from Syria and Iraq for a push south (indications are that this is apparently already underway), and then use these forces to rapidly overwhelm numerous border posts to create widespread confusion within the Saudi security forces.  If done correctly, the rapid advances of black flags will cause a mass rout that will yield significant equipment and a considerable number of new jihadis (as troops flip to join the ISIS jihad).  
  • Simultaneous with the drive south, cells of ISIS jihadis and lone sympathizers will activate across the Kingdom, causing disruption and confusion.  With this, lines of authority and communication within the kingdom will begin to break down.
  • The advancing jihad will connect with local forces along a massive front moving south, jumping from city to city.  The speed of this will depend on how willing the population is to accept ISIS.  However, since Saudi Arabia has already indoctrinated its population with a religious ideology that is sympathetic to ISIS, the speed of the advance may be very rapid.
KSA map


'This is an act of Islamic supremacism'

A columnist is urging people to contact UCLA officials to protest a Muslim call to prayer broadcast on the campus of a “publicly funded institution.”
“This in an act of Islamic supremacism,” writes Carol Brown for the American Thinker. “If Muslim students at UCLA can’t figure out how to tell time or keep track of when they need to pray, that’s their problem.”
Her column provides contact information for UCLA officials, including Janet Napolitano, president of the Universithy of California system, and corporate donors to the university.
“The call to prayer is something that is blasted over loudspeakers in Muslim majority countries and Muslim enclaves around Detroit,” Brown wrote. “We’ve already heard enough ‘Allahu Akbar’ for a lifetime.”
She said “fighting creeping Shariah requires constant vigilance.”
The concern arose in the wake of a controversy over an announcement by Duke University – later withdrawn – to have the Muslim prayer call blasted across its campus on Fridays. The move by school officials surprised the dean of the Duke Divinity School, who was not consulted, according to the Washington Post.
A video of the call to prayer at UCLA, reported by Christian News, showed the north side of the campus near the athletic field off Sunset Boulevard.
“While the audio is faint, Arabic-style chanting can be heard in the footage as students gathered on the lawn,” the report said.
The report said the common call to prayer chant is: “I bear witness that there is none worthy of being worshiped except Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. … Allah is most great.”
At Duke, Dean Richard Hays said “the use of a prominent Christian place of worship as a minaret for Muslim proclamation will, in our time, have immediate global repercussions.”
“Any discussion about such a proposal should take into careful account the perspective of millions of Christians living in Islamic societies where their faith is prohibited or persecuted,” he said.
The school had said amplifying the Muslim prayer call was to unify the campus and make sure it was welcoming for students of all faiths.
But an immediate and vocal reaction, especially a call for donors to discontinue their financial support of the school, prompted officials to reverse themselves almost immediately.
The officials, who also cited threats, decided the prayer call for Muslims was held on the university’s chapel steps instead.
The London Guardian reported Richard Brodhead, university president, later met with Muslim students to respond to questions about the university’s invitation to blast the call to prayer.
“But what some saw as a small token of welcome and an opportunity to challenge ‘media stereotypes of Muslims,’ others took as an affront,” the report said. “The questions that were raised by the call to prayer, including the state of Muslim identity within American public spaces and the nature of Duke’s religious pluralism, cased a national firestorm no one at the university could have predicted and left behind a community divided along multiple fault lines.”
Among those protesting the school’s decision was Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, who asked donors to “withhold their support from Duke until this policy is reversed.”
Founded by Methodists and Quakers in the early history of the United States, Duke hired its first full-time Muslim chaplain and launched its Center for Muslim Life in 2009.

Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake - Vanuatu

Event Time

  1. 2015-01-23 03:47:27 (UTC)
  2. 2015-01-22 22:47:27 (UTC-05:00) in your timezone
  3. Times in other timezones

Nearby Cities

  1. 84km (52mi) NNE of Port-Vila, Vanuatu
  2. 218km (135mi) SE of Luganville, Vanuatu
  3. 453km (281mi) NNE of We, New Caledonia
  4. 610km (379mi) NNE of Dumbea, New Caledonia
  5. 84km (52mi) NNE of Port-Vila, Vanuatu

Psalm 83 and The Unfolding Middle East Events

PSALM 83, The Missing Prophecy Revealed � How Israel Becomes the Next Mideast SuperpowerNEW DVD RELEASE – Nuclear Showdown in Iran, Revealing theAncient Prophecy of Elam by Bill Salus

An ancient prophecy written over 3000 years ago reveals that the Arab states and terrorist populations, which presently share common borders with Israel, will soon confederate in order to wipe Israel off of the map. While many of today’s top Bible experts are predicting that Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, and several other countries are going to invade Israel according to a prophecy in Ezekiel 38,
Bill Salus explains how Psalm 83 occurs prior to this anticipated biblical event.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oil Price Crash Is Economic War on Russia, Iran

Iraqi Vice President Says Oil Price Crash Is Economic War on Russia, Iran

Vice President of Iraq Nuri al-Maliki says the ongoing decline in oil prices is not a normal economic situation and has not happened on its own, but was rather instigated as an economic war targeting mostly Russia and Iran.

MOSCOW, January 17 (Sputnik) — Vice President of Iraq Nuri al-Maliki has recently commented on the ongoing decline in oil prices.
"The economic war on countries may be more damaging and influential on humanity than conventional wars. The drop in oil prices is not a normal economic situation, it is a political process aimed at destroying the economies of specific countries," the IraqiNews website quotes the politician as saying in an interview with a number of journalists in the country’s province of Basra. "Russia and Iran are the first of those countries, and Iraq is affected incidentally."

"The economic war against these countries is complementary to the role of terrorism that kills innocent people," he added. "Economic wars are devastating the structure of the targeted countries and result in starvation of their people."

Oil prices remain near multi-year lows, having dropped from slightly over $100 a barrel in June to under $50 a barrel on Thursday. OPEC, the world’s oil cartel, has said they will maintain production levels despite falling price.
Major oil giants have already announced job cuts in response to the falling prices.

BP, the British energy giant, has announced 300 job cuts in its North Sea operations. The company employs nearly 4,000 people in the North Sea, with a further 11,000 elsewhere in Britain.

In December the company said it would cut thousands of jobs across its global oil and gas business following steep falls in the price of oil.

The world’s largest oilfield services company, the Houston-based Schlumberger, is set to cut as many as 9,000 jobs, a representative from the company told Sputnik Thursday.

On Wednesday Royal Dutch Shell announced the decision not to proceed with its $6.4 billion joint project with Qatar Petroleum — Al Karaana.

On the same day, Premier Oil said it would not proceed with its $2 billion Sea Lion project on the Falkland Islands while oil prices remain below $50 a barrel.

WWIII Intensifies in Eastern Ukraine

NATO: Key Russian military equipment seen in eastern Ukraine; some fighting fiercer than ever

BRUSSELS (AP) — Fighting in eastern Ukraine is fiercer than ever in some locations, NATO's top commander in Europe said Thursday — adding that the weapons systems seen now in the region have in the past heralded a fresh incursion by Russian troops.

"Violence has intensified and changed character in Ukraine," U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove told a news conference at NATO headquarters. He said the fighting has re-escalated to levels seen before the Sept. 5 Minsk cease-fire agreement "and in some cases beyond."
Questioned by reporters, Breedlove, the alliance's chief commander in Europe, said he couldn't confirm Ukrainian authorities' statements that 9,000 Russian troops had entered the country.

"(But) what we do see is that the Russian-backed forces have renewed capability now to bring pressure on the Ukrainian forces, and have in several places moved the line of contact to the west," he added.

What's more, said Breedlove, NATO intelligence has begun to detect "the signatures of air defense systems and electronic warfare systems that have accompanied past Russian troop movements into Ukraine."

He declined to specify which systems, and whether they include the Buk mobile surface-to-air missile battery blamed for shooting down a Malaysian jetliner on July 17, killing all 298 people aboard. But on two prior occasions, Breedlove said, deployment of such weaponry was accompanied by a border crossing by Russian troops.
"We see the same types of equipment, etc. in eastern Ukraine now," he said.

Breedlove spoke after defense chiefs from NATO's 28 nations met to help the alliance meet its wide-ranging agenda for 2015.

Without disclosing many details, Breedlove said a decision was made taken to restore direct contacts between NATO and the chief of the Russian general staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, ties that were broken off after Russia's annexation of Crimea last March.

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Jonathan Cahn speaks prophetically on the 2014 2015 shemitah

See more on the shemitah

Visit Jonathan Cahn's website.

Watch: The Mystery Of The Shemitah with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Watch: The Sign The Harbinger - Documentary

Watch: The Harbinger Decoded Part 1

Watch: The Harbinger Decoded Part 2

2015 Blood Moons & The Prophetic Impact

Steven DeNoon and Mark Biltz set down together in Jerusalem to discuss the prophetic impact of the blood moons. AS Mark put it 2015 is the year to watch as the final Blood Moon appears over Jerusalem.

Mark Biltz is an Author, Speaker and founder of El Shaddai Ministeries.

His Popular Book and DVD series the Blood Moons, can be found on his website

Obama Meets With Wife of American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran

Christian News Network

BOISE, Idaho – Barack Obama met with the wife of an American pastor imprisoned in Iran on Wednesday after she made the request when she learned that he would be visiting her area to give a speech at a public university.

Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Saeed Abedini, who has been incarcerated in Iran for two years, posted about the private meeting on her Facebook page later in the day. She had requested the face-to-face discussion in an effort to seek help for her husband as she learned that Obama would be coming to Boise State University.

“I got to meet with President Obama today! The kids and I were in a small office room with him and he was gracious with his time (we met for over 10 minutes),” she wrote. “I told him that I had refrained from food for three days and prayed and fasted, and God had ordained this meeting.”

“He said that getting Saeed out is a top priority and he is working very hard to get Saeed home back to our family,” Abedini explained.

She stated that her young son also made a special request of Obama.

“Jacob then asked him, ‘Mr. President, can you please bring my daddy home for my birthday?'” Abedini recalled. “President Obama asked Jacob when his birthday was, and Jacob said March 17. President Obama said, ‘I am going to try very hard to make that happen, Jacob. I am going to try very hard…’ Praise God!”

Connect with Christian News
She said that Obama advised her to get in touch with his administration’s new religious freedom ambassador, and that Secretary of State John Kerry has mentioned her husband on a number of occasions.

As previously reported, Saeed Abedini, a former Muslim turned Christian, left Iran in 2005 and moved to the United States with his wife and two children to find religious freedom after facing conflict with authorities for planting house churches in the county. In 2012, he traveled back to Iran to build an orphanage and visit his parents—and was about to return to the states—when he was taken into custody.

Read the rest here.

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Anti-Pope Frances: Petrus Romanus - False Prophet

TV Program: Petrus Romanus (2012 re-airing)

By Gary Stearman on February 11, 2013

In light of recent events at the Vatican we decided to re-post the original TV program we recorded in 2012 with Tom Horn and Cris Putnam. Tom and Cris related the “The Prophecy of the Popes and now, it appears these ancient predictions are coming true! This document identifies the soon-coming Pope, the successor to Pope Benedict, as Peter the Roman, the long awaited False Prophet! What will happen in the days ahead? Who wil be the next Pope? Watch it and be amazed at the uncanny accuracy of this program.

(Click on image to watch video)

Anti-Pope Francis: Catholics, Lutherans in shared Christian Witness

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis told an ecumenical delegation from Finland Thursday that Catholics and Lutherans can do much together “to bear witness to God’s mercy.” The delegation’s visit to Rome coincides with the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and the Feast of St. Henry, the patron saint of Finland.

In his discourse to the Finnish delegates, Pope Francis applauded the progress achieved in ecumenical dialogue between the two Churches over the last thirty years and said, “a shared Christian witness is very much needed in the face of the mistrust, insecurity, persecution, pain and suffering experienced so widely in today’s world.”

"...there is so much that Catholics and Lutherans can do together to bear witness to God’s mercy in our societies. A shared Christian witness is very much needed in the face of the mistrust, insecurity, persecution, pain and suffering experienced so widely in today’s world.
This common witness can be sustained and encouraged by progress in theological dialogue between the Churches. The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine on Justification, which was solemnly signed some fifteen years ago between the Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church, can produce further fruits of reconciliation and cooperation between us. The Nordic Lutheran–Catholic dialogue in Finland and Sweden, under the related theme Justification in the Life of the Church, has been reflecting on important questions deriving from the Joint Declaration. Let us hope that further convergence will emerge from that dialogue on the concept of the Church, the sign and instrument of the salvation brought to us in Jesus Christ."

The Anti-Pope Said What?

Pope Francis continues to shock the masses with his Anti-pope comments...

(CNN) In politics, they call it going "off message." In acting, they call it going "off script." In the Catholic Church under Pope Francis, it has become business as usual.
Put the 77-year-old pontiff in front of a microphone, and he will make news.

Case in point, a brief press conference on Monday aboard the papal plane from the Philippines to Rome, when Francis sounded off, in his very unpope-like way, on birth control, corruption and kicking grifters where the sun don't shine.
Here are those and several other eye-opening comments from Francis over his nearly two years as pope.

Catholic parents shouldn't be 'rabbits'
Answering a question about birth control on Monday, Francis said that parents shouldn't procreate endlessly, trusting in God that it will all work out.

"But God gives you methods to be responsible," Francis said. "Some think that, excuse me if I use that word, that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No. Responsible parenthood."
That doesn't mean the Pope now supports artificial birth control. The church has long allowed natural methods of preventing pregnancies.

Punching provocateurs

On his way to the Philippines last week, Francis was asked about the terrorist attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. While denouncing terrorism, thePope said there are limits to free speech.
"If Dr. Gasbarri, a great friend, says a swear word against my mother, then a punch awaits him," Francis said, referring to Alberto Gasbarri, a man who organizes papal trips and was then standing next to him on the plane.

"It's normal, it's normal. One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people's faith, one cannot make fun of faith."

The Pope said Monday that, in theory, violence contradicts Jesus' "turn the other cheek" teachings, but in practice, people must be prudent enough not to needlessly provoke others -- unless they want to risk a harsh response.

A kick where the sun doesn't shine.

When he was a bishop in Argentina, Francis said Monday, a couple of suspicious men offered $400,000 to his poor neighborhood -- but only if he first made a significant deposit with them.
If you think that sounds like the real-world version of email phishing scams, the pontiff would probably agree.

"In that moment I thought about what I would do: Either I insult them and give them a kick where the sun doesn't shine or I play the fool."
Read the rest here.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its growing presence in the U.S.

by  - 

CHARLOTTE, NC, January 20, 2015 – The debate continues regarding why the Obama administration cannot bring itself to use the term “Islamic extremism.”
Meanwhile Egypt continues to provide some answers.
In the country where the Muslim Brotherhood was born, President Abdel el-Sisi of Egypt is sending strong warnings to the West that should be resonating rather than falling on deaf ears.
Concern should be rampant about some the major players that are infiltrating the United States. Several were listed as unindicted co-conspirators by the Justice Department in a trial against the Holy Land Foundations; the Islamic Society of North America, the North American Islamic Trust and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). All have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
CAIR perpetuates its moderate image throughout the United States though it is anything but “moderate.” In fact, CAIR, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and similar groups in the U.S., are influencing policies in numerous areas. Among CAIR’s current projects is a campaign to force the media to stop using the term “Islamist.” Sound familiar?
In addition, the Obama administration has no less than six top advisors in the White House who are card-carrying Muslim Brotherhood members; Arif Alikhan, Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Mohammed Elibiary, Homeland Security Advisor who is an Islamic cleric and admirer of Ayatollah Khomeini, Rashad Hussain, Deputy Assistant Councel to Barack Obama is a Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Salam al-Marayati, Obama adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Imam Mohamed Magid, Barack Obama’s Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America, Eboo Patel, Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

And, of course, we have a president of the United States with a Muslim name who has Islamic family ties.
Now let’s ask the question again, just exactly why is it that Barack Obama cannot use the terms “Islamic extremism” or “Islamist”?
How ironic that the warnings to the West are suddently coming from Egypt. In a study conducted by the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies in Cairo, the executive director, Dalia Zeyadah, said that the Muslim Brotherhood has established a network in the United States and operates through community service organizations. Using that as a front, their purpose is to spread the extremist philosophies of the Muslim Brotherhood.
President el-Sisi went even further saying the MB is intent on “restoring the Islamic religious empire.”
Different methods than ISIS perhaps, but the agenda is the same.
Remember how Barack Obama, the fresh new face on the American political scene, was teased by his opponents for being a “community organizer”? Now look at the term “community service organizations” and ask yourself if you see a connection.
Is it any wonder that Barack Obama, and his underlings including Joe Biden, John Kerry and his press secretary among others, would have such a strong aversion to using a term and/or discussing a problem that is killing innocent people by the hundreds daily in various parts of the world?

Read more here 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WARNING: Geomagnetic K-Index of 6 expected

Space Weather Message Code: WARK06 Serial Number: 251

Issue Time: 2015 Jan 21 1555 UTC

Valid From: 2015 Jan 21 1600 UTC Valid To: 2015 Jan 21 1900 UTC

Warning Condition: Onset NOAA Scale: G2 - Moderate

NOAA Space Weather Scale descriptions can be found at

Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 55 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.

Induced Currents - Power grid fluctuations can occur. High-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms.

Spacecraft - Satellite orientation irregularities may occur; increased drag on low Earth-orbit satellites is possible.

Radio - HF (high frequency) radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes. Aurora - Aurora may be seen as low as New York to Wisconsin to Washington state.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

U.S. Dollar Falling as Global Reserve Currency

The struggle is big. Western Media playing it down. But, the U S Pentagon now preparing for MASS Civil breakdown. U S, Europe and Saudi Arabia in an all out war with Russia China and Brazil for the dominant role in the New World Order. While we hare hearing that the Russian Ruble is nearing collapse, we are not hearing how Russia and China are pushing back to collapse the U S dollar. The question is only who will collapse first. While the U S is many trillions in debt, Russia has a surplus and can ride out about two years. Many are convinced the U S cannot last that long. It is even more certain that Europe will collapse before that. The only hope for the U S and Erope then is WW3. This will be the only way out. It is almost certain the New Puppet president will be the President who presides over the dissolution of the U S of America.


Dem Rep & First Hindu in Congress: Obama Admin ‘Refuses to Recognize Who Our Enemy Is’ (video)

She’s an Iraq vet and the first Hindu in the U.S. Congress. via Dem Rep Gabbard: Obama Admin ‘Refuses to Recognize Who Our Enemy Is’ – Breitbart.

Representative and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) argued that the Obama administration “refuses to recognize who our enemy is” on Friday’s “Situation Room” on CNN.

“It sickens me, Wolf, like so many other people who I served with and service members, who served both in Iraq and in other places, unfortunately we lost friends there who paid that ultimate price, and what is so frustrating now as we look at the situation there, our administration refuses to recognize who our enemy is. And unless and until that happens, then it’s impossible to come up with a strategy to defeat that enemy.

We have to recognize that this is about radical Islam, this is as much a military war as it is an ideological war, and we’ve got to understand what that ideology is and challenge it, understand it so that we can defeat it and protect our citizens, protect the American people. That’s something that has to be done, in order for us to look at places like Iraq, places like Syria, and places really, in different parts of the world, North Africa, Nigeria. This is not just about one group called ISIS, or another group called al Qaeda. This is about an overall threat posed by this radical Islamic extremist agenda that exists all around the world as we’re seeing, unfortunately, most recently in Paris and in Europe” she said. And “I’m upset that the president and the White House, whether it’s today, or yesterday, or tomorrow, is not actually saying ‘this is a war that the Islamic extremists are posing against the United States and against the West, and we recognize who our enemy is, and come up with a strategy to defeat that enemy.’ It’s going to be slightly different in different places. It will be different in Iraq and different in Nigeria, but unless and until you recognize who our enemy is and understand them, then we won’t be effective in defeating that threat and we’re going to continue to see the kinds of tragic incidents that we’ve seen most recently in Paris.”

Gabbard also said that while the US needs to “focus our resources on those who are posing a threat to the American people,” “we may hear a lot more from people who will advocate for greater surveillance, greater NSA programs than we’ve seen already expanding those, which is not the right move. A. Because they haven’t been proven to be effective, that spying on and collecting phone call information on every single American is effective in capturing terrorists, but it also weakens our ability to focus our resources on those who pose a direct threat. And I think this has been a problem that we have seen in the Boston bomber attack, for example, that we’ve seen in Paris, where people fall through the cracks because our resources are not focused on those who are planning these attacks and who do pose that direct threat.”
She also declared “I have called for in the past and continue to call for, a suspension of the Visa Waiver Program until this is brought under control and these borders are controlled, in particular between Turkey and Syria.”