Sunday, May 6, 2007


Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries explains the Biblical implications of Rick Warren as Rupert Murdock's pastor...

This is very important because we have now seen from Warren himself that he feels he is indeed Rupert Murdoch’s pastor. This does two things; since one does not pastor an unbeliever, Warren must believe that Murdoch is a Christian, which then means as his pastor Warren is also personally accountable for Murdoch. And there’s no chance to mistake this, or that Warren was somehow misquoted, because apparently he was so pleased with The New Yorker article that Warren asked to have it republished at his own Ministry Toolbox website.

So now that we have established Warren’s pastoral responsibility for Murdoch the next question would be: What does Pastor Rick Warren have to say about dealing with people in sin within his ministry. Well over at Rick Warren’s Ministry Podcast “Pastor Rick” posted a piece dated 5/01/07 called “What Happens When a Staff Member Falls” where Warren informs us:
Sin is to be confessed only as widely as it affects others. Private sin requires only private confession to God. Personal sin that involves others requires interpersonal confession to the people involved. Public sins (those that affect a large group of people in our congregation) regrettably must be dealt with publicly as a warning to others. (Online source)

One would certainly have to think that “owning and expanding a network of pornographic channels in Europe” has to qualify as “public sins.” And then in that piece at the Podcast website Warren also states correctly that:
The Bible says that those who teach are held to a greater public accountability because of their visibility to those they teach. (James 3:1, 1 Tim. 5:20). (Online source)
Since Rupert Murdoch’s flagrant and obvious “public sins” have now been brought before the Church, and because Warren is a pastor-teacher who is very well known to the public himself, then Warren simply must deal with Murdoch publicly “as a warning to others.” Rick Warren can’t have his cake and eat it too; Warren can’t just name-drop that he is Murdoch’s pastor in the good times and then not step up to that role in disciplining Murdoch, when claiming to be a born again Christian, he is openly committing transgressions that are bringing shame to the Name of Jesus Christ.

As Warren himself has said, people like Murdoch have to be held to a greater “public accountability” because of “their visibility.” And this is exactly why Rick Warren must now publicly rebuke Rupert Murdoch for his Purpose Driven pornography.

Read the rest of Pastor Ken Silva's assessment here.

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