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Temple Institute to Build Sacrificial Altar on Tisha B'av The Temple Institute will begin building the sacrificial altar on Thursday, Tisha B’av, a fast day when Jews mourn the destruction of the Temple some 2,000 years ago

The sacrificial altar was located in the center of the Temple, and upon it the Kohanim (priests) offered the numerous voluntary and obligatory sacrifices commanded in the Bible.

The Temple Institute, which has already built many of the vessels for the Holy Temple, such as the ark and the menorah, has now embarked on a project to build the altar. Construction begins Thursday in Mitzpe Yericho (east of Jerusalem) at 5:30 p.m.

“Unfortunately, we cannot currently build the altar in its proper place, on the Temple Mount,” Temple Institute director Yehudah Glick said. “We are building an altar of the minimum possible size so that we will be able to transport it to the Temple when it is rebuilt."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vatican Defrocks Priest of Marian Apparition

LONDON (Catholic Online) - Simon Caldwell, the ever reliable reporter for the “Daily Mail” and the "UK Catholic Herald" reports that Father Tomislav Vladic, the priest most identified with the purported apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje, has been reduced to the lay state.

This action follows growing concerns at the Vatican over the claims surrounding the alleged apparitions, the behavior of some of the purported “seers” and an ongoing dispute between the local Ordinary and those involved.It appears that the now laicized priest had asked to be laicized and to leave his religious community.

We offer the following excerpt from an article written by Simon Caldwell which appeared in the Daily Mail Online on Monday:


“The Pope has defrocked the priest at the centre of claims that the Virgin Mary has been appearing in the Bosnian town of Medjugorje.

“The Vatican stripped Father Tomislav Vladic of his priest status after an investigation into growing concerns over the alleged apparitions.

"...“The defrocking of Father Vladic means he is stripped of his priest status.

“This represents a massive blow to millions of Medjugorje followers worldwide who were hoping that the Vatican would one day legitimise the controversial shrine.

“The seers have grown wealthy as a result of their claims – and so has their town, which has boomed as a result of the ‘Madonna gold rush’.

“Some today own smart executive houses with immaculate gardens, double garages and security gates, and one has a tennis court.

“They also own expensive cars and have married.”

LifeWay urged to remove books 'contrary to gospel'


A Southern Baptist pastor is urging LifeWay Christian Bookstores to remove a number of books from its shelves that he believes undermine key Christian doctrines.

Channing Kilgore, associate pastor of South Whitwell Baptist Church in Tennessee, introduced a motion at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual meeting last month that called for LifeWay to remove books by teachers T.D. Jakes and John Hagee, any Catholic Bibles, 90 Minutes in Heaven, and The Shack.

SBC president Johnny Hunt ruled Kilgore's motion was not in order because it would have asked the convention to act like trustees. Kilgore says the books he wants removed from LifeWay stores are "contrary to the gospel" and the 2008 Baptist Faith and Message statement.

HT: Defending. Contending

Rick Warren: Roman Catholic Church In “God’s Family”

While discussing The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren in Part One of his two part expose The Purpose-Driven Life: An Evaluation Dr. Gary Gilley says:

[Warren] apparently believes practicing Roman Catholics are true believers, several times mentioning monks and nuns as Christian examples, and of course the obligatory reference to Mother Teresa (twice). This unqualified acceptance and promotion of Catholics brings into question Warren’s understanding of the gospel message itself.

If he believes that faithful Roman Catholics, who believe in a works-righteousness, are born-again Christians, what does he believe the gospel is? Do we receive the gift of salvation by faith alone, or by faith plus certain works and sacraments? This is no minor issue, especially in a book that never spells out the plan of salvation…

Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren, arguably the most recognized pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention, absolutely does take a position in direct contradiction the Protestant Reformers.
Regarding the long apostate Roman Catholic Church Warren wishes:
“Now I don’t agree with everything in everybody’s denomination, including my own. I don’t agree with everything that Catholics do or Pentecostals do, but what binds us together is so much stronger than what divides us,” he said. “I really do feel that these people are brothers and sisters in God’s family. I am looking to build bridges with the Orthodox Church, looking to build bridges with the Catholic Church,….” (Online source, emphasis mine)
As a former Roman Catholic whom God in His mercy delivered from that slavish system of works-righteousness, I say the really sad thing is, more and more pretending to be Protestant evangelicals actually agree with Rick Warren re. Rome.

See also:

The Purpose Driven Poisoning of the Fountain of Truth

Dedicated to the leadership of Immanuel Baptist Church in Colonial Heights, Virginia...

The SBC Today blog shares exerpts from an article originally published in January 1922 edition of the Southwestern Journal of Theology by Dr. L. R. Scarborough Poisoning the Fountains of Truth

In Part One, Dr. Scarborough highlights the critical role of churches and the impact of false teaching:

"...far worse is it for false teachings to be carried on in the churches which are “the pillar and ground of the truth...These churches are the very fountains of the life of the Kingdom of Christ."

"...poison in the fountains of truth in our churches cause spiritual death and dearth and drouth to the life of the people. If we poison the spiritual waters that flow from our churches into the lives of the people, we cause death to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ."

"...It is far easier for us to correct false teaching in our schools, because the schools are under the control of our conventions, than it is to correct false teachings in our churches, because the churches are independent and sovereign and you cannot reach the false teachers, even though they be the pastors of the churches, except through the members of the churches themselves."

In Part Two, Dr. L. R. Scarborough illustrates how CEO-style pastors poison the life of the church:

There are a number of ways by which we can cast the poison of erroneous teaching into the very fountains of truth and life among our people. I mention some of them:

1. By allowing the pastor of the church to assume the control and the management of the functions of a church...

...or when he or a committee of the church issues letters to members desiring to remove their relations, or when he himself or through a committee dismisses them from the church fellowship, or commits other acts of maladministration contrary to the Word of God.

This is an assumption of authority and partakes of the nature of a self-appointed ecclesiascism and this conduct greatly poisons the life of the church."

Editor's note:

Scarborough’s following statement is near prophetic…”you cannot reach the false teachers, even though they be the pastors of the churches, except through the members of the churches themselves.”

Over the last ten years, the advent of the church growth movement has yielded hundred if not thousands of examples of church members privately pleading with their pastor to give up the merchandising of the pulpit to attract the “unchurched” and return to Biblical teaching and worship. These people quickly find out that they are marginalized, asked to leave, removed from positions of service, etc, at the hand of the CEO style pastor.

The Purpose Driven Church growth model advocates the concept of showing those who resist the “new way of doing church” to the door.

All without allowing the church member the opportunity to address the concerns to the church body.

Local church autonomy has been the excuse these pastors use for justifying “losing a few to gain more” in their “vision” of numerical growth.

One member resisting the pragmatism in the 21st century church doesnt stand a chance against such a pastor. But if the congregation was given the opportunity to hear the darkside of church marketing, the pastor would not stand a chance. But the CEO style pastor will use peer pressure, intimidation and manipulation to ensure that there is no public hearing on the matter.

Yes, Scarborough was absolutely correct. In the absence of elder rule and accountability, the false teacher is in control of the enterprise as long as the congregation is willing to go along for the ride.

Discernment is the responsibility of the church member. Paul exhorted Christians to test the teaching, he warned of tolerating false teachers, etc.

Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit, but if the Christian fails to put it to work, it will only grieve the Holy Spirit. Christians are charged to contend for the faith.

In Scarborough’s second article, he provides examples of how this CEO style leadership manifests itself.

“This is an assumption of authority and partakes of the nature of a self-appointed ecclesiascism and this conduct greatly poisons the life of the church.”

The CEO style rule not only poisons the life of the church, it puts the church on a slippery slope of compromise. Just as is the case for any sin, if left unchallenged or accepted, it will only lead to death.

Tisha b'Av and Sovereignty on the Temple Mount

By Chuck Missler at Bible Prophecy Today

The Hebrew day of great tragedies, Tisha b'Av, falls at sundown this Wednesday, July 29. In remembrance, the Knesset has turned its focus to the Temple Mount, dominated by the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. While the Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest site, Jews are not permitted to worship on the mount itself for fear of inciting a riot by Muslims. Nobody would expect the Muslims to stay away from the Kaaba in order to keep peace, yet Jews must not even worship at Judaism's holiest site for fear of violence.

Tisha b'Av is simply Hebrew for the 9th day of the month of Av. Many disasters have befallen the Jews on this day throughout history. According to Jewish tradition, this was the day that God told the Children of Israel they were prohibited from entering the Promised Land because of disbelief. They were forced to wander in the desert forty more years, until that adult generation had died out. That tragic day was just the beginning…

No H1N1 vaccine available? Try Vitamin D

No H1N1 vaccine available? Try Vitamin D

The Sunshine Vitamin?

With vaccine production months away how can you avoid the flu? In February 2009 research suggested that sunshine is more than just a home remedy. The study found that people with low levels of vitamin D — also known as the “sunshine vitamin” — were more likely to catch cold and flu than folks with adequate amounts.

The effect of the vitamin was strongest in people with asthma and other lung diseases who are predisposed to respiratory infections. We wrote about this on June 25 in this blog but it is worth repeating…it seems that in an effort to discover new ways to fight H1N1, the Public Health Agency of Canada yesterday announced it intends to test the blood of people contracting the ailment to check their vitamin D levels.

World Health Officials Say Two Billion People May Contract Swine Flu

The World Health Organization predicts the H1N1 Swine Flu virus will infect two billion people, or one out of every three persons, over the next two years. While this flu has already killed 800, the WHO says thousands more could die unless an effective vaccine is developed soon.

This year's pandemic spread around the globe with record-breaking speed. It has taken less than two months for the H1N1 swine flu to spread, while previous pandemics took six months or longer.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Massive quake moves NZealand closer to Australia

From In The Days

News Date: 7/22/09 Source: Breitbart

A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake last week has moved the south of New Zealand closer to Australia, scientists said Wednesday.

With the countries separated by the 2,250-kilometre-wide (1,400-mile-wide) Tasman Sea, the 30 centimetre (12 inch) closing of the gap in New Zealand’s southwest won’t make much difference.

But earthquake scientist Ken Gledhill of GNS Science said the shift illustrated the huge force of the tremor, the biggest in the world so far this year.

“Basically, New Zealand just got a little bit bigger is another way to think about it,” he told AFP.
While the southwest of the South Island moved about 30 centimetres closer to Australia, the east coast of the island moved only one centimetre westwards, he said.

CDC: Several hundred thousand in U.S. could die from swine flu

Swine flu could strike up to 40 percent in 2 years

ATLANTA — U.S. health officials say swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years and as many as several hundred thousand could die if a vaccine campaign and other measures aren't successful.

Those estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mean about twice the number of people who usually get sick in a normal flu season would be struck by swine flu. Officials said those projections would drop if a new vaccine is ready and widely available, as U.S. officials expect.

The U.S. may have as many as 160 million doses of swine flu vaccine available sometime in October, and U.S. tests of the new vaccine are to start shortly, federal officials said this week.

The infection estimates are based on a flu pandemic from 1957, which killed nearly 70,000 in the United States but was not as severe as the infamous Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-19. But influenza is notoriously hard to predict. The number of deaths and illnesses would drop if the pandemic peters out or if efforts to slow its spread are successful, said CDC spokesman Tom Skinner.

See also:

Swine flu: 100,000 infected in a week
Swine flu infected at least 100,000 Britons last week, officials announced on Thursday.

Swine flu has spread to almost every country: WHO
Brisbane Times -
The swine flu virus has spread to almost every country in the world since it was discovered at the end of March, the World Health Organisation said Friday. "The spread of this virus continues, if you see 160 out of 193 WHO member states now have cases, ...

"We're right in the middle of a surge of swine flu cases where perhaps the United States won't have to worry about it as much until their flu season hits in six months," Vaxine research director Nikolai Petrovsky told the AP.

World's 1st Swine Flu Vaccine Trials Start in Australia

But Petrovsky told BBC News that there "is no guarantee any of these vaccines will work. Swine flu is a very peculiar beast, it's a very different virus that we're dealing with. But we are hopeful."

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New Face of Mystical Spirituality

Ray Yungen on the Emerging Church & Interspirituality

The following is a 10-minute YouTube preview of Ray Yungen’s DVD from The New Face of Mystical Spirituality series. This one is on the Emerging Church and Interspirituality:

HT: Lighthouse Trails Research

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Asia braces for total solar eclipse

The eclipse will appear first at dawn in India's Gulf of Khambhat just north of the metropolis of Mumbai Photo: REUTERS

Vast swathes of India and China and the southern Japanese islands are to be plunged into darkness for more than six minutes.

Thousands of amateur stargazers and scientists have travelled to what were expected to be the best places to observe the eclipse.

Meanwhile an astrologer in Burma predicted the event could usher in chaos. Some in India advised pregnant relatives to stay indoors to follow a centuries-old tradition of avoiding the sun's invisible rays.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Madrid Fault Zone Continues Rumbling

(click on image for 5-day list of quakes)
See more on the recent activity in the New Madrid Fault Zone here.

Signs & The Solar Eclipse

From Julie Ferwerda at

There are things of interest this month. First of all, there is a total solar eclipse on the 1st of Av (July 21) that you might want to put on your calendar. I don't know if you'll be able to see it or not (I don't know what latitude it occurs at) but seeing it is not why it's noteworthy so much. This solar eclipse is the second of three consecutive total solar eclipses on the 1st of Av, beginning last July 08. If you watched Mark Biltz videos I recommended this past week, you'll understand more of what I'm talking about. Basically, Mark says that throughout the Bible and history, a solar eclipse is God's declaration of judgment on the nations (not Israel). And he also says that lunar eclipses are declarations of God's judgment on Israel. If you watched the videos, you'll be up on the tetrads coming in 2014 and 2015. Very enlightening!

The second thing to be aware of is the 9th of Av (July 30). Historically, this is a landmark for all kinds of happenings to Israel, all of which are bad. Says Wikipedia :

According to the Mishnah (Taanit 4:6), the day commemorates five events: the destruction of the Temples (note the plural), the return of the twelve scouts sent by Moses to observe the land of Canaan (with a bad report by ten resulting in terrible consequences for boht the spies and Israel), the razing of Jerusalem following the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, and the failure of Bar Kokhba's revolt against the Roman Empire.

See what has happened in history on the 9th of Av (July 30).

Watch Mark Biltz explain the significance of the solar and lunar eclipses.

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

See related video Season of Signs: Passover Through Pentecost 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

WHO: Swine flu sweeping the world, will be biggest pandemic ever

Swine flu will be biggest pandemic ever, warns world health chief

"...In terms of the number of countries affected and the number of people infected, this has got to be the biggest."

Bigger than 1918? "If you're talking about mortality then it's different. 1918 is the biggest in terms of mortality. I would not like to make any predictions . . . I hope we don't see the 1918 picture. But we should expect to see more people infected, and more severe cases coming up, including deaths."

Swine flu is probably already much bigger than anyone knows. Ten days ago, only six countries in Africa had reported cases, but as Chan readily admits, this is rather misleading: until the WHO started sending out lab kits in early May, many developing countries had no means of testing for it. Furthermore, modelling suggests that swine flu has an attack rate of 30% — once it enters a country, the likelihood is 30% of citizens will catch it at some point."

Swine flu sweeping world at 'unprecedented speed': WHO

PARIS(AFP) — Swine flu has swept the globe at "unprecedented speed," the World Health Organisation said Friday, as a study warned the pandemic could tip the world into deflation and delay the economic recovery.

The WHO said it would stop giving figures on the numbers infected by the A(H1N1) virus to allow countries to channel resources into close monitoring of unexpected developments and patterns in the spread of the disease.

Argentina, meanwhile, issued a nationwide alert after pigs were confirmed to have the swine flu virus, health authorities said.

See emergency preparedness resources at Dare To Prepare.

Now is a good time to look in the mirror and ask yourself: Are You Good Enough To Go To Heaven?

See related video Season of Signs: Passover Through Pentecost 2009

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Earthquake Watch: Ring of Fire's Eastern Edge Rocking

Snapshot of earthquake activity on the eastern edge of the The Pacific Ring of Fire . South Island, New Zealand still being rocked by a dozen strong quakes since the 7.8 magnutiude event on July 15, 2009.
Will the western edge of the Ring of Fire soon be rocking as well?

Red squares: Quake within last hour

Orange squares: Quake in last 24 hours.

Yellow squares: Quake within last seven days.

Click on image to go direct to U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program

Revelation 16:12 Nearing Fulfillment as Euphrates River Drying Up

“And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.” (Revelation 16:12 KJV)

The Twenty One Four blog shares the following news alert...

Revelation 16:12 nearing fulfillment as Euphrates River is drying up
This is simply an amazing event that we are witnessing taking place. Of course, we need to pray for the people of the region that depend on the river. The Euphrates river is how many thousands of years old? The fact that it, one of the rivers associated with the dawning of mankind is disappearing is newsworthy. The fact that the Bible says that it will happen in the final days of this age is EXTREMELY newsworthy! It is not yet the exact fulfillment of this verse but it is in motion along with a lot of other things... The Euphrates is drying up; the End is near

Pastors Pimping The Pulpits

Dedicated to Immanuel Baptist Church (SBC, BGAV ) in Colonial Heights, Virginia...

CHRISTIAN PIMPS By Coach Dave Daubenmire

“Christianity started in Palestine as a fellowship; it moved to Greece and became a philosophy; it moved to Italy and became an institution; it moved to Europe and became a culture; it came to America and became an enterprise.” -Sam Pascoe

“An enterprise. That’s a business.” After a few moments Martha, the youngest student in the class, raised her hand. I could not imagine what her question might be. I thought the little vignette was self-explanatory, and that I had performed it brilliantly. Nevertheless, I acknowledged Martha’s raised hand, “Yes, Martha.” She asked such a simple question, “A business? But isn’t it supposed to be a body?” I could not envision where this line of questioning was going, and the only response I could think of was, “Yes.” She continued, “But when a body becomes a business, isn’t that a prostitute?”
as told by David Ryser.

...After ten years of trying to awaken “The Church” to the problem I have finally mustered the courage to say what I have known all along. “The Church” IS the problem. It has become a pimp, selling the works of “the body” for personal satisfaction. Most of the pulpits are filled by “hirelings” (more on that in a future commentary), men and women who stand in the pulpit without a calling, without an anointing, and without courage. They are man pleasers, living off of “the Body” as they sell it out for their own whims and pleasures. Greedy Dogs, Isaiah called them. Blind watchmen…loving to sleep…leading the flock astray.

Not all of the churches. If you are a pastor and have read this far then I am probably not talking about you. I have met many courageous men who boldly live out the command to “lead them out.” You know who you are. You are the one’s who have been criticized, belittled, and called names by the “pimp in the pulpit” at the big church downtown.

Instead of cleaning out Congress perhaps we should start by cleaning out the pulpit. Judgment begins first in the house of God. America is a reflection of the churches and the churches are a reflection of the pulpits. It is time to “throw the bums out”…even if they do hide behind the “touch not my anointed.” When a football team is under-performing who gets the boot? Yep, the coach.

...Allow me to be frank as I cut to the chase. Pick up your family and get out of the mausoleum you are attending and find a place that serves the Lord. I couldn’t care less how many generations your family has been a member, how many pews your family has donated, and how many of your friends attend. Sitting on your butt every Sunday is not serving the Lord, it is the Lord serving you. The feel-good Gospel is a fraud. Jesus taught self-sacrifice not self-fulfillment. “Greater love has no man than this than he would lay down his life for his friends….” Love demands sacrifice. What have you sacrificed for your faith? You are engaging in Spiritual welfare…living off of the efforts of others.

Rick Warren: From Tolerance To Respect

From Christian Research Network

By Paul Proctor

Christianity’s premier change-agent and facilitator, Rick Warren, is now attempting to move the compromised church, again via the Hegelian Dialectic, on to the next step of the global “transformation” toward that long-awaited one-world religion, telling Muslims at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America: “Tolerance is not enough.”

…Tolerance, you see, was merely a transitional tool that the church growth movement employed years ago to uproot Christians from their scriptural stubbornness and move them ever-so-carefully, via the dialectic, away from divisive biblical absolutes (so called “traditions”) in order to “unite” them with a more “diverse” (ungodly) world and call it “evangelism” – even though one would be hard pressed to find the word “tolerance” in scripture.

This is how you widen the gate and broaden the way to spiritual success and church growth – by creating imaginary shortcuts to salvation and self-serving end runs around personal sacrifice and suffering that make more people like you in the name of Jesus…

Read the rest from Paul Proctor here.

See what the Purpose Driven Interfaith Church might look like here at The Global Interfaith Pyramid Scheme .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tsunami May Reach New Zealand Cities After 7.8 Quake

Update 1

By Heather Langan

July 15 (Bloomberg) -- A tsunami prompted by an offshore earthquake of magnitude 7.8 may threaten the New Zealand cities of Auckland and Wellington, the U.S. Geological Survey said in an e-mailed alert.

A tsunami was possible first along the eastern coast of South Island, threatening Dunedin at 11:57 p.m. local time today, before reaching the North Island, where Auckland may be affected at 12:17 a.m. and Wellington at 1:29 a.m., the USGS said. The quake hit at 8:22 p.m.

New Zealand Isle Rocked by 7.8 Mag Quake and 5.8 Aftershock

MAG 5.8

MAG 7.8



Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Looks like the Virginia Baptists aren't the only ones dabbling in mysticism...

From Apprising Ministries:

Within a source paper called Spiritual Disciplines: Pathway to Christian Maturity (SDPCM), from the Georgia Baptist Convention (SBC), we learn what is now considered consistent with a proper Protestant approach to spirituality for Christians in the Southern Baptist Convention. Continuing along the lines of Richard Foster Forming Protestant Southern Baptist Convention Spirituality here Apprising Ministries begins with the following from Living Spiritual Teacher and Quaker mystic Richard Foster in SDPCM.

You can find SDPCM e.g. under Discipleship Resources of the State Board of Missions of the Alabama Baptist Convention (SBC) right here and it opens with a quote from Foster’s magnum opus of spurious spirituality, which Dr. Gary Gilley correctly called a virtual encyclopedia of theological error:

Thirty years ago, Richard Foster, in the beginning of his book, Celebration of
Discipline wrote these words: “Superficiality is the curse of our age. The
doctrine of instant satisfaction is a primary spiritual problem. The desperate
need is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but
for deep people. The classical Disciplines of the spiritual life call us to move
beyond surface living into the depths.” (Online source)

This begs the question: What “classical Disciplines of the spiritual life,” which apparently escaped the attention of God’s Church Reformers, are we talking about? Pastor Bob DeWaay has done a scholarly expose The Dangers of Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Disciplines: A Critique of Dallas Willard and The Spirit of the Disciplines; for those who don’t know ordained Southern Baptist minister Dallas Willard is Foster’s twin spiritually, who was once Willard’s pastor.

Carolina Quakes Continue

MAG 1.5
2009/07/14 ( 1 mi) SSW of Laurel Park, NC

MAG 1.9
2009/07/13 ( 0 mi) W of Laurel Park, NC

MAG 1.7
2009/07/13 ( 1 mi) SSW of Laurel Park, NC

New Interfaith Coalition Campaigns For Internet Access For All

By Douglas Streeks, Reporter-Researcher,

WASHINGTON, July 14, 2009 - A coalition of religious organizations seeking to raise awareness of people still technologically disadvantaged on Tuesday launched a joint campaign to “Bring Betty Broadband.”

The name for the coalition, “So We Might See,” which plans to develop a network of individuals and congregations that will focus greater public attention on a range of media policy issues, said Rev. J. Bennett Guess, executive director of the United Church of Christ’s Office of Communication, Inc., in a press release.

“We want to work together to build a more responsible, accessible, and inclusive media,” said Guess.

The coalition includes the National Council of Churches, U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, the Islamic Society of North America, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the United Church of Christ, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Mennonite Media, and United Methodist Communications, the release said.

The “Bring Betty Broadband” campaign aims to increase public attention on those who still lack access to high-speed internet services.

WHO says new flu "unstoppable"

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Saying the new H1N1 virus is "unstoppable", the World Health Organization gave drug makers a full go-ahead to manufacture vaccines against the pandemic influenza strain on Monday and said healthcare workers should be the first to get one.

Every country will need to vaccinate citizens against the swine flu virus and must choose who else would get priority after nurses, doctors and technicians, said Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO director of the Initiative for Vaccine Research.

Several reports showed the new virus attacks people differently than seasonal flu -- affecting younger people, the severely obese and seemingly healthy adults, and causing disease deep in the lungs.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Global Interfaith Pyramid Scheme

Three significant interfaith events have occurred at the beginning of July...

Rick Warren spoke to 8000 Muslim listeners at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) at the Washington Convention Center on July 4th.

....Earlier, a Canada Free Press article said ISNA is an organization with ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups. According to the article, the organization's website has quotations like the following, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. 'O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.'"
Photo: The Christian Post

This was America's pastor's latest interfaith unity effort.

Pope's social roadmap for the new world order was rolled out and stated that there is urgent need of a true world political authority...
Pope, on Eve of G-8, Calls for New Order With ‘Real Teeth’ ,
called for global authority over world's natural resources and described the human race as a single family working together in true communion

The Holy See (Eye) is a sovereign entity, headed by the Pope viewed as the central government of the Catholic Church.

From Kazakhstan: Third Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions

77 delegations from 35 countries of the world gathered... Islam, Judaist communities, representatives of ancient Eastern religions - Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Shinto and Zoroastrianism, and political leaders. The 2009 conference theme:

"The Role of Religious Leaders in Building a Tolerant World in Conditions of Globalization"

The Press release: The Religions Are Multiple, the Planet Is Single
"...the Kazakh capital becomes a traditional dialog site for the representatives of the world's religious confessions on the key issues of the modern world order: in early July, the religious leaders of the planet will gather on the Kazakh soil for the third time to discuss the important issues of building the peace based on tolerance, respect and cooperation. The forum will take a good place in the activities of the global community aimed at improving the principles of understanding and dialog and become another confident step in supporting peace and agreement on the planet."

The Palace of Peace and Accord was constructed specifically to host the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

What a coincidence there is between the Palace and the All-Seeing Eye found on the US one dollar bill:

Terry Melanson exposes the history behind the imagery...

"...On the reverse of our nation's Great Seal is an unfinished pyramid to represent human society itself, imperfect and incomplete. Above floats the symbol of the esoteric orders, the radiant triangle with its all-seeing eye..."

Novus Ordo Seclorum-New Order of the Ages

Author Tom Horn writes:

"...a great culture who worshipped Egyptian and Greek deities, especially a particular solar one whose all-seeing eye glared from atop an unfinished Egyptian pyramid. Upon further investigation into the specific beliefs of the strange group whose members had influenced the Great Seal, you discover from their highest masters, including one "Illustrious" Albert Pike, that the Sun God they venerated so highly had been known to them at various times in history by the names Apollo, Osiris and Nimrod.

Then, you decode something even more important—a hidden divination in the Great Seal that prophesied a time when this "god" would return to Earth in a physical body. His coming, according to the information you gleaned from the draftsmen of the Great Seal, would herald a New World Order. In retrospect, you wonder: Was this prophesied advent on this Great Seal the fomenter of destruction that annihilated what at once was so beautiful a world?"

There you have it. Leaders of the world's religion are preparing the masses to receive their savior. It's not's prophecy unfolding.

Listen to former pastor Tom Horn decode the hidden agenda forged in the Great Seal of the United States.

See more on the Rise of the Fourth Kingdom.

Daniel 7:23
"Thus he said: 'As for the fourth beast, there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all the kingdoms,and it shall devour the whole earth, and trample it down, and break it to pieces. 24As for the ten horns,out of this kingdom ten kings shall arise, and another shall arise after them;he shall be different from the former ones, and shall put down three kings. 25 He shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change the times and the law;and they shall be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time. 26 But the court shall sit in judgment, and his dominion shall be taken away, to be consumed and destroyed to the end. 27 And the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High;their kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey them.'

World Moves Towards United Future World Currency

From Prophecy News Headlines

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev illustrated his call for a supranational currency to replace the dollar by pulling from his pocket a sample coin of a “united future world currency.”

“Here it is,” Medvedev told reporters today in L’Aquila, Italy, after a summit of the Group of Eight nations. “You can see it and touch it.”

The coin, which bears the words “unity in diversity,” was minted in Belgium and presented to the heads of G-8 delegations, Medvedev said.

The question of a supranational currency “concerns everyone now, even the mints,” Medvedev said. The test coin “means they’re getting ready. I think it’s a good sign that we understand how interdependent we are.”

Medvedev has repeatedly called for creating a mix of regional reserve currencies as part of the drive to address the global financial crisis, while questioning the U.S. dollar’s future as a global reserve currency. Russia’s proposals for the G-20 meeting in London in April included the creation of a supranational currency.

via Medvedev Shows Off
Sample Coin of New ‘World Currency’ at G-8 -

Gore boasts: 'Global governance' coming with carbon tax

Tells conference U.S. responding to warming threat with 'cap-and-trade'

By Bob Unruh at WorldNetDaily

Former Vice President Al Gore, whose "An Inconvenient Truth" video epistle on the claims of global warming has not weathered recent scientific research, now has promised at a conference in the United Kingdom that the impending virtual energy tax under the U.S. "cap-and-trade" legislation will bring about "global governance."

Gore, who this year famously left his Nashville mansion's driveway brightly illuminated during the "Earth Hour" event that promoted energy savings, was speaking at the Smith School World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment.

He cited the "cap-and-trade" legislation in the U.S. Congress that by President Obama's own estimate would cause utility bills to skyrocket for American consumers.

Those taxes are good, Gore said.

Editor's note: When conspiracy becomes reality, the time to act becomes history.

See Global Warming Tied To Global Government? and watch Dr. Michael Coffman of Sovereignty International and Discerning Today . His organization stopped the onerous Convention on Biological Diversity an hour before the U.S. Senate was scheduled to vote on it – has just produced a professional DVD in which dozens of scientists, experts and politicians tell the other side of the global warming story.

Called Global Warming or Global Governance?, this powerful DVD is the skeptics answer to sharing hard facts with those who believe mankind is causing global warming with his CO2 belching SUVs and factories. After viewing this DVD, most believers of man-caused warming will either reject the fraud, or began to seriously question it.

Carolina Quakes

Quake activity east of the Mississppi River continues...
MAG 1.9
2009/07/12 (2 mi) NNE of Cooter, MO

MAG 2.1
2009/07/12 (1 mi) SSW of Laurel Park, NC

MAG 1.7
2009/07/10 (6 mi) S of Lincolnville, SC

MAG 1.6
2009/07/08 (1 mi) NE of Marston, MO

MAG 1.6
2009/07/06 (5 mi) ESE of Matthews, MO

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Despite Rick Warren, Muslims Attack 110 Homes of Christians in Pakistan

From Christian Research Network:

It seems some in Islam must have missed the “peace” memo from Rick Warren concerning his “coalition of faith.” is carrying this story from Compass Direct News:

After a Muslim beat a Christian field worker for asking him to let him pass on Tuesday (June 30), a cleric in a village near here used a mosque loudspeaker to announce a call to attack Christians that resulted in more than 500 Muslims ransacking and looting at least 110 houses.
With the mosque falsely broadcasting the accusation that the Christian had blasphemed Islam, the Muslim recruits rampaged through Kasur district’s Bahmaniwala village, breaking down gates, wrecking and plundering homes and in some cases beating Christian women. They set various items ablaze including vehicles, though Compass found fire damage to homes was minimal…

HT: Nugget Net Newsline

See also: An Open Letter to Rick Warren by Jan Markell


What is in the pope's encyclical?

The CNS Blog offers this regarding the Pope's social roadmap for the new world order...
" ( a word cloud ) is a graphical representations of how often a particular word appears in a document.

“Man is the source, the focus and the aim of all economic and social life...The development of peoples depends, above all, on a recognition that the human race is a single family working together in true communion, not simply a group of subjects who happen to live side by side...” - Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Calls For Global Authority Over World's Natural Resources

In new encyclical, pope calls for sharing earth's resources equitably

By Carol Glatz Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI dedicated a portion of his new social encyclical, "Caritas in Veritate" ("Charity in Truth"), to the urgent duty to share the earth's resources equitably and safeguard the environment for future generations...

"The international community has an urgent duty to find institutional means of regulating the exploitation of nonrenewable resources, involving poor countries in the process, in order to plan together for the future," he said.

Energy resources must be redistributed justly around the world, not left to "whoever is first to claim the spoils, or whoever is able to prevail over the rest," he said.

VIRGINIA Magnitude 2.3 Quake

Note the recent East coast quakes.

Pope, on Eve of G-8, Calls for New Order With ‘Real Teeth’

There is urgent need of a true world political authority - Pope Benedict XVI

By Flavia Krause-Jackson

July 7 (Bloomberg) -- Pope Benedict XVI called for a new financial order with “real teeth” as Group of Eight leaders prepare to discuss ways out of the worst recession since World War II.

“Profit is useful if it serves as a means toward an end,” he wrote in a letter to Catholic bishops worldwide published today. “Once profit becomes the exclusive goal, if it is produced by improper means and without the common good as its ultimate end, it risks destroying wealth and creating poverty.” The encyclical, the third of his papacy, is entitled “Caritas in Veritate,” which in Latin means “charity in truth.”

See related article: Pope To Propose International Agreement on Globalisation

See also Pope calls for a UN 'with teeth'

Israeli president: two-state solution approved in Israel

CAIRO, July 7 (Xinhua) -- Israeli President Shimon Peres said on Tuesday that the country's discussion about two-state solution came to a conclusion and Israel would support the plan.

"Two states for two people, a state for the Israeli Jewish people beside a state for the Palestinian Arab people," Peres said in a joint press conference with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo. As for the Israeli plans in the future, Peres said Israel will make more efforts for peace process.

"We have no intention to seize more Palestinian land in the future, Israel has no intention to control the Arab people, or to add more settlements," he said, adding "We don't have to waste this chance to achieve peace in Middle East".

The United States has been pushing Israel to freeze building all settlement, while the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel has the right to build within existing settlements to allow for what is so called natural growth.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rick Warren's Inquisition

Originally posted November 30, 2007

By Joseph Farah at WorldNet Daily:

While mega-pastor Rick Warren has joined a group of 100 church leaders calling for interfaith dialogue and the building of "common ground" with Muslims, he has a slightly different outlook toward Christians with whom he disagrees.

In his latest missive to fellow pastors, he writes: "You've got to protect the unity of your church. If that means getting rid of troublemakers, do it."

"As pastors, as shepherds of God's people, it's our job to protect our congregations from Satan's greatest weapon – disunity," he writes. "It's not always easy, but it's what we've been called to do..."

"...Has it ever occurred to Rick Warren that pastors have been wrong? Has it ever occurred to Rick Warren that pastors might teach unbiblical principles? Has it ever occurred to Rick Warren no earthly pastor is the recipient of all Divine revelation? Has it ever occurred to Rick Warren that pastors have led entire flocks into grave error that may have eternal consequences? Has it ever occurred to Rick Warren that he, too, might be capable of such mistakes?

Rick Warren makes a spiritually fatal error when he proclaims, without any biblical authority, that Satan's greatest weapon is disunity. That is simply not true. The Bible reveals over and over again that even one spirit-filled believer can stand up against Satan. God is not impressed with numbers. He doesn't need numbers for victory. He doesn't care about big churches. He doesn't care about the cathedrals of men. He wants numbers only because He is "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9).

No, Satan's greatest weapon is hardly disunity. His greatest weapon since his fall and since the Garden of Eden has been deception. In fact, Satan loves unity – as long as those unified are knowingly or unknowingly serving him. He'd love for all of us to "go to hell in a handbasket."

Read the rest of Joseph Farah's commentary here...

See related articles Satan's Greatest Weapon: Disunity? , SBC President Not Interested In the Victims of Purpose Driven, Unity In The Teaching of Apostolic Truth Yields Godly Love , Rick Warren, Evangelicals, Invite Muslims to Love God Together** , Begging forgiveness of Islam?

Rick Warren's Coalition Of Compromise

An Open Letter to Pastor Rick Warren
By Jan Markell

On July 5 the Washington Times online reported that Pastor Rick Warren told his Islamic audience, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA,) that he envisions "a coalition of faith." Whether Pastor Warren knows this or not, this is just another term for the coming one-world religion outlined in Revelation 13. It is further outlined in Revelation 17. I have not taken on the issue of Rick Warren all that often, but after reading what the Washington Times has to say about his message to a group of spiritually lost Muslims, I feel I must address this in an open letter to who many say is the most influential pastor in America and some would say the world.

Pastor Warren, you pleaded with 8,000 Muslim listeners on Saturday, July 4, to work together to solve the world's greatest problems by cooperating in a series of interfaith projects. You said, "Muslims and Christians can work together for the common good without compromising my convictions or your convictions."

Pastor Warren, you needed to compromise the convictions of the Muslims in attendance. To just say that "My deepest faith is in Jesus Christ" was not enough to a thoroughly lost crowd. The hour is too late to withhold a gospel message without which they will face a Christless eternity, and you will be held accountable. The "world's greatest problems" will always be with us and the Bible says so in Matthew 26:11. Sin is at the root of them. I have to conclude you are more interested in ecumenical unity and solving AIDS, poverty, and other social issues. Last Saturday you were given a golden opportunity that 99.9% of American Christians could never get.

You said you were not interested in interfaith dialogue, but you seize every opportunity to talk to all religions and you always leave out the gospel. You even address Jewish groups but you tell them how to grow a mega-synagogue like your own church, Saddleback. In this "can't we all get along?" generation, you usually leave out the only good news left: There is salvation in Christ and Christ alone (Acts 4:12), and the hour is late, so make a conscious decision to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You told ISNA, "Talk is cheap but love is something we do together. We must do something to model what it is to live in peace, to live in harmony." Pastor Warren, you know your Bible better than that, don't you? The Bible says there will never be peace and harmony in this world until the Messiah rules from His theocratic kingdom. The U.N. spews the same kind of pagan "peace concepts." Aren't you above that? You would likely never suggest your Muslim audience pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm122:6), yet you push for foolish and hopeless ecumenical peace!

In your speech you included three suggestions: 1) Create a coalition to end religious stereotyping; 2) Work together to restore civility to American society; 3) Take a common stand against attacks on freedom of religion and freedom of speech. There is civility in American society so why are you even suggesting there might not be? But you won't find much of it in Islamic society. Go see the film, The Stoning of Soraya M, the true story of what happens to a lot of innocent Muslim women. It's a lot more gross and bloody than any horror flick and this is reality, not fiction. The Muslims you addressed know all about this procedure. ISNA wants Sharia Law everywhere on earth! You missed a golden opportunity to challenge them to stand up to Islamic governments that perpetrate such atrocities.

Pastor Warren, you then went on to say the media was clueless as to what Christians and Muslims believe. They know very well what both faiths believe. They believe Christians are the new Taliban, and they press for hate crime legislation that will protect Muslims. You then said, "It's the truth that sets us free." Why did you take John 8:32 out of context? You twisted the very words of Jesus when you should have been proclaiming the words of Jesus.

The ISNA stated how impressed they were with your charitable work. What charitable work have they done? As terror expert Steve Emerson says, "ISNA has has been an umbrella and a promoter of groups that have been involved in terrorism." Here again you could have challenged them, but then you would not be invited back had you done so.

Joseph Farah says, "Suffice it to say the ISNA is no friend of Christianity or America." Yet in 2007, Rick Warren was one of many "evangelical leaders" who signed a document begging forgiveness from Muslims for all the evil deeds perpetrated against them by Christians. What evil deeds have true Christians committed against Muslims? Now, Pastor Warren, you've gone beyond pandering and are sounding like a fool along with all others who signed that document.

Even the secular Washington Times noted, "Mr. Warren was sparse in his mentions of Jesus and God." But since works and good deeds were stressed, this reinforced the belief of ISNA members that works will help them get to Heaven.

Pastor Warren, you stated you were committed to "the common good" and that you are commanded to "respect everybody." You don't want to deal with the verse that says we are to preach to gospel to all creation" (Mark 16:15). It seems to me that you are more interested in marching hand-in-hand with other faiths down the winding road to the coming one-world religion.

There is literally a mini-revival going on with Muslims turning to faith in Jesus, particularly out of the U.S. It would have been nice, Pastor Warren, if you would have thought of that and tapped into it. We don't expect you to give altar calls at such meetings as this one. We do expect you to lift high the Name of the Prince of Peace who is coming again and who offers eternal life to all who ask, "What must I do to be saved?" (Acts 16:30, Acts 16:31). Many just wanted some variation of that quoted among your many ecumenical statements and how to solve the world's problems -- impossible without God's help.

To better understand this, order Caryl Matrisciana's brand-new film, Islam Rising, pictured and described on the left sidebar. Also visit my Web site category of "Islam & the Arabs."

See related articles: Rick Warren Does It, Again , Rick Warren Is Wrong , Rick Warren Speaking to Islamic Group With Terror Ties .

See more on America's pastor and his Interfaith / Purpose Driven pursuit here.

Solar Storm Brewing

SUDDEN SUNSPOT: What a difference 48 hours can make. Only two days ago the sun was blank and calm, displaying the sort of unrelenting quiet we've come to expect from the deepest solar minimum in a century. Then, with startling rapidity, sunspot 1024 burst onto the scene: movie. Unlike other recent "sun-specks", this active region is a full-fledged sunspot group with more than a dozen planet-sized dark cores, crackling with B- and C-class solar flares.

See related articles: Solar Katrina , Solar Storms and Power Grid Collapse , Magnetic field and electric grid collapse – the New Energy imperative

Fielding wants solar flare theory investigated

Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe

Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months

More New Madrid Quakes


MAG 1.6
2009/07/06 ESE of Matthews, MO

MAG 1.6
2009/07/04 S of Ridgely, TN

MAG 2.4
2009/07/04 NW of East Prairie, MO

MAG 2.4
2009/07/03 SW of La Fayette, GA

MAG 1.1
2009/07/03 SW of Ridgely, TN

MAG 1.6
2009/07/01 NW of Tiptonville, TN

MAG 1.5
2009/06/30 WNW of Tiptonville, TN

See earthquake preparedness resources at this FEMA website and the USGS website.

See the all-hazards emergency preparedness resources at Dare To Prepare.

See also: Mexico & Columbia Quakes , US Quake Activity Increases Coast To Coast , Small earthquake shakes NJ, Delaware, Pa. , Mediterrean Sea Rocked By Quakes , New Madrid Fault Zone Rumblings

Rick Warren Does It, Again

While millions of other Americans will be celebrating Independence Day weekend, Rick Warren, often called "America's Pastor," will be serving as the keynote speaker for a Saudi-backed Muslim group that promotes a radical strain of Wahhabi Islam in about 80 percent of U.S. mosques.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of Rick Warren's bad judgments.

This time Warren will be schmoozing with the Islamic Society of North America, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood – just as are al-Qaida, Hamas and most other Muslim terrorist organizations.

...ISNA puts on a fa├žade of moderation, yet, according to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, it "convenes annual conferences where Islamist militants have been given a platform to incite violence and promote hatred."

See also: Islam investigator ejected from D.C. Muslim conference

Rick Warren Is Wrong

RICK WARREN IS WRONG from Apprising Ministries

Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever? (2 Corinthians 6:14-15, NASB)

My friend Steve McConkey told me today that he’s releasing the following Press Release at 1 AM through Christian Newswire to some 1400 news outlets concerning Rick Warren and his unbiblical alliance with the false religion of Islam. May the Lord bring about proper balance and focus on the genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ:

Steve McConkey
PO Box 1642Madison, WI 53701608-469-7956

(Madison, Wisconsin,, July 6, 2009) Rick Warren spoke to 8000 Muslim listeners at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) at the Washington Convention Center on July 4th. He said, “Muslims and Christians can work together for the common good without compromising my convictions or your convictions. I am not interested in interfaith dialogue but interfaith projects.”

Earlier, a Canada Free Press article said ISNA is an organization with ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups. According to the article, the organization’s website has quotations like the following, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.’”

Rick Warren is putting works first and faith second. According to the Bible in James 2:14-26, works should follow a person’s faith. Warren has reversed this and has put works first and faith second.

According to the book of James, true faith is believing the exclusive claims of Christ and not putting faith behind works. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven according to the Bible. As we share this truth with the world, we should then do good works.

Speaking at interfaith meetings should not be done if a person does not tell the listeners that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven – period. By not doing this, a person is saying that all ways lead to God by works. Sincere Christian faith is never afraid to tell others that Jesus Christ in the only way to heaven.

By Warren’s silence on the exclusive claims of Christ, he led his Muslim audience into believing that works will save a person. As Christians, we know that works follow our faith, not the other way around. As Paul preached in Athens, he concluded his message by telling them about the resurrection of Christ with a few coming to the Lord. is an apologetics and news site for Christians, including athletes. Steve McConkey is the president of 4 WINDS. He grew up in the North Country of Wisconsin. He has extensively studied apologetics and graduated with honors from Minnesota State University-Mankato (BS-Public Health) and Western Kentucky University (Masters of Public Health). Also, Steve and his wife have been in track and field ministries since 1981.
PO Box 1642
Madison, WI 53701

Editor's note: What's worse than Rick Warren being wrong? Pastors who bully church members out the door for pointing out the unbiblical elements of the Purpose driven theology. Pastors who call such members dogmatic and devisive. Pastors and Deacons who refuse to allow the congregation to evaluate the evidence.

Ask the pastors at Immanuel Baptist Church in Colonial Heights, Virginia one question: WHY?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Rick Warren Speaking to Islamic Group With Terror Ties

Lighthouse Trails reports:

Chad Groening

The leader of a Messianic Jewish ministry is questioning the decision of mega-church pastor Rick Warren to address a Muslim group, which has terrorist connections, during its annual convention over the Fourth of July weekend in Washington, DC.

Jan Markell, the founder of Olive Tree Ministries, is concerned that the high-profile pastor will not use the opportunity to share the gospel of Christ with Muslims. Warren, the pastor of Saddleback Church in California, has agreed to appear at the convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and be part of its main session, discussing the convention's theme: "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." ISNA was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case in 2007.

Warren's involvement with ISNA follows the Muslim organization's attempt to build partnerships with people of other faiths, including the Union of Reform Judaism and the American Baptist Churches. Markell does not expect Warren to share the gospel during his address.

"Why go to a Muslim outfit and not share your faith and not tell them the truth? If he's just going to come and tell them they can have a wonderful and happy life, why go? I don't understand any purpose," she admits.

And Markell says there is another reason why Warren should stay away from the Islamic Society of North America.

"The group that he is visiting has ties to terror; there's simply no two ways about it," she notes. "It has ties to terror and has ties to CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations."

Interfaith Spirituality Includes Christian Mysticism

Interfaith advocate Robert Speigal reviews the history of Roman Catholic Mysticism and it’s role in today’s Interfaith community…

This week’s series of articles spotlights the three monotheistic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – as vehicles to explore relationship with the Almighty beyond the intellectual realm. Most faiths reflect elements of spirituality in terms of “knowing what cannot be known.” Exploring interfaith spirituality includes reflecting upon the mystical dimension of relating to God and Humankind. Increased understanding of mysticism will enhance faith and appreciation for Peoples and individuals with different belief systems.

Christian mysticism was popularized in the Middle Ages and often practiced by women. Some saw visions of the Mother and Child, sometimes as a result of fasting. Others ate a diet consisting only of Eucharist wafers – not only as a sign of their spiritual connection with God, but also a catalyst for having visions. Some of these mystics were later canonized as Catholic saints…

HT: Christian Research Network

Editor's note: The Virginia Baptist Mission Board (SBC) apparently is ok with the Mystical, Interfaith agenda.

Member churches , such as Immanuel Baptist Church of Colonial Heights, Virginia, don't seem to have an issue with this anti-biblical, ecumenical practice either.

US Calls Crisis Talks on Swine Flu Pandemic

Britain facing swine flu upsurge, US calls crisis talks

By Trudy Harris – 5 hours ago

LONDON (AFP) — Britain warned it could face more than 100,000 daily cases of swine flu and the United States called a meeting of top officials as governments grappled on Friday with a resurgent swine flu pandemic.

The warning from British Health Secretary Andy Burnham came as the Japanese health ministry said doctors had detected the second case worldwide of a patient resistant to the anti-viral Tamiflu, widely used to treat the illness.

Burnham told parliament that 100,000 cases a day could occur in Britain by the end of August if the current infection rate is maintained. The country already has Europe's highest number of reported cases.

See related article: Britain Projects 100,000 Swine Flu Cases Per Day

Watch this short video, A Season of Signs 2009.

John Piper - What about Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, and Jewish people?

No True Religion Without Jesus

It’s very important that we see the implications of this for our situation today—in regard to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and any other religion that does not embrace Jesus as the divine Savior of the world who comes to die for sinners and rise again and become the Mediator between God and man. It’s important because the glorious, unique, supremacy of Jesus among all the religions depends on it. And because many Christians are abandoning the truth that knowing and honoring and loving and believing on Jesus is necessary for salvation.

Watch the entire message here.

Is the Southern Baptist / Purpose Driven / Interfaith Network listening?

Mexico & Columbia Quakes

(click on image to go to USGS quake site)

MAG 6.0
2009/07/03 11:00:19 GULF OF CALIFORNIA

MAG 5.2
2009/07/03 10:04:58 COLOMBIA

MAG 5.4
2009/07/03 09:57:03 GULF OF CALIFORNIA

See earthquake preparedness resources at this FEMA website and the USGS website. See the all-hazards emergency preparedness resources at Dare To Prepare.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Britain Projects 100,000 Swine Flu Cases Per Day

By Tim Castle LONDON (Reuters) -

Britain is projecting more than 100,000 new cases a day of the H1N1 flu by the end of August and will change the way it deals with the virus, the government said Thursday.

"We could see over 100,000 cases per day by the end of August -- though I stress this is only a projection," health minister Andy Burnham told parliament.

He said the number of confirmed cases of the virus known as swine flu is doubling every week, putting pressure on health services.

"We have always known it would be impossible to contain the virus indefinitely and that at some point we would have to move away from containment to treating the increasing numbers falling ill," he said.

The World Health Organization declared on June 11 that the outbreak of the virus was a pandemic. More than 77,000 people have been infected worldwide.

US Quake Activity Increases Coast To Coast

Note Northeast and New Madrid Zone activity
(click on image to enlarge)
See earthquake preparedness resources at this FEMA website and the USGS website. See the all-hazards emergency preparedness resources at Dare To Prepare.

Purpose-Driven Connection Removes Michael Jackson and Jesus Post

Purpose-Driven Connection Removes Michael Jackson and Jesus Post

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From Apprising Minsitries

From Purpose of Rick Warren we have this piece by David Pack who is:

is a Grammy winning recording artist, producer, and music director. A member of Saddleback Church, he works with Rick Warren on special projects, including the PEACE Plan and AIDS & Worship Conferences. (Online source)

In the article Pack describes how he brought all his “friends” together, which also included the late Michael Jackson. Pack then concludes:

If there’s anything that gives me peace during this moment of loss, it’s knowing that one of the greatest artists of our time is now moon-walking along the gold paved roads of heaven, where streets have no name, with a broad smile on his face, and a band of angels welcoming him home. Michael, my friend, rest in heavenly peace. (Online source)

But now this becomes an excellent example of the danger posed when evangelicals are now thinking with their subjective “feelings,” where one just “knows” because you believe something with “all your heart.” When the truth is, his sentimental feelings aside, Pack knows nothing of the sort concerning Michael Jackson.

Sadly, Jackson’s often outlandish and frequently bizarre behavior gave zero appearance of the transforming power of Jesus Christ. For a different perspective than that of the Purpose Driven Pack see Mikaeel (Michael) Jackson: A Sobering Reminder.

There, as well as here, and here, and in this post Purpose-Driven Connection: Michael Jackson Loved Jesus with All His Heart from Slice of Laodicea today, you’ll see pretty credible evidence that Jackson had indeed converted to the false world religion of Islam with their phony god Allah; which is not the one true and living God of the Bible, but actually demons impersonating Him.

Rick Warren, major Jewish leaders befriend largest American Muslim group

Pastor Rick Warren to address American Muslims

NEW YORK — Sayyid Syeed remembers an interfaith event several years ago when a Jewish leader went to embrace him, saw someone snapping a photo, then suddenly pulled back.

“He said to the man, ‘Stop,’” Syeed recalled, “‘I’ll lose my job.’”

Times have changed for the Islamic Society of North America and for Syeed, who leads the group’s interfaith outreach. In a sign of growing acceptance of U.S. Muslims, one of the most prominent religious leaders in the country, evangelical pastor Rick Warren, will speak at the Islamic Society’s annual convention this weekend. Representatives from the two largest streams of American Judaism, the Reform and Conservative movements, will also be there to highlight their recently formed partnerships with the Muslim group.

Small earthquake shakes NJ, Delaware, Pa.

The Associated Press

NEWPORT, Del. - The National Earthquake Center says a small earthquake felt Wednesday in the Wilmington, Del. area had its epicenter in southern New Jersey.

The center says the earthquake measured 2.8 on the Richter scale , up from an earlier estimate of 2.7. That's big enough to feel, but too small to cause much damage.

The epicenter was near Mannington Township, near the Delaware River.

Salem County deputy administrator Robin Weinstein says he felt shaking in his emergency management office soon after the quake began at 9:46 a.m. No injuries or damage were reported.