Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Beckwith Returns To Catholicism

Ecumenical magazine, Christianity Today reports "The Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) indicated that its members will discuss the role of tradition in Protestant theology after president Francis Beckwith rejoined the Roman Catholic Church and resigned on May 5. Beckwith, a philosophy professor at Baylor University, also surrendered his ETS membership."

The article quotes the Catholicism sympathies of Emergent Scot Mcknight, and associate professor of church theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Gregg Allison.

Interesting to note the article's subheading, "Executive committee: Roman Catholics may not join."

Read the polite statement from the The Evangelical Theological Society. The Society respects Catholicism, however draws the doctrinal lines...

"The work of the Evangelical Theological Society as a scholarly forum proceeds on the basis that “the Bible alone and the Bible in its entirety, is the Word of God written and is therefore inerrant in the autographs.” This affirmation, together with the statement on the Trinity, forms the basis for membership in the ETS to which all members annually subscribe in writing. Confessional Catholicism, as defined by the Roman Catholic Church’s declarations from the Council of Trent to Vatican II, sets forth a more expansive view of verbal, infallible revelation." (Ed. note-the Papacy)

"Certainly, the two traditions share many common Christian doctrines. However there are important theological differences as well. We expect that the events of these days will bring a renewed discussion of these matters. We welcome and encourage this as well."

This website monitors the trend of the Return to Rome, and recently sent this open letter to the SBC regarding Catholicism.

Will the SBC Executive Committee take note of the doctrinal commitment of the Evangelical Theological Society?"

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