Monday, July 19, 2021



ZEITGEIST 2025 "...But the year 2025 is also the one envisioned ten years ago in a series of studies co-organized by the Atlantic Council and government organizations from Europe, the US, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai, and other partnering nations that led the US National Intelligence Council and the EU Institute of Security Studies to produce a report titled Global Governance 2025: At A Critical Juncture.[iv] In this document, the highest-level intelligence agencies in the world determined that a global government could emerge around 2025 from “an unprecedented threat” that would materialize requiring all nations to lay down their differences and come together in mutual defense of one another against an unprecedented “menace.” In particular, they foresaw an incoming asteroid, a new pandemic (which I believe Apophis is bringing with it via an extremophile microorganism with a virus), as well as a biotech-created “new form of human” representing existential threats."

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