Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saved Or Self Deceived?

Mike Corley shares audio clips from John MacArthur's Saved or Self Deceived speaking on Matthew 7:21-27...not everyone who says "Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven..."

Mike challenges the status quo of the broad way:

" deception or or intent, they think they are going to heaven but God says " No, you're going to hell. How can we approach this now? We have to get the Gospel right, proclaim the accurate Gospel...

It makes no difference if you have been a member of a church for 50 years...If you have a false assurance of what you think is salvation for 50 some odd years-Get it right, now.

We have a generation out there who have no clue what the Gospel is...We have got to get it right. The eternity of souls hang in the balance.

Are you saved or just deceiving yourself...Will you humble yourself, put aside your pride, your own accomplishments or your wonderful denomination...will you put that aside and see what the Bible says?

Are you willing to say, " I was wrong? "

Listen to the rest of The Mike Corley program here. Read part I of John MacArthur's Saved or Deceived here. See part II here.

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