Tuesday, March 18, 2008

National New Church Conference: Intersection of the Purpose Driven & Emergent

The 2008 National New Church Conference

"DNA for reproducing churches: Apostolic Vision, Radical Disciple Making, Genuine Community, Missional Impulse and the Gospel."

Some of the headline speakers include:

Rick Warren, Alan Hirsch, Andy Stanley, Ron Sylvia , Ed Stetzer, Mark Batterson

A sample of the plenary sessions:

Missional Church Track: SESSION SOLD OUT
This track will focus on developing leadership for churches that seek to plant missional churches that are movements more than single entities. It will present a challenge as well as encouragement and practical examples that will give you the understanding and confidence you need as you undertake the task of leading in a missional church.

Attractional or and Incarnational Church planting: For many, this is a hotly debated topic that is a clear cut value-based, "either/or issue." For others, it is a "whatever works best" issue. Is it possible that it can be a "both/and" issue?

Visioning for an Apostolic Movement Locally & Globally
Understand how to read the changing culture in your community and across the globe and learn how to develop a vision that is compelling to create a movement of churches that are equipped and ready to go where the Spirit is leading.

Spiritual Disciplines of Reproducing Churches
Discover the spiritual disciplines that will help you and your church become a reproducing church.

Social Justice and New Churches
Over the last decade, a passion for Social Justice has grown exponentially in our culture and our churches. Following the lead of celebrities from Bono to Oprah to Bill & Melinda Gates, and of Christian organizations like Sojourners and the Willow Creek Association, issues of race, poverty, genocide, global trade, HIV/AIDS, the environment, and peace have become pervasive. To be relevant in 2008, your new church must wrestle with these social justice concerns.


  1. It's amazing how all these 'streams' are converging to form the one world religion of AntiChrist.

    And amazing how many conservative Christians just can't see it.

    Jesus, help us...

  2. Although this is disturbing, it shouldn't be a surprise. Americans love success more than Jesus.

  3. I have recently been immersed in studies of Reformed Theology, The Puritan Writings and the Gospel of John.

    This conference doesn't even sound Christian, by comparison.

    It is clearly "nauseational"!


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