Monday, March 31, 2008

Christian Leader Pays For Speaking Out Against Rick Warren


San Diego Christian Leader Pays Steep Price For Speaking Out Against Rick Warren, from James Hartline Report.

“Taking on Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren is the religious equivalent of taking on a mob boss in the Mafia,” says Hartline.

Christian Activist James Hartline Loses Well-Known Media SupportAfter Signing Published Letter That Calls On Rick Warren To StopAllowing Pro-Abortion & Pro-Homosexual Speakers In His Pulpit

(JHReport) A nationally recognized Christian activist has learned firsthand that there is a steep price to pay for speaking out against the moral corruption of one of America’s most powerful Protestant ministers. Despite the high cost to himself personally, James Hartline has been willing to expose, what he says, is a disturbing trend of theological and moral compromise coming from the pulpit of Rick Warren, pastor of the 20,000-member Saddleback Church.

Read the rest of the gritty details of Warren's syndicate here at SOLA DEI GLORIA.

Editor's note: Taking on one of Warren's church franchise owners can be a very similar experience.

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  1. good post!

    Yes indeed it is looking like Purpose Driven is the religious equivalent of the Mob. Puts a whole different spin on "Welcome to the Family of God."


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