Thursday, March 13, 2008

Virginia Baptist Mission Board & The New Baptist Covenant

Christian Research Network shares this article from the New Baptist Covenant website...

Baptists wrestle with ways to find common ground with other faiths by Sue H. Poss CBF of South Carolina

ATLANTA-As Baptists seek common ground to work with people of other faiths, they face the challenge of finding ways to be relevant in an interfaith context while retaining their own distinctive identity.

"We often don’t reach out to other faiths because we are scared of losing what’s essential about our Baptist faith," said Noel Erskine, associate professor of theology and ethics at Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, Ga. "We are so afraid of losing our identity that we are not relevant in a multi-faith context."

One of the "Can we all get along?" panelists named in the article was Faysel Sharif of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board. So now it is clear where the VBMB and the Baptist General Assembly of Virginia stands...with the liberals. (That maybe news to some)

So if you don't know if your church is part of the Baptist General Assembly of Viriginia, you can ask your pastor or check here at the BGAV.

To be fair to the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention, they refused to participate in the New Baptist Covenant. Dr. Frank Page blasted what he called the group's "smoke screen left-wing liberal agenda."

See more on the ecumenical liberalism of the New Baptist Covenant.

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