Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The True Gospel Produces True Children of God

Pastor -Teacher Jamey Day of Grace Fellowship reveals the transforming power of the true Gospel in the concluding chapter of the Book of Romans...

"The Apostle Paul's doxology in the Book of Romans summarizes the euangellon – the Gospel of God – the true Gospel.... the overall purpose – was to bring Glory and Honor to the name of Jesus Christ."

"Paul...could never have conceived in his wildest imaginations, of a Gospel that does not take hold of a believer's heart and transform them into servants of righteousness. He didn’t preach perfection – we will never be perfect this side of heaven – but he preached a Gospel that transforms us into a people who hunger and thirst for righteousness and who demonstrate a consistent pattern of obedience to God’s Word and Command."

"True children of God are children of righteousness and obedience. This Gospels does not summon us to demonstrate how good we are – because there is nothing good about us . . .
This Gospel calls us to trust in God – who is able to establish us – who was able to raise Jesus from the dead – that trust fill us with the power to live obedient lives."

"...you – who have been called by God – set apart for salvation –have also been called into radical obedience of the faith. And you will never no the full power of God – until you live in that obedience as Paul did. Paul preached the Gospel – Paul lived the Gospel – and Paul gave the Glory – to the only wise God -through Jesus Christ."

"God’s glory reaches its pinnacle – its apex through the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ God revealed his Great Grace and Great Wisdom. Now will you walk in obedience to him – giving him all the glory? Your life – should be a walking doxology – to the transforming power of the True Gospel."

Read of the truth, the power and the glory of God presented by Pastor Day at the conclusion of the two year, expository study of the Book of Romans.

Listen to the audio sermon of The Conclusion of The Book of Romans.


  1. It is Christ in us, He doesn't give us the power to live a holy life, He is our life living through us His Life, Gal 2:20, Therefore, as we yield ourselves to righteousness, the result is obedience, not sin, and by His Life we live. Gal 5:16. Holy as He is Holy.


    When someone accepts God’s living way
    There’s pow’r! There’s pow’r!
    Both saints and the lost will find that they
    Have pow’r! Have pow’r!
    And you’ll be seen if you do deny
    Left behind in days gone by
    When you could have chose’
    To follow God’s living way.

    The angels all will shout with joy,
    “There’s pow’r! There’s pow’r!
    The devil you will help destroy,
    Have pow’r! Have pow’r!
    God’s glory, yes, it shall prevail.
    Please don’t think that you will fail,
    ‘cause we’ll all live well
    To follow God’s living way.”

    Move forward to eternity,
    With pow’r! With pow’r!
    The Lord’s with us in victory
    And pow’r! And pow’r!
    Our crowns we’ll give unto our King
    Whom does deserve our everything.
    Join us in the joy,
    And follow God’s living way.


  3. Paul is a liar. The TRUE Gospel can only be found in Matt-John. Paul taught that the Law is a curse...Jesus said quite the opposite. Paul taught many things that are in direct opposition with the words of Christ...and MANY things that he stole right from the heart of paganism. Wake up people...narrow is the path to salvation...and salvation through "grace alone" is a wide gate.


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