Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Colson's Surprise Guest For SBC's Annual Meeting

Wire services focused on Chuck Colson's comments to the SBC Pastors' Conference at the opening of the SBC's 2007 Annual Meeting regarding the threats of Islamo-facism and neoatheism. Colson painted the picture of global threats, and the danger of the times. Colson also described the abandonment of moral truth.

A segment later in Colson's presentation went largely unnoticed by the major news bureaus. Colson began to describe the need for a biblical worldview in light of society and culture. Certainly a true statement.

Bob Allen of Ethics Daily details the following ...Colson asks "How do you respond to this?" Colson continues to say ""The only thing you do to respond to something like this is to do a better job of explaining what we believe and why we believe it."

"We've got to stop looking at Christianity as simply a personal relationship with Jesus," he said. We have to understand that Christianity is a worldview. When Jesus came he announced the kingdom, which means that the reign of God has come upon earth and the kingdom will come in power when he reigns again for a thousand years. That's what he's announcing, and that's a worldview. That's a way of seeing all of life, every aspect of life under the Lordship of Christ."

"Colson introduced a new six-week DVD course he recently released with Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren, Wide Angle: Framing Your Worldview, summarizing Colson's writings over the years about what it means to have a biblical worldview."

"According to product descriptions on both Colson's and Warren's Web sites, the study tackles issues like truth vs. relativism, creationism vs. Darwinism, tolerance, terrorism and more."

"What is our purpose in life?" Colson asked Southern Baptist pastors. "It is to restore the fallen culture to the glory of God. It's to take command and dominion over every aspect of life, whether it's music, science, law, politics, communities, families, to bring Christianity to bear in every single area of life. And that's exactly what Rick and I teach in that series. That's what I have been teaching."

While Colson was describing the collaborative effort, a silent video image of Rick Warren and Chuck Colson was displayed on the jumbotron above the stage. Colson commented on how he perusaded Warren to wear a solid color shirt and socks as a concession to Colson.

On Colson's website, Warren has a video clip describing the worldview program, "Wide Angle".
Warren describes how the program is built around four questions..."What does it mean to have a Christian worldview? , Where did I come from?, Why is this world in such a mess?, What is God's answer?, and What are we going to do about it?

How you answer is just as important as the question... If your worldview includes dominionism and the embrace of all religions that claim to be Christian, then The Word of God ceases to be your authority, and what remains is defined as religion.

Visit the SBC Annual Meeting website and watch the video of Colson's presentation. Click on the link "Watch the 2007 Pastor's Conference", once on that page, click on "Archived Programs" to the left of the viewer screen. At the bottom of the page, scroll down through the frame to Colson's "Engaging the Culture". Or go direct to the viewer with this link.

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