Friday, June 22, 2007

Throwing Youth Ministry Into The Lions' Den

While the felt needs of the adult unchurched are being met and scripture is being contextualized in "big church" to reach the culture, what's happening in the youth department? Here's just one example...

Youth Specialties, who has worked alongside "Christian" youth workers of just about every denomination for over 30 years offers Today's Featured Free Resources:

MTV Video Music Awards Questions and Bible Study
"Looking for a relevant cultural lesson for Sunday night? Don't miss our MTV Video Music Awards Questions and Bible study. Be advised that the images and words found in some of the nominated videos of the year may be offensive. Please use caution, and consider your group's maturity level when using this study with your students."

Instructions include how to view the top four videos and have a party to ask questions of the invitees. Collectively, the videos display abuse, violence, drugs, and sexual content.

Gangsta / rapper/pornographer Snoop Dog, and his music (strong adult content) video of Drop It Like It's Hot clearly demonstrates all four attributes and more. The "Bible" study questions associated with "Drop It Like It's Hot" are:

"The images in the video show some of the “perks” that go along with great wealth. If you had unlimited money at your disposal what would be the first “perk” you would by? It’s okay to think selfishly for this question."

"Do you think those with great wealth are blessed by God? Do you think if you are blessed you have a responsibility to share it?"

"Mr. Dogg’s lyrics at the end of the video seem to be a warning about belonging to gang-like organizations; that this great wealth can come with a price. Do you think it’s true? Do you think those with lots of money are generally happier then those without?"

Here's the lyrics to Drop It Like It's Hot:

Editor's note: This is just the tip of the Youth Specialties' iceberg. We will continue to look at the ecumenical and mystical practices of Youth Specialties, and those organizations that are affiliated with Youth Specialties.

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