Thursday, June 21, 2007

Purpose Driven Trojan Horse

From Christian Research Network:

Pastor Nathan Morton at Word and World shares a few thoughts on Rick Warren’s many twistings…

"…the term Fundamentalist has taken on a lot of improper definition but historically it was a good thing. Some have forgotten that. Rick Warren has become the darling of the modern evangelical but I’m afraid that as time marches on we are seeing that his “purpose” is more Trojan horse than truth. Listen to Rick Warren’s explanation of fundamentalism. Not only is it disingenuous (if the quoted source is correct) it is also historically incorrect."

"What is worldly success other than access to carnal authority? Americans worship at the altar of celebrity, popularity, and marketing success. I do not want to be a gloom speaker but what has happened to the church? Is our hope for carnal authority tempting us to violate scripture?"

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