Monday, June 25, 2007

Rolling Stones Bible Study?

If a Youth Bible study can be driven by gangsta / rapper / pornographer Snoop Dogg and the MTV Music Awards, then surely there should be a Bible study for the greying Baby Boomers...

A Little Leaven reveals the appeal...
"The Rolling Stones is a band known for its drug use, sexual conquests and their rock-star lifestyle. The one thing you can say with confidence is that none of the members of the Rolling Stones can be held up as role models of the Christian life. Apparently these facts don't matter to the folks over at Standard Publishing. They've just developed a new Small Group Study Curriculum based on the Songs of the Rolling Stones called "Tuning Into God". (They didn't stop there. They also released Small Group Study Curriculum based on songs by the Eagles and the Beatles also.)

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