Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Is The SBC Worth Saving?

Timmy Brister cuts to the chase regarding the SBC's Annual Meeting in his piece, Saving the SBC...

"I see traces of such leadership (examples include David Dockery, Danny Akin, Tom Ascol, and Thom Rainer), though it is still not enough to marshal a movement that will save the SBC. More than that, however, I am finding it even more difficult to find special men who will take ownership of this special task. I find too many men who are more concerned about preserving their political clout, too many men in denial of our denominational pride, too many men who hold fast to their personal agendas, too many men more committed to personal allegiances and SBC political correctness than the betterment of the SBC and her local churches, too many men who would prefer selective silence than a bold confrontation of our waywardness, too many men who
I find to be either cowards or cronies rather than men of courage and conviction.

Where will we find such men who will put their reputation on the line for the sake of the truth, crucify the fear of men and the “one of us” allegiances, and lay down their lives for the sake of the local churches in the SBC which are becoming increasingly unregenerate and devoid of the gospel?"

More coverage of the SBC 2007 Annual Meeting at SBC Voices Blog

Dr. Voddie Baucham calls for SBC repentance.

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