Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Solar Eclipse Quake Check

In this post, Total Eclipse of July 11, 2010: Foreshadow of Disaster , it was revealed that the celestial planetary alignments have an impact on earthquake activity, during the wax and wane of the eclipse.

Was there any significant global quake activity? A look at three days before and three days after July 11, 2010 reveals:
  • 3 quakes of 6.0 magnitude or greater
  • 26 quakes of 5.0 magnitude or greater

Interesting to note that Chile experienced 2 of the 3 quakes of 6.0 magnitude or greater. In February, Chile was struck by an 8.8 magnitude quake.

Southern California / Baja Mexico continues to experience the "endless earthquake" since it's April 4, 2010 7.2 magnitude quake event.

958 quakes recorded three days prior and three days after the July 11 solar eclipse.

The Pacific / Indonesian region experienced 80 quake events of which 22 quakes of 5.0 magnitude or greater during the eclipse window. One 6.2 magnitude quake was recorded.

Utah and Yellowstone National Park rang in with 35 quakes during the eclipse window...

Alaska experienced 222 quakes, 2 of which were 5.0 magnitude or greater...

The New Madrid Zone in the Central U.S. experienced 5 quakes under 2.3 magnitude.

The Puerto Rico region experience 13 quakes of 3.0 - 3.6 magnitude, and 7 events less than 3.0 magnitude.

Hawaii experienced 16 quakes between magnitude 1.7 and 3.3 magnitude.

Can any conclusion be drawn from these events as they relate to the eclipse window?

In the US, the earthquake zones of Alaska, San Andreas, Yellowstone, and New Madrid experienced events during the window. It seems that Chile and Baja "endless earthquake" regions experienced noteworthy activity.

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