Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rick Warren's Puzzling Presentation of The Gospel

Why would a Southern Baptist pastor ( or any pastor for that matter ) leave out key pieces of the Gospel presentation while on national television? Could it be that such an altered message would allow for "pieces" from other religions to fit along side in the emerging global faith picture?

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Pastor John Chisham's observation on Rick Warren's recent appearance on Hannity and Colmes highlights America's pastor's puzzling presentation of the Gospel...

Alan Colmes( a Jew) basically begged Rick Warren to proclaim the Gospel. He went at Rick at least three times, giving him the perfect opportunity to say that Jesus Christ is the only way. Rick kind of partially quoted John 14:6 and said that Jesus is the way; but then Alan Colmes came back at him and asked if that means that you must take Jesus Christ as your Lord to be saved, and Rick dodged that question, as well as the follow up, asking if Jews, Muslims, etc. will be in heaven if they do not believe in Christ...

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