Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Can Contemplative Prayer Be Found In The Bible?

Is Contemplative or Centering Prayer Biblical? Where are these practices rooted? Apprising Ministries highlights the origins...

...One day, about 1700 years ago, two young Christian monks living in the Egyptian desert visited an abba, an elder. They asked him what prayer really means. Abba Isaac then gave them one of the clearest and most powerful explanations of prayer in the whole Christian tradition. He said there are many forms of prayer but that all of them point to the same source and goal: the “Prayer of Fire”. He meant the living prayer of Jesus present in the human heart through the Holy Spirit.

Editor's note: Is this how Jesus taught his disciples how to pray?

See "What is Christian meditation?" for the Biblical definition of what it means to "meditate".

Visit Christian Research Network and review over 200 articles regarding the infiltration of mysticism in today's church.

Then go to your church and test what is being taught not just from the pulpit but in the youth groups.

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