Monday, December 15, 2008

Blair Calls For Globalized Interfaith Respect & Effort

Globalisation 'needs values' to succeed, says Blair at Yale by Chris Herlinger Ecumenical News International

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has completed his first semester as a visiting lecturer at Yale University, an experience he says has strengthened his belief that religious faith and economic and social globalisation are partners.

...Arguing that the process of "pushing people together" has made multicultural and multi-religious societies, Blair argued that "spiritual capital" and "human capital" now need to link. That, combined with an increased need for multi-faith dialogue, he told reporters after he spoke, "will in time be seen as a defining question, and perhaps the leading question of the 21st century".

Editor's note: Earlier this month, Tony Blair participated in a roundtable with some 30 representatives of faith and belief communities to form a steering committee that will explore the launch of a new interfaith forum dedicated to advancement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). David Liepert, who represented the Islamic Canadian Council of Imams had this to say:

"Believers all know our Creator made us diverse peoples, following different paths in search of God's Grace throughout the world. Serving each other together transforms us into a community of Faith, despite our differences..."

A quick visit to the Tony Blair Foundation reveals some prominent religious figures who endorse Tony Blair's Global Interfaith Vision in support of the UN Millenium Goals. Men such as:

Looks like the Global Faith Sector is ramping up as well as the rising One World Government. Where does this global interfaith ramp up lead? Click here to find out.

"It's coming, folks, a one-world religion. We seem to be very irreligious in our country. That's changing rather rapidly. There are efforts, of course, in the ecumenical movement to sweep away all dogma, to sweep away all distinctions that divide and move the world toward one great tolerance toward religion, to pave the way for this gathering of one-world religion." -Dr John MacArthur

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