Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quakes, Eruptions Continue To Rock World

The yellow and gold squares on this USGS map display earthquakes over the last seven days spanning from Europe to the Americas as of 8:34 AM EST. Russia, Asia and the South Pacific experienced a high concentration of 5+ magnitude quakes over the last seven days.

John Seach's Volcano News reports on the locations of recent volcanic activity:
  • Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
  • Karangetang Volcano, Indonesia
  • Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat
  • Chaitén Volcano, Chile
  • Nevado del Huila Volcano, Colombia

Interesting to note that this activity followed the November 24th Kamchatka Earthquake (Mag 7.3). Oxford University has announced that large earthquakes trigger a surge in volcanic eruptions. The month of December was also ushered in with Montserrat Volcano Violent Explosions

Visit the USGS Volcano status map for daily updates on volcanic hazards. See also the earthquake preparedness resources at the USGS.

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