Saturday, December 8, 2007

Common Ground: Conciliation with a Lie

From Christian Research Network:

The Foolishness of the Yale Proposal…Peace at the cost of absolute truth is conciliation with a lie. Eric Barger of Take a Stand Ministries writes why he can’t sign the letter:

World peace. What an idea! Everyone would certainly like that. After all, we represent the Prince of Peace don’t we? However, it is a theological misconception to believe that we are here solely to make peace. Jesus never said that. In fact, he proclaimed the opposite in Matthew chapter 10…

…True to their lack of convictions this bunch of milk toast, self-proclaimed Christian leaders espousing Rodney King “why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along?” theology have made the decision that toiling over doctrine and truth is somehow less important than public perception. Well, they certainly aren’t speaking for me or for millions of other bible believers either…

…Grovelling at the feet of Islam isn’t going to win Muslims over even if it really was the right thing to do. It is sickening and each of the signers to the Yale letter - including Robert Schuller, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, (Brian McLaren, ed. note) Leith Anderson, Jim Wallis, Richard Mouw and two prominent Assemblies of God bible college presidents - should fall on their knees in shame and beg Jehovah God for forgiveness.

Read Barger’s complete piece here…

Listen to Eric Barger, Pastor Bob DeWaay and host Jan Markell discuss the question "Should Christians and Muslims join hands and agree on certain things--like getting along on spiritual terms?"

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  1. Come together
    It occurs to me, as i run through some of my "blog" neighborhoods, that there is an overly keen interest in righting the others perception, when we relly can recognize quite easily that we our sleves cannot possibly see the whole truth for what it is.

    I like to remember the blind men gathered all around the elephant: all had a partial truth as to the true nature of the creature, but none had the whole truth.

    And of course, I recognize that I am here also, sharing my partial truth about the matters at hand. The truth that only i possess is that I shall not deliberately exclude another's philosophy, and wage violence or judgment upon him, lest that manner of ideals lends it self to disrupting the peace of the whole, which i participate in.

    We have more in common with the faiths of the world than our ego customarily allows, and we do not have to bow to any other, simply recognize the goodness and commonality of what exists in peaceful relations and make that goal our practice.


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