Monday, December 29, 2008

Global Crises Creating Global Unity Toward Human Divinity

Standing Fast In The Last Days by former New Ager Warren Smith

Warren shares his deep concerns regarding the spiritual deception taking place in the church today. Covering topics such as the Emerging Church, Purpose-Driven, the New Age, and what is being called the New Spirituality,Warren exposes what may be the signs of a great falling away that the Bible has predicted will happen in the days before Christ’s return. Some of the topics Warren addresses are: the influence of OprahWinfrey and Robert Schuller, a growing hostility toward biblical Christians, a plan for a false world peace, how mysticism is becoming an integral part of today’s society, and the interspiritual, ecumenical movement that is gaining momentum and deceiving many.

Watch Part II of Warren Smith's Standing Fast In The Last Days.

Recent global crises highlighted in The Rise of The Fourth Kingdom.

Watch this short video, Season of Signs: Passover Through Pentecost 2008

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  1. The way is being paved, the ground plowed, for the impending rise of the Antichrist.


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