Monday, August 18, 2008

More Purpose Driven Stone Throwing at Christians

Lighthouse Trails shares their experience at the edge of the sharp tongue of Rick Warren, the new sheriff of civility, in light of the recent ABC interview...

Tapper recognized that criticism does bother Rick Warren, as Warren has proven time and again with Lighthouse Trails, such as when he called Lighthouse Trails "evil" and "liars" and when Saddleback said that federal agents were investigating Lighthouse Trails because Saddleback suggested we had broken into their server (something that was never true)

At the recent Presidential Forum at Saddleback, Warren ended the evening with the following words: "We've got to learn to disagree without demonizing each other and we need to restore civility. We need to restore civility in our civil discourse." He has made this same statement before with regard to his critics. The insinuation in this statement is that those who criticize Rick Warren should not be doing so. But he is giving a false impression - many of his critics have given accurate and straightforward information about the teachings and beliefs of Rick Warren.

As for Lighthouse Trails, we have avoided calling him names, saying whether or not he is a Christian (leaving that up to God), have never threatened him or accused him of breaking into our server, and never said he was of the devil. And yet, Rick Warren's chief apologist recently wrote an article calling Warren's critics cult-like delusional people who behave like David Koresh (Waco), who are heresy-hunters, paranoid, and extremists.

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See a small sample of the growing number of incidents of stone throwing at Bible believing Christians.

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