Thursday, August 14, 2008

Casting Stones In The Name Of Unity

One of the most surprising predictions was made several decades ago by J. Vernon McGee. He predicted that true believers - even here in America - will eventually have to go “underground.” But he also added…

The attacks against them will come from the denominational churches

Have you noticed it? Have you noticed how the apostatizing, doctrinally illiterate, unity-at-all-costs professing churches are increasingly focused on reconciliation between the denominations and how eager many within the “leadership” of these ecumenical movements are to part ways with sound doctrine in order to foster a false temporal “peace” among the visible churches?

Don’t you find it interesting, even troubling, that seemingly disparate yet highly influential individuals such as the Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Ken Blanchard, Richard Foster, Tony Jones, Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, Erwin McManus, Leonard Sweet, Robert Schuller and Brian McLaren who represent the entire spectrum of seeker sensitive, purpose driven and emergent/emerging churches are basically saying - and teaching - the exact same sorts of things?

Read the rest of this warning at Defending.

See a small sample of the growing number of incidents of stone casting at Bible believing Christians.

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