Thursday, August 14, 2008

National Pro-Life Youth Organizations Send Open Letter to Pastor Rick Warren

From Christian Research Network:

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Aug. 14 /Christian Newswire/ — The following open letter was sent to Rick Warren of Saddleback Church regarding the upcoming “civil forum” where Senators Barack Obama and John McCain will appear this Saturday, August 16.

...We ask, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of youth we lead and represent, that you will not ignore the crucial issue of abortion as you face Senators Obama and McCain. For many Americans, a candidate’s position on abortion will determine their vote. We have a right to know the truth about the candidates’ abortion positions, and you have a responsibility to share that truth.

Read the rest here. See related article below:

‘Evangelicals’ Ripped for Plugging Dems’ Abortion Platform

One News Now brings us this story:
A pro-life activist has some sharp criticism for Catholic and evangelical leaders who are praising the Democratic Party’s platform on abortion.

A group of Catholic and evangelical leaders — men such as Joel Hunter, Jim Wallis, Doug Kmiec, and Tony Campolo – held a teleconference Tuesday to declare that Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have taken a “historic” and “positive step forward…in establishing common ground that will lead to abortion reduction.”

Several pro-life leaders have taken issue with those who held the teleconference to tout the Democrats’ platform…

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