Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rick Warren's PEACE Plan Invokes Hitler

Back in 2005, Rick Warren used the 25th Anniversary of Saddleback Church as the springboard to launch his PEACE plan. During the ceremony at the Angels Stadium, Warren told the crowd:

“ In 1939, Hitler and his brown shirts stood in stadium. The men formed a human sign that said, “Hitler, we are yours.” They nearly took the world. Lenin said, “Give me 100 men, I will change the world.” In China, young men committed to memory the sayings of Chairman Mao, they took China by storm. As American Christians, if we memorize and commit ourselves to the new vision, we can change the world.”

God says, Can I be yours ? If we use the same technique with the Bible, memorize, we can take the world !"

Read the account of this two hour event here.
Watch the Saddleback 25th anniversary video here.

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  1. I remember when I heard this. My own ex pastor said something very similar about Stalin in the same year (go figure). I could hardly believe it. Don't these men know what they're saying??


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