Thursday, August 21, 2008

Israeli Perspective: Russia Poised To Strike

From The Golden Report:

We see Russia showing its claws and teeth, Putin much like Hitler has world dominance in mind. There has never been a time since the Second World War that the world has been so positioned for global war than today. Today Russia is openly threatening the US if they put the missile defense in Poland. Russia is now promising Syria more military aid and Assad is on his way to Moscow to buy those weapons with only one thought in mind, to destroy Israel. With the new openness even King of Jordan is making a trip to Russia in hopes of arms deals. Russia not only builds nuclear reactors in Iran but supplies the fuel for them.

Iran with Russia’s blessings has brought Hezbollah in Lebanon to a military level that is a threat to all of Israel. Hamas has now rearmed with high tech weapons including longer range missiles and anti-aircraft rockets.

The Islamic terrorist threat as serious as it is, is more of a smoke screen for Russia’s plans than anything else. It looks bad and it promises to get much worse in the near future. In fact, if we are not in war by the end of this summer I will be very surprised.

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