Saturday, August 2, 2008

Darkness Befalls Apprising Ministries

From Crosstalk:

Free speech is increasingly being threatened on the Internet, as the exploding number of blog sites that provide an outlet for opinions and interaction with readers has caused some to try to silence those with whom they disagree.

Traditionally, blog sites that invite comments often create a lively exchange that if not administered properly, can get out of hand, in language, innuendo, and even vicious attacks. Many blogs allow this to continue, while others try to maintain more civility.

But in this case, the response by one individual, Richard Abanes, who is a strong supporter of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven ministry, took the battle to a whole new level. Instead of simply stating his disagreement with statements by Ken Silva, he accused him of slander in an article written by Ken three years ago. Without trying to work directly with Ken Silva, Abanes contacted the hosting company to demand that the article be removed.

In this Crosstalk program Ken and Ingrid also go into the background context which would later lead to the article in question A Pastor’s Assessment of Richard Abanes. You can listen to and/or download this program here.


See another short video regarding the Purpose Driven apologist in the The Abanes Spin Zone.

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