Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pope Casts The Next Stone

The Pope draws a line in the sand with other non-Roman Catholic denominations, classifiying "other Christian communities as defective or not true churches and Catholicism provides the only true path to salvation."

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press Writer reports:The statement brought swift criticism from Protestant leaders. ``It makes us question whether we are indeed praying together for Christian unity,'' said the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, a fellowship of 75 million Protestants in more than 100 countries.

The WARC swiftly published a response that included this statement:
"We especially find problematic the statement that, “These ecclesial Communities which, specifically because of the absence of the sacramental priesthood, have not preserved the genuine and integral substance of the Eucharistic Mystery cannot, according to Catholic doctrine, be called ‘Churches’ in the proper sense.”

The doctrines of the Roman Catholic priesthood and the Eucharistic Mystery of transubstantiation are just two examples of the unbiblical foundations of the Roman Catholicism.
It is obvious that the Pope is re-establishing the papacy and Catholicism as the non-negotiable authority of Christ on earth. The question is: If you are a Bible-believing Christian, will you be ready to suffer for your faith?

Back in May 2007, this blog reported: Papal Goal: No Converts to Protestantism
"While pro-Catholic Chuck Colson preps to present at the SBC convention and Rick Warren endorses Catholicism and promotes it in his 40 Days of Purpose , Pope Benedict XVI prepares his bishops by laying down his strategy to combat defections by millions of Catholics joining evangelical Protestant churches in recent years."

The SBC leadership failed to respond to this letter sent by this blog, Calling The SBC. The highlights are:
"As a former Roman Catholic saved by grace and 8 year member of the Southern Baptists, I can not understand why Chuck Colson is presenting at this year's conference. Chuck Colson has a long history of ecumenical efforts and is co-chairman of the Evangelicals-Catholics Together..."

"...Does the Southern Baptist Convention after 500 years now believe that there are minor doctrinal differences between Protestantism and Catholicism?"

In this post, SBC: Silence Breeds Confusion, we read:

"Now that Chuck Colson, cochairman of ECT, has graced the stage of the SBC's 2007 Annual meeting, (along with a cameo appearance of another author of confusion), it is apparent that the response by the SBC leadership's to the call by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has only echoed the sound of silence."

Apprising Ministries writes in Warren's Recommended Catholic Reading For Pastors:

"Rather curious that Rick Warren, arguably the most visible minister in the SBC (Slowly Becoming Catholic), which itself is the largest allegedly “Protestant” denomination in the country, would be encouraging his supposedly “Protestant” brother pastors to be reading about mentoring from an apostate."

SBC Pastor Echoes the Silence of the SBC : Southern Baptist Pastor (former Roman Catholic) Ken Silva sounds off on the edification of Catholicism within the Southern Baptist Convention... "America’s Mega-Pastor Rick Warren, a Southern Baptist “evangelical,” is providing as a helpful link the church for the Vicar for Evangelization in the Office of Black [Roman] Catholics. Can someone please explain to me how the Southern Baptist denomination, allegedly one of the largest “Protestant” denominations in the world, says absolutely nothing while one its most prominent pastors is actively promoting apostate Roman Catholicism and even helping them to build bigger churches?"

Most recently, SBC-ordained Mike Corley cited ecumenism as one of the reasons why he severed his 45 year association with the SBC:

"The promotion and outlright endorsement of unscriptural church growth movements including the seeker-driven, purpose driven life and emergent church movements. The growing acceptance of women in ministry leadership. The denomination's growing involvement in ecumenicalism."

So the question remains for Western evangelicals and specifically the Southern Baptist Convention: Now that the Pope has nullified the ecumenical efforts such as Chuck Colson's Evangelical and Catholics Together and Rick Warren's Purpose Driven for Catholics, will the SBC repent of their Slowly Becoming Catholic ways?

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  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2007

    I would rather die than cave to the lies of Apostate Rome or to the blindness of her Reformation-denying fans who can no longer call themselves "Protestants". To merely suffer for my faith in Christ would be an honor. Only His true sheep understand that "For me to live is Christ...to die is gain." Philippians 1:21


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