Monday, July 2, 2007

Youth Specialties: Mystical Youth Ministry

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"...another powerful fad now making the rounds of evangelical churches, what I call “mystical youth ministry.” Perhaps the strongest promoter of this philosophy is Youth Specialties which, through its seminars and conferences alone, impact the lives of tens of thousands of youth leaders and young people every year. Of course, Youth Specialties pours out tons of literature as well, much of it in promotion of mysticism.

"...Yaconelli and King see a genuine problem, but what is the solution? Their answer is a mystically-oriented youth ministry which has at its heart contemplative prayer..."

"There are numerous ways that “Christian” mystics have tried to connect with God. To this end in his book Mike King prescribes virtually every practice ever invented by Catholicism: sacred spaces—where God’s presence is real ... labyrinths, stations of the cross, incense, icons, respiratory prayers, the Jesus prayer , prayer ropes, making the sign of the cross, daily offices, lectio divina, crucifixes and confession to a priest."

"As anyone who is versed in Scripture understands, no such directives are ever found in the Word. By contrast these are typical instructions as found in Eastern mystical religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism as well as medieval Roman Catholic mysticism. But again, and this is the important thing to emphasize, it is not found in the teachings of Scripture."

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