Friday, July 13, 2007

The Growing Storm Over Israel & The U.S.

"It is also obvious to me (for what that is worth) that Russia is encouraging such a war as well, not only by supplying their latest high tech weapons to Syria, Iran and indirectly to Hezbollah. It has also occurred to me and many others that Russia has greater ambitions and has never given up their quest for world dominance. In short once again, the bear has never been de-clawed. And the US should be aware of Putin and his desire to see Israel destroyed, knowing that the US will and must be pre-occupied with terrorisms at a level never before experienced in order to stop them from coming to Israel’s side. We should not rule out the fact that Russian Subs are always just off the US coast both on the Atlantic and Pacific armed with enough nukes to totally destroy the US."

Editor's note: Is the intersection of heightened terrorist concerns in the U.S. and the threat of an Aug-Sept Syrian / Israeli war coincidental?

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