Monday, July 23, 2007

Ron Luce Leading Your Youth Into Spiritual Bondage

By Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva At Christian Research Network:

In line with the post Branding the Global Tribal Teen here on Christian Research Net this is another example of how $evangelicalism$ is passing your youth through the fire of Molech.
"Youth ministers" like Ron Luce–a regular on TBN steeped in the Word Faith heresy–are leading your youth back into the spiritual bondage of contemplative spirituality which flowered through the antibilical monastic traditions of apostate Roman Catholicism.
Here Luce interviews contemplative guru Liz Babbs and goes through the same old alleged "spiritual disciplines" vomited into the Body of Christ from Quaker Richard Foster and Guru Brian McLaren and his dutiful disciple Rob Bell. This is yet another wakeup trumpet blast to nearly comatose $evangelical$ leaders concerning The New Downgrade No-Controversy.

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