Friday, July 20, 2007

When Are Irreconcilable Differences Somehow Reconcilable?

Apprising Ministries asks this question in THE ETERNALLY DEADLY FALSE HOPE OF THE APOSTATE CHURCH OF ROME, and tests the historical and contemporary traditions of men by the fire of God's Word...

The truth is the vast majority of evangelical Protestant apologetic/discernment ministries and scholars have continued to present this critical issue of the apostate Church of Rome as if Roman Catholicism is simply another branch of orthodox Christianity with which we have some “significant differences.” Imagine the lunacy in the Lord’s as Purpose Driven pope Rick Warren, allegedly an evangelical Protestant lists the Church of Rome as a Christian denomination at his Purpose This is why I have felt so strongly led to come before you and to take this look into the subject of what constitutes the real hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the interest of fairness I want you to know that some of these Protestant organizations have even called the differences that evangelicals have with the Roman Catholic Church “irreconcilable.” However, they then turn around and say – “we continue to dialogue” with them. The question I’m asking is: Why? Why would you need to continue to “dialogue” over differences that are “irreconcilable?” Don’t we realize that by definition irreconcilable means “diametrically opposed” – not able to even be reconciled – cannot be brought back together?

Read more of how the Book of Galations, as just one proof, reveals the Biblical test of unbiblical teachings.

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