Monday, July 23, 2007

Branding The Global Tribal Teen

From Christian Research Network:

Jewel Grewe at Herescope investigates the merchandising youth ministry of Teen Mania…

"Evangelical leaders like Ron Luce of Teen Mania ("Acquire the Fire") are using state-of-the-art marketing tricks to lure teenage audiences, copying "what works" from the pop culture and turning it into a method of merchandising the New Breed, a concept steeped in Latter Rain "Joel’s Army" dominionism. According to Sharlet’s story (cited above), which is definitely worth a read, Luce hired a "former producer of VH1’s Behind the Music named Doug Rittenhouse" in order "to create pop-culture missionaries." The concept was to "start a production company and train up and raise a new kind of Christian media" — one that would play off of "MTV’s Headbangers Ball."

Read the rest here… and then see how adults are massaged into the dominionist picture.

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